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The following is a transcript of a tape the author made to reprogram himself as discussed in the topic, A Foolish Thing. As stated: He wrote out a clear intention and recorded it on a tape....He then mixed his voice recording continually repeating the transcript with music of his choice....He then played that tape every night as he went to sleep. His intention was to insert that message into that into that twilight space between being awake and being asleep. He wanted to bridge both the conscious and unconscious mind and bridge both the awake and sleep state. In essence he was attempting to reprogram himself at each and every level.

It is recommended if you wish to do something similar, you do not use this transcript. Rather, use it as a starting point and write your own transcript in a way that meets your specific beliefs, desires and needs. You can use phrases, ideas and sections of this transcript or any other source your desire, but make whatever you use your own. Put it together in your own way, even if it is only rearrange the transcript below. Put your own mark on anything that you use. Unless, of course, you wish to copy another and follow in their path and live in their world as opposed to yours.

Tape transcript

I live my life with the intent of Love.

I am unconditional love, I embody unconditional love.

All my actions are initiated with the intent to give
unconditional Love.

The Universe is unlimited and abundant.

I receive all that I need in all ways.

I lack nothing, I want for nothing.

The Universe provides answers to all my questions.

As within, as without, I keenly observe my environment
and I am aware of what my thought are projecting.

I am aware and mindful of all my thoughts.

I live in the now and embody beingness.

As above, so below, I am an astute observer of nature and the
natural laws
and fully integrate them into an understanding
of the All That Is.

I understand and act on that understanding.

I am aware, I read and I understand how the Universe is
communicating with me.

I have great wisdom which I share for the benefit of mankind.

I am a channel for unconditional love.

All the blocks which prevent the free flow of the Energy of the
Universe through me are removed.

I experience oneness with the Universe and its various forms of

I experience and understand the different energy forms of the

I am non-judgmental and transcend duality.

I gently help set the internal compass and navigation systems
within individuals.

I am a rain maker, in balance and harmony, at one with the

I create a sacred space for all those who enter my presence and provide any love or healing they may need.

I bind no one and remove the binds of the bound.

I show the birds how to remove the bars from their cage to fly

I help nurture the individual flowers to grow in the garden of life.

I allow and help the individual to become the persons they intended
to be.

I am patient and have developed the art of waiting for things to

There is time enough for everything which must be done.

I remember all and all that is needed is provided.

I do first things first and work on those things with need to be done to meet the needs of the Universe.

I lose my personal history

I lose my self importance

Death is my advisor

I act because it is right to act, and leave the results to destiny.

All is sacred.

I am thankful and grateful for the experience of life.

I experience life in all its fullness.

I accept life and all it has to offer, I do not resist that which is.

I continually grow, create and transform.

I have great joy and laughter in my heart and share to all I have

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