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Creation and the creative/creation process in many ways is like growing a crystal from a supersaturated solution. A supersaturated solution is a solution that is heated to some temperature and a material is dissolved in the solution until the solution is saturated. That is, the solution can no longer dissolve any more material. The solution is then allowed to cool. If the solution is allow to cool undisturbed it will become supersaturated.

A crystal can be grow one of two ways. One is were a seed crystal is inserted into the solution at the elevated temperature and the solution is slowly allowed to cool. As it cools, the solution grows a crystal around the seed as it cools. The material dissolved in solution falls out of solution but it does so around the seed crystal. The second way is appears more dramatic and appears more instantaneous. Here the solution is allowed to cool to supersaturated conditions. The either a seed crystal is inserted causing an instantaneous precipitate to fall out of solution or the vessel containing the supersaturated solution is only tapped. When the vessel is tapped, the precipitate simply falls out of solution. In the first case, the crystal forms as an ongoing process. In the second cases, the solution is totally prepared to manifest crystals almost instantaneously.

In our creative endeavors we will go through a process described as the cauldron of creation/Creation. It is a step where all the old and existing forms are dissolved to be recast into the new creation. In many ways it is like a supersaturated solution. We add all the ingredients to start our creation and dissolve them into a chaotic solution. As we allow it to cool down. we insert the intention for our creation and the mental image we have as to what the intention will look like. Our intention and the mental picture we have as to what it means acts as the seed crystal for what will form.

Depending on what we desire to create, the creation may slowly take form around the seed we insert. Yet at other times what we desire manifests quickly as if we only needed to tap the vessel containing a supersaturated solution. When viewed from within the creative/creation process we do not always know how long it will take to manifest what we desire. Part of the time it takes depends on how significantly different our new creation is from what currently exists. More it is different, the longer we can expect it to take. Yet expectations are based only on what mind has experienced and mind does not really know how long it will take.

The seed crystal itself is based on our intention, what we think and believe and any conscious or subconscious competing or complementary intentions we hold. Exploring our intention and the why behind the intention we hold helps to bring both clarity and an easier manifestation for our energy is better concentrated.. The symbolic use of ritual and/or metatheater can be effective to create a seed crystal were the ritual/metatheater “acts out” in a symbolic or literal way the form that one wants to create. Also, we can always consult our intuitive guidance and ask this (or its equivalent), “What must I do both clarity my intention and accelerate its manifestation?” Then, of course, we would need to follow the intuitive guidance we get.

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