The gift of pain

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From a creativity perspective, pain is a gift at two levels.  At the first level, pain is a messenger that it warns us of harm. But at a deeper level, it awaken our consciousness to the world we have created and in which we have placed ourselves which may not be serving our best interests.

As a messenger, pain is a messenger that warns us that harm is being done or potentially being done at some level of being. All pain does not indicate that damage has actually occurred but often that is the case. When viewed creativity as to what we are creating and why, all pain, physical or otherwise, tells us that we are attached to something and that attachment is limiting and confining our freedom of movement. Ultimately the pain can be related to the fact we are approaching the limit of endurance of a truth of our being. Whether that is good or bad depends on what we are trying to create and why.

If we explore what is limiting and/or confining our freedom of movement we being to understand how we create the experiences we do. Within the limits and barriers we impose on ourselves, we will being to see how we channel our creative life energy. In that awareness, we can being to learn to shift and change the limits and barriers we impose on ourselves to direct our creative life energy to create something that better serves who and what we are.

More on ....... pain as seen and experienced within the creativity perspective.

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