Lines of inquiry and pulling the string 

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It has been observed that often individual will substitute the phrase "lines of inquiry" rather than the expression "pulling the string." At first, the two concept appear to be the same but they different in their results.

Line of inquiry: A line of inquiry is following a choice we make. A line of inquiry is about consciously choosing to look in a given direction to look for something. For example we choose to go out to see how and why a given procedure is written in the from that it is.

Pulling the string Pulling the string come from pulling a loose thread on a sweater or a seam on a garment only to have the sweater or garment come apart. It is to pursue the cause or reason for an anomaly by continually asking why the situation exist as it does. Pulling the string is to follow a lead which present itself to us to its end regardless of ridiculous our mind might think about lead and where it is taking us. Pulling the string requires surrender.

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