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It needs to be realized that what we think is creative, works of music, art, scientific inventions, and the like are really only the fruits, and sometimes the waste products (yes, waste products), of a larger unfolding creative process. What we typically see as creative and what creative is all about are really only the products of the unfoldment of our creative spirit. Without the unfoldment of the creative spirit there are no works of creativity. We tend to look at the products of the unfoldment and fail to see the creative process that gives rise to the products we cherish. We think creativity is all about the product when it is really about an unfoldment.

One cannot separate the origins of the fruit from the process of the tree which produces the fruit. Without the process of the tree there is no fruit. When the fruit is small and undersized one must look at the tree and see how it is not being properly nourished. One does not directly nourish the fruit of the tree but one nourishes the tree that produces the fruit. The intent of the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Technology is to provide the nutrients to tree which produces the fruit. In doing so the fruit unfolds naturally.

The idea the works of art are a by product or waste product of a larger creative process is reflected in a story I one heard. What needs to be fully understood about creativity is that it is an experience and anything we create is only the fruit, the byproduct or the excrement of that experience. A short story may better explain this concept. This story addresses this concept and that the essence of the creative experience is an experience and something that cannot be fully relayed or understood in any book or anything produced by mind or the human being. To truly understand creativity you will need to become creative, become intimate with your creative spirit and become the embodiment of creativity and the creative spirit. The story goes as follows:

“A wheelwright, highly regarded by the king for his practical wisdom and who had watched over the prince of the place when the prince was young, was making a wheel at one end of a long hall in a palace. At the other end, the prince of the palace, much older now, was intently reading a book. Nothing could disturbed the concentration of the prince. The wheelwright was intrigued as to what had caught the prince’s interest so intently. Laying down his chisel and mallet, the wheelwright called to the prince and asked him what book he was reading.

“Ah,” exclaimed the prince. “One that preserves and holds the wisdom of the sages.”
The wheelwright asked politely, “Excuse me prince, but are those sages still alive?”
“On no,” exclaimed the prince. “They are long since dead - I read the wisdom of the past.”
The wheelwright in a seemingly innocent but wise way asked, “Too bad, but why do you read the droppings and scum of the dead?”
The prince jumped in anger. “How dare you, what do you a wheelwright know about the wisdom of the sages, how can you find fault with such a book that I am reading.”
The prince went on to exclaim, “Justify such a stupid comment or I will throw you out in the cold and banish you from my palace.”

The wheelwright, unperturbed by the princes outburst calmly replied, “I admit, I know little about what is in books. But as a wheelwright, I am somewhat puzzled by what is in books. I cannot learn my trade from a book. This is how I see the matter. When I make a wheel, if the stroke of my chisel is too slow, I cut deep but it is not steady. If my stroke is too fast, it is steady but does not cut deep. It is a dance, not too fast, not too slow. To it is not my mind and what I think that gets that right stroke into my hand. The right stroke comes from the heart. It is a feel that comes only in doing. It is not something I can put into words. It is an art. I cannot even pass my art onto my son. It is why at age seventy five I am still making wheels. I have not yet found another who has the heart for making the wheel. In my humble opinion, it must be the same for those who have gone before us. All that was worth handing on to another died with them. What remains, and what the put in books, is what is left after they are gone. It is no different than seeing a beautiful bird in flight. After it is gone, all that is left are its dropping. The beauty went with the bird. That is why I said what you are reading is the dropping and scum of a bygone people. I said it was too bad they has all died because it makes little sense to read the wisdom of another when you can be with them and experience their beauty as one experiences the beauty of watching the bird.”

The life the person creates is the fruit of their creative spirit. Their creativity is the language of the consciousness that is expressing what it desires to communicate about what it is experiencing. To access our creativity, we need to become intimate with our creative spirit and nurture its needs and not be enamored by the its byproduct and what it excretes.

The unfortunate aspect about looking at the fruit to determine whether or not the tree is being properly nourished is that you can do little for the fruit which is in season. Rather, you will need to wait and entire cycle for the benefit of one’s effort to be realized. Yet if you don’t learn to properly nourish the tree, the full potential of the tree is never realized and every season of fruit will be of a much less quality than it can be. So there is question each of us will have to face. The question is, “Are we nourishing our creative spirit?” The answer is of course, is found in simply looking at the fruits of one’s life.

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