Pulling the string

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Pulling the string is a very simple but powerful exploratory concept. It is based on the analogy of pulling a loose string on any piece of clothing and the clothing falls apart. A good example is a knitted sweater and having the whole sweater unravel.

For whatever is in our life we can ask “Why?”. We can ask, “Why do we experience this as opposed to something else?” But, for whatever answer we get we can always ask, “Why - why this and not that or another way.” There is a never ending series of “why’s” that can be asked. The more questions we answers, the more questions we can ask. That is, the more we find out the more we find there are further questions to be asked and more information to be gained.

Another way of looking at this is to realize that more often then not, there are more answers than questions. How many questions can be answered with either another “why this and not that” or more than one way to answer the question. How many stories about what we experience can be told only one way? Don’t most stories have other view points? There is always several answers that can be given for any phenomenon. Some are equally effective where as other depend on the desired outcome. The correct answer is the one which is effective in answering the question “what is effective for what we are trying to do.” In this regard, we must look at “What works for me in my situation” and allow effectiveness to be our measure of truth.

Whether we accept it or not, there is a cause to all that we experience. We only need to ask, “why?” and follow the series of subsequent “why?” questions on each answer we get. In exploring the “why,” we will come to see how the decisions we have made in the past have helped create our current experiences and ultimately our reality. In seeing how we create our experience we can begin to see why it is necessary to become aware of the choices that we make.

In pulling the string on our choices we will begin to see why it is necessary to pull the string on every level of our being for whatever we experience or believe. When we begin to see the cause effect chain to any experience, we being to see there is a cause effect chain on each level of our being. Whether the experience or belief is spiritual, mental, emotional or physical, we can still ask, “Why this as opposed to anything else?” Whatever we see happen, we can “pull the string” and go back and show a cause as to why that particular effect occurred as opposed to another. Out comes may be random, but there is nevertheless a cause that gives rise to it.

This line of questioning should be pursued as long an necessary. How long is necessary? It depends on at what level you wish to gain creative control. The deeper you go as to “Why this way and not another?” the more creative power and understanding you will access. Pulling the string follows the cause - effect chain back to its origins.

What is most interesting is when we use this technique to explore our pain - “Why this pain in this way as opposed to any other pain?” What we will find is that we will get intuitive insights. Although they do not always seem to make sense to our logical mind, if we pull the string on what answer we get as described here, we can begin to see how pain is a gift and what it is really communicating about to us.

To become a conscious creator and understand how we create our experiences, we need to make the subconscious conscious in those areas that are influencing what we desire to create. Pulling the string is a very powerful way to access our early and/or past programming creating our experiences. To get past the programming, we must set a clear intention to do so and pull the string on the desires we have and the basis of our decision. We must intend and seek to understand what lies at their root. The key to pulling the string on our desires and our decisions is to become mindful and aware of the thoughts we have.

If we utilize this technique and gain more experience with the power of clear intentionality and how intentionality can be used to create our experiences, we will begin to see how it is possible and why we say there is an intention for your life that brought you into incarnation. When we being to see the cause effect chain to any experience we have including our birth.

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