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Intimacy is probably one of the most important concept we need to understand when talking about our creativity and accessing our unlimited creativity.

What is intimacy

Intimacy is about being intimate. To be intimate is defined as being characterized by pronounced closeness of friendship, relationship or association. It is about that which is deeply personal and/or private. It pertains to the inmost nature or being of something and pertains to that which is essential and/or intrinsic. It results from close study of or familiarity with a matter, subject or object. It is also used in the context of having illicit sexual relations.

In applying the definition of intimacy, it is to become intimate with something, we need to focus our attention and awareness on it. We need to study it and explore its features in detail. Intimacy results from a close study and familiarity with a matter. It is not something which is done at a distance. It is to explore the inner most nature or being of the object. To is to discover and understand what is essential and intrinsic to its nature and being. It is not about having an intellectual understanding about something. Rather it is to have gone into the experiential knowing and understanding of the most detailed parts and aspects.

Intimacy and our creativity

Intimacy arise in primary two contexts or levels relative to our creativity. One is in regard to a particular creative endeavor and the other is in the context of access and releasing our unlimited creativity.

Relative to our creativity and a particular creative endeavor, as a minimum, we need to become intimate with: our creative spirit; our creative passion; our body and what we feel; and what our creative spirit desires to create relative to that creative endeavor. Being intimate with our creativity and our creative spirit for a particular creative endeavor is about being free to express those things that are deeply personal and private about what arises and what we desire to create. It is about revealing to ourselves those things in which we are not free to share in public or even with a close friend about the creative task at hand. Most importantly, it is about being free to explore all options in our creative imagination in whatever way we need to explore it.

The second context is to know and understand our true nature and/or the depth and breadth of our being to access and release our unlimited creativity. To know and understand our true nature will require us to become intimate with our own being at each and every level of our being - spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. It requires us to become intimate with our needs versus our wants and what serves and doesnít serve our creative spirit and its free and unfettered unfoldment to create the experiences it incarnated to create.

Some will may say it is an assumption that there is an intention for our life and experiences we incarnated to have or that there is no such a thing as a creative spirit to incarnate. But what has been observed from a creativity perspective and holding our creativity sacred, there is an undercurrent to our lives. That undercurrent is most easily explained as an intention governing our life. The existence of a creative spirit and an intention for our life are also consistent with the way our conscious creates its experiences by what we choose and do not choose to act upon in our life.

To become intimate with our being is to become intimate with our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical needs and to provide for those needs if we are going to unfold true to our nature. Being intimate with each and every level of our being is about being free to express those things that are deeply personal and private. It is about revealing to ourselves those things in which we are not free to share in public or even with a close friend.

True intimacy is about being fully naked in our truth without the need for any masks covering our truth. Becoming intimate takes us to the deeps levels of being. It is about going to the heart - where life and our essence originates. The heart is seen as that place where firmness of will or courage are seen to reside. In going to our heart we are seen going to our innermost thoughts or feelings. We are see as going to that vital, essential part or the essence of our being.

In this regard, true intimacy makes one very vulnerable for one is totally revealed. For some, there is great fear in doing this. For some, they become too vulnerable even for themselves and they cannot find the assurances of a safe and secure space within themselves to face what they find. So, they simply avoid it and in doing so deny their own creative ability and creative power. But if we can not be intimate with ourselves, we cannot be intimate with any other for we cannot give what we do not have.

There are aspects of our being that will need to be explore in a way that serves us and our creativity and does not deny and imprison our creative spirit. Becoming intimate with our being requires us to face the fears and issues arise around two areas or aspects of our life that is difficult for most. One is our concept of God as it relates to our creative ability and creative power and the other is our sexuality. Sexuality is part of our being and fundamental to be human. It is an important part of our being and is related to the creation of life. It creates life both within ourselves and the continuation of life.

There are three issue with God which are seen to arise. One is that our belief in any God ultimately reduces to the fear that we may get it wrong. That is, if we believe in the wrong God, God will punishes us in some way for getting it wrong. So we are afraid, if not paralyzed, from doing our own experiments to find out the true nature of God. Rather, we believe others, often with little proof, as to the nature of God. The second is that if we donít believe in the God of our society but some other God, we become separate and ostracized from those around us even if we have a community of believers to which we can turn. The third issue, if we are willing to truly explore the nature of God and leave behind what our society or any other says, we come to find we are totally alone. That is, we have no one to whom to turn for guidance and direction other than our own heart and mind. Here we are faced with the choice of do we trust our mind or our heart. But mind only knows what it has experienced. The recommendation here is to trust what give life and a fullness of being and desire to engage life for in that feeling lies the creator/Creator who brought us into this world. In that feeling, we are never alone. The discussions within the topic "Creative Spirituality" were created to help face issues in this area.

Relative to becoming intimate with our sexuality proverbially opens Pandoraís box. That is, it raises a whole set of issues that once revealed, we cannot put back into the box out of which they came. Stepping aside all of the social and programming issues we need to face to things. One, if we are free to do so, is to intimately explore our body, it sensations and its sexuality and what it feels. In this area there is much we can do alone. But, to fully explore our sexuality, we will need another. This raise a whole new set of issues including the safety from communicable diseases, offspring and the like. However, explore our sexuality to become intimate with our sexuality is not necessarily about having intercourse as some would think. As discussed in the topic, "What moving past sexuality looks like," having intercourse is not the issue. The issue is to explore the depth and breadth of feeling for there is an awareness in what we feel and there are deep feelings which lie beyond sexuality that contain information that do become essential to accessing the depth and breadth of our creativity. The discussions within the topic "Creative Sexuality" were created to help face issues in the area of sexuality and our creativity.

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