Intimate Relationship

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To become intimate with something, we need to focus our attention and awareness on it. We need to study it and explore its features in detail. Intimacy results from a close study and familiarity with a matter. It is to explore the inner most nature or being of the object. To is to discover and understand what is essential and intrinsic to its nature and being.

To become intimate with another individual we need to both explore their features in detail but also communicate with them at each and every level of their being. Intimacy with an individual is characterized by pronounced closeness in friendship, relationship or association. But it is more than that. Intimacy is usually about being free to express those things that are deeply personal and private. It is about revealing to another those things one is not free to share in public or even with a small group of individuals.

For many, intimacy is only about sexual relations for only in our sexuality do we being to reveal some of our most deepest and private needs and desires. For some, intimacy means having illicit sexual relations . It is illicit because they are unable to express their sexual needs to a chosen spouse or those in their life so they go else where. For many, sexuality is the only time they are exposed and seen naked by another. As intimacy get associated with sexuality. However, one does not have to become sexual to become intimate with someone. True intimacy is about being fully naked in our truth before another at each and every level of our being without the need for any masks covering our truth. In this regard, true intimacy makes one very vulnerable for one is totally revealed.

True intimacy is not about standing up and exposing your truth in nakedness. Rather, intimacy comes from or results from a close or familiarity with another. Yet, being close or familiar with something does not guarantee an intimacy will exist. Becoming intimate takes one to the deeps levels of being. It is about going to the heart - where life and the essence originates. For some, there is great fear in doing that. For some, they become too vulnerable and they need assurances of a safe and secure space to go there.

Intimacy is about going to the heart of another. The heart is seen as that place where firmness of will or courage are seen to reside. In going to our heart we are seen going to our innermost thoughts or feelings. We are see as going to that vital, essential part or the essence of our being. To become intimate with oneself or another we are seen going to the heart for the heart is seen as the central or inner part of anything. In meeting a person in the heart we move to become intimate with them. Although there is spiritual, mental, emotional and physical intimacy that is possible with an individual, it is when we go to their heart and meet them in the heart at their essence are we able see and experience real intimacy at each level of being.

An intimate relationship

An intimate relationship is about creating the space where each individual is free to reveal their most intimate details at each and every level of their being. What is revealed is without fear of judgment on what is expressed and/or without fear the information being used in any way that would harm them or violate the trust in which what is revealed is shared. It is to create a space where each individual is totally free to express the essence of their being without an need for masks to hide who and what they are. Secrets and/or the need to protect oneself is not necessary and uncalled for in an intimate relationship.

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