Dissipation of the energy of a life experience
Energy Must Be Acted Out (processed)

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With the equivalency of energy and consciousness as discussed in the energy consciousness model of Creation, creation/Creation is the experience of consciousness of an expression and unfoldment of a flow of energy as directed by what consciousness thinks and believes within a given environment and observed by consciousness using a particular view of Creation. Alternative said, our creative life energy goes where we focus our attention and awareness and consciousness awakens in a flow of energy. Without a flow of energy there is nothing to experience.

As such, to have a complete experience of any given creation, the full and total flow of energy must be allowed to dissipate. If the flow is somehow diverted, thwarted or not allowed to flow in any away, a different experience of creation/Creation results. This is not good or bad. The question is whether or not consciousness has the experience it desires and is severed by what is experienced. When consciousness has the experience it desires it will experience a fulness of being within the flow and dissipation. There is a calmness within the flow of energy as deep, if not deeper, than can be obtain in any meditative practice. It also provides an inner satisfaction no matter what the experience is.

Natural death occurs when all the energy within the intention for our life is dissipated. When all flows without obstruction there is a calmness, fulfillment and satisfaction in death. If the energy that is flowing to sustain the creation is diverted or thwarted, the creation that is unfolding can become dormant, significantly stunted or damaged, part of the creation die or even the whole creation die prematurely. But death does not release the energy. It remains bound and creates the occasion to revisit that bound condition until the energy has been fully and effectively dissipated. This, in turn, gives rise to the concept of karma.

The dissipation process is the where the localized energy of what is perceived by consciousness as a form - a form as small as a thought or feeling, as expansive as a universe move back into a non localized energy. The creative/creation process is never ending and on going ebb and flow into and out of form. What causes the energy to localize in any given form is the environment in which it finds itself and the awareness or unawareness of consciousness associated with the process.

For us as a human physical Creation is the dissipation of our creative life energy in a physical experience. Our creative life energy manifest physically and then flows through a physical experience until the energy dissipated in the experience. For any aspect of physical Creation, when the energy is dissipated, the experience is finished and what exists, whether it be an object or an experience, seems to die. Yet, the energy is only returned to an non-localized form to be recast into the next creation. Whether the consciousness that develops as a result of the experience that it had returns to a non localized form is another question. Physical death does not end the experience of consciousness. Consciousness does not die. It only changes the experience consciousness has.

This is very important to us as humans. It is said we come with nothing and leave with nothing. But that is not true. We come with a transcendental mind which created the physical life and body we have and we leave with a mind that is the composition of our transcendental mind and enculturated mind and all the memories we ever have had in this existence or any other. The question is how many of those memories are storing and binding our creative life energy. Part of the work in any physical incarnation is to release the energy in the memories we have had for these memories help give rise to the experiences we have.

Since our creative power is accessed in and through the flow of our creative life energy within our being, we need to allow ourselves to fully process and fully dissipate the flow of creative energy within the experience we create. If the flow if energy is not free to flow one or more things can occur. One is that we will feel some level of frustration if not anger within some level of our being at not being allowed to create what we desired. A second is the energy may be diverted into experiences which do not serve us or even create conditions of accident illness or disease when we fail to dissipate the energy in the experience.

Allowing the free flow of our creative life energy to have the experience we desire to have is really what it means to surrender and/or live in the “Now” or be in the moment. It is to be totally present to what is, going with the flow, and without any attachments and aligning with what we experience to be fully experienced. It can be said to become like the wind - coming with nothing and leaving with nothing.

How we judge the experience we have and whether or not we are free to allow the energy of the experience to totally dissipate is another question. In any case it means we cannot hold onto the experience in any way and/or diver the energy of the experience such that the energy is never fully dissipated. This applies to both pleasant and unpleasant experiences. However, unpleasant experience tend to bind and entangle our energy much more than pleasant experiences. But that is not true. Pleasant experience can be just as creatively damaging as unpleasant experience for they can lead to addictions or addictive behavioral patterns. It also needs to be noted that even if we do not appear to hold onto an unpleasant experience in some way, our being desires to avoid those types and kinds of experiences in the future binds and limits our creative power. In essence we have bound our energy and restricted our freedom for the desire to avoid is a way of focusing our attention and awareness.

Here we can use the analogy of the river flowing to the sea as discussed in the “The Rain - River Analogy for the Creative/Creation Process.” As the water flows in the river it is directed toward the sea and is very focused. When it reaches the sea, it returned to its ultimate source. The energy of the river is dissipated as it flows into the ocean. The river blends into the ocean until the river and its energy flow is no loner recognized. In essence the river has completely dissolves and returns to its component parts. Remember what we seek for creation is the water. As long as the water is in the flow of the river, it is not available for another creation. Until the energy of the river which is driving it to the sea is dissipated we cannot regain that water for the energy is not releases for the next creation. We can redirect the flow temporarily to create what we desire, but we cannot redirect the ultimate flow of the river for it still needs to dissipate back into the sea.

To create freedom in life and to have a life that is free, we need to become aware of the free and full dissipation of the flow of energy giving rise to the experience we have. We need to become aware of what our desires are creating and to adopt a perspective such that our creative life energy is totally free to flow into and out of the experience. The energy then becomes free to create the next experience. It is not bound in holding on to the past in any way.

In this regard, one of the more important aspect to creating a life that serves who and what we are and yet to remain free is to bind our energy in a clear intention to a future that looks different from the past. The recommendation made here is that whatever is chosen, it is something that allows us to transcend the limits and barriers of our mind and that creates a life worth living. That is, it is something that continually pulls us to step beyond who and what we think we are and that allows us to step into the infinity of our own being for after all, we are infinitely creative being.

On the point of dissipating bound energy, most of us hold a tremendous amount of our creative power bound in the memories of our past experiences. Many of us need to do the work to release this energy if we wish to develop the depth and breadth of our creative ability and creative power . In pursuing the release of the energy we have bound in the past, the most energetic aspects arises in response to the intention we hold. Here the intention we hold is the composite intention of all our conscious, subconscious and unconscious intentions. The most energetic aspect that arises is arising in response to that composite intention. By changing and varying our intention we can surface different aspects of our past.

As these most energetic aspects arise, we need to act them out in some way. This is, the energy is rise to be processed and dissipated. We process and dissipate in having an experience. If we do not allow the energy to flow freely, it will not dissipate and we simply suppress what must be released or it will be expressed in a way we do not desire.

Ground point in a creative endeavor

Creative life energy flows much like the current in a battery or as ball rolls down the hill in a gravitational field. In a battery, the energy is stored in the arrangement of the electrons and the atoms. In a gravitation field, the energy is stored in the arrangement of the object in that field. In creativity, the energy arises between the conscious, subconscious or unconscious desire to obtain that on which we focus our attention and awareness. What we desire is separate and apart from us. The object of that desire, whether it be a person, experience or whatever is the ground point. It is the point to which we consciously, subconsciously or unconsciously direct our creative life energy. In doing so, we cause an experience of creation/Creation to occur. However, we must release the energy as it flows toward our ground point and not remain attached to the ground point and/or the experience of the energy as it flows. Otherwise we bind and or fix our energy within a memory of the experience we have or the object of focus.

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