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For many, our birthright as stated here is too much to be believed. But if you study and explore the depth and breadth of our creativity you will being to see that truth of this birthright. As described in the Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective, our ultimate destiny and birthright to become a Playmate of Consciousness, a conscious creator of the play of Creation. As a human, our destiny and birthright is to access and release our unlimited creativity while in physical form to become the conscious creator of the physical experiences we have and the associated physical reality. We do this by learning how reality molds itself to what we believe while using the physical plane much the one would use a sandbox to experience the creations they create.

A birthright is a privilege or possession into which one is born. Although one has a birthright, it does not mean one will necessarily live it. If one is not raised to embrace that birthright and claim it, or one is prevented from living it, one will be unable to claim it. However, the Universe does not abandon us. It will continually make us the offer to consciously embrace it one way or another throughout our life. But, we have to be open and listening to the offer to accept it and follow the path that is provided.

Destiny is the fate or fortune to which a person or thing is destined. That is, bound for, or assigned to a designated place, or intended for a particular purpose or use. That which is destined is preordained or has a predetermined ordering of events. From a destiny viewpoint, you canít escape your birthright.

If our ultimately destiny and birthright is to become a conscious Playmate of Consciousness, a conscious creator of the play of Creation, the question becomes, ďWhy donít we embrace and live this birthright and destiny?Ē The answer is we are living it. We are fulfilling our destiny as a Playmate of Consciousness. We just donít realize that we are and how we are doing it. We have not been informed or trained in how to consciously create our experiences and we do not accept the offers to understand how we do it when the offers are provided. The only part of the destiny and birthright we have not claimed and are not living is learning how to consciously create the physical experiences we have.

What keep us from claiming our birthright: What keeps us from consciously living and claiming our birthright is reflected in the two stories found under the title the ďHuman Condition as Seen from the Creativity Perspective.Ē These two stories effectively represent the situation in which each of us finds ourselves relative to our destiny and birthright. The stories provide an excellent description of our birthright and why we have not claimed it to date. They also are reflective of how important a guide can be and what the implications are when one does not have a guide in their life.

Additionally, the second story provides a figurative outline and understanding as to what each of us will need to do/experience to create a phoenix experience, that transformation process, to claim our birthright. The story also suggest how a guide who recognizes the essence of our being could be helpful if we cannot figure out how to create the phoenix ourselves.

Consciously choose to claim oneís birthright: To claim our birthright and access and release our unlimited creativity to become that conscious creator we have to choose to do so. Although we are entitled to our birthright as a being of unlimited creativity and we may evolve into a state of being where we are fully prepared to accept and live that birthright, we have to choose to become it.

Creation is about choosing to create. Our birthright is to become the Creator. Remember, in the Creation Story, Consciousness shattered Itself into an infinite number of fragments in order to create a playmate of Its equal. We are one of these fragments destined to become a Creator fully equal to the Creator in every way including losing ourselves in our own Creation. However, to become the Creator, we need to choose to have that experience of the Creator. Unless we choose for it to happen it will not happen. Creation is about learning to use our free will to consciously create the reality of our choice. Unless we choose, nothing will happen. We can wait for an eternity for our birthright to be given to us and nothing will happen. We already have it. We have to accept it and take full responsibility for what we create and as said above, the Universe will continually make us an offer to do so

One of the more powerful and effective techniques we can use to fully claim our birthright is to 1) give our creative spirit permission to come out and freely express itself and  follow its lead, and 2) set the intention to fully experience our creative passion and to create something larger than ourselves. There are three things that we will need to do to claim our birthright with this approach.

Since our birthright is to create our experiences and the reality of our choosing, we first have to choose to create something to experience our inherent creativity. If we donít consciously chose to create something, we cannot consciously exercise our creativity.

Second, we need to learn to step out of our enculturated mind and be fully present and at one with the energy manifesting and sustaining our being. Our creative passion lies within the intention for our life. To access our creative passion we must align with that intention. We can place no limits, no boundaries and no expectations on how this energy will manifest. We must give up all the control techniques that our mind uses to control how our life will unfold. Unless we surrender to this creative life energy within our being we will not come to the understand how the creation process actually works. Rather our mind will be interfering, judging, interpreting and, in general, imposing itself in the process preventing us from experiencing the creation process as it truly is and in the way it must occur. If we donít learn to understand the creative process we will never become that conscious creator.

The third requirement is to create something larger than ourselves. It is to create something that transcends our enculturated ego and what it believes is possible to create. There is no need to transcend the physical, transcend the body or die. We can experience our birthright and heaven here and now. We only need to transcend the ego. But whatever we choose to create should be based on something we love to do. That is, what we chose to create fully aligns with our creative passion. In doing so we can experience a feeling of inner satisfaction as deepest as the deepest love we could ever experienced. Or, alternatively said, we will experience a passionate love that arises from the deepest parts of our being that will enthuse our entire body and being.

It needs to be understood that the creative life energy of the our creative spirit is passionate and passionate beyond belief. To transcend our ego and create what the ego thinks is impossible or improbable, we will have to live and be that passion. Additionally, since the energy of our creative spirit is a creative life energy it seeks to sustain life, create life and propagate itself. That urge to create life will enthuse our entire being and body.

Most individuals are probably familiar with the physical sexual passion of wanting to have sex. But often that experience is solely to propagate physical life. It is simply the life within the individual desiring to sustain itself physically. It will push one to attempt to create life unless the opportunity it is controlled when given .

The desire and passion of our creative spirit, this creative passion, that will allow us to transcend the ego goes well beyond that passion experienced in sexuality and the desire to create physical life. The desire for life that exists within the flow of oneís creative life energy goes well beyond physical sexuality for it desires to create a life at each and every level of our being. What we will need to do is live passionately surrendering to the creative energy creating the reality of our choice but fully letting go within the knowing that we are life itself. The life that come from within our being will recreate the life we experience and even the world in which we live. It is to create from the knowing that we can create any reality of our choice.

What will occur in this process is that we will figuratively and literally become the creator and figuratively and literally become the creation we experience. In allowing ourselves to become both we will experience the fullness and wholeness of both the creator/Creator of creation/Creation. It is here we fully claim our birthright. It may appear too much to be believed but it is nevertheless our birthright and destiny if we so chose to experience it. All we need is to be shown how much like  the Lion does for the Lion Cub as discussed in  Human Condition as seen from the Creativity Perspective

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