The path of least resistance


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The path of least resistance
Basic principle
The energy landscape
Working with the path of least resistance
Making life and your creations easier

In working with the flow of energy within our being, it needs to be understand is that energy flows in the path of least resistance. In the world of energy, energy, which is allowed to flow freely, flows the path of least resistance for the environment in which it finds itself. In a different environment the energy will flow a different way. There is a natural flow to reality for every situation in which we find ourselves and the natural flow path is the path of least resistance.

Since energy and consciousness are different forms of the same thing, consciousness also follows the path of least resistance. What we do when we work with our belief structure for a creative endeavors and surrender to the flow of energy we create with the intention we hold we create a path of least resistance within our beliefs for what we desire to create.

Basic principle (Top)

To understand this principle, just look at the way water runs down hill. It will always find that path that allows it to flow in the easiest way possible to the lowest point or “ground” state. When a flow of energy flows to the ground state, we say the energy is “grounded.” In any form there is a contour to the form, a contour of the land so to speak. Energy flows like water and will find the path of least resistance to flow through the contour of the land to the sea.

Our creative life energy flows where we focus our attention and awareness. Any clearly held intention will generate a flow of energy. Hence, if we aligns with that flow of energy and allows it to lead, we will create what they desire according to the path of least resistance with the least expenditure of energy for the environment in which we find ourselves. It may not appear to be the fastest way but it will offer the least resistance. There may be faster ways but they will require more energy. Similarly, there may be slower ways that are more gentle than the fastest.

When it comes to a creative endeavor, our belief structure form a terrain through which our creative life energy will flow to manifest an experience of what we desire. The energy will follows the path of least resistance through this terrain and the path of least resistance is usually the quickest way to flow with the least expenditure of energy. Of course, the quickest way is not necessarily the gentlest. We only need to look at a water fall to understand the quickest way for a river to reach the sea is not necessarily the gentlest.

Implications (Top)

We humans like to think we are in control and determine where events in our lives are going. There are many choices we make that seem to make a big difference. Most of the time we take credit for the great thing we manifest. Although we do affect reality, our impact at times is much less than we imagine and at other times, it is greater than we imagine. However, most of us never stop to look at why that is the case. In reality, it all depends on the energy of the situation.

What is little understood is how often we ride the current of the energy that is manifesting. It’s like being in a rowboat carried along by a swift river current rather than by the effectiveness, or lack of effectiveness of our rowing. The world we experience is much like a Galileo Thermometer such that the environment conditions change, we move naturally according to the energy changes rather than by choice. What we fail to realize is that we are energy consciousness and we move into or out of a situation depending on how well our energy matches the situation at hand.

For example, When we die and leave our physical bodies we move to that level of consciousness at which we are the most comfortable, is most like us or simply, were our energy fits. It is what the proverbial heaven and hell are all about. It why it can be said “Heaven and hell are here and now” or why the esoteric traditions talk about becoming “free and unbounded” to achieve a “higher” state. The issue is like the Galileo Thermometer. The greater the weight we carry in what we hold onto consciously the greater we bog ourselves down and constrain ourselves.

The energy landscape (Top)

Energy is always flowing into and out of situations and into and out of ourselves and others. Every object is energy and influences every other object in existence to a greater or lesser extent. The closer we are to a given object the greater its energy will affect us. Even inanimate objects have this effect and some individuals are more sensitive to the effect than others. We all have been in a location that “just didn’t feel right” or was “warm and pleasant” but we could not put our finger on exactly why. In any given situation, there is a collection of objects that affect the situation and the sum total of energy determines the way the energy will flow.

In any given situation, there is an overall energy flow determined by all the pieces that come together to create the situation. We can look at the situation of aligning with the flow as though we are in a row boat with a sail in a river and very strong winds are blowing. It is possible to align our rowing with the wind and the river’s current, and it is possible to have the wind, our rowing, and the current all pulling against each other.

We are capable of changing the flow but we must first recognize there is a flow, and then understand how big a flow we face. There is an anecdote that says, “Its hard to remember the task was to drain the swamp when you are up to your rear end in alligators.” If you are going to drain a swamp that has alligators, you need to factor in how do deal with the alligators. When you are in alignment with the energy, there is a very natural flow to the process. When you are going against the flow you will find it much like trying to row a boat up stream against a current or draining the swamp and forgetting about the alligators. You can succeed but it will take a lot of work and you must be able to overcome the strength of the existing flow.

There is a natural flow to reality for every situation in which we find ourselves and the natural flow path is the path of least resistance. It needs to be realized that each point of consciousness has a conscious or subconscious intention and these intentions affect what we desire to create for they determine the landscape. Remember energy and consciousness are different forms of the same material and consciousness functions like energy. When we talk about the flow of energy giving rise to a creation, the environment in which it travels is through our mind and through the collective unconscious. The path of least resistence to this creation is not only through your own mind but also through the collective unconsciousness to the ground state. For humans, the ground states is a physical experience where the body acts in some way.

What we see surfacing in front of us for any creative endeavor is the path of least resistance for the energy we carry and the arrange of our internal landscape. To change what we see and experience, we will have to change our internal landscape. The thoughts we have are only how our mind has framed or characterized the energy according to the path of least resistance for what mind thinks and believes. If you change what we think and what you believe, we will notice our thoughts become different. Similarly, if we don’t change what we think and believe, the energy that flow within our being will continue to follow the contour created by the flow of energy of the past.

The energy within our being will always flow around our beliefs in the easiest way possible and around those of the collective unconscious. This is why living our truth or aligning with our living process, which is just the natural flow of the creative life energy that sustains us, because it is the easiest way to move through life for we are the past of least resistance. However we lose the ability to follow our natural flow path as children when we adapt ourselves to the way our world wants us to be rather than following our own internal guidance. In time our habits take over as the paths of least resistance. Our habits of the past are only channels that allow our energy to flow easier than if we have to develop new flow patterns to create new ways of being and acting in the world.

If all the points of consciousness involved in a given situation are acting nonconsciously, asleep and unaware, the situation is relatively fixed and the outcome will be extremely predictable. People in general are actually relatively predictable for most are unaware and asleep. Their consciousness is focused on the mundane things of life. Most never set a clear direction for their life and hold it with unwavering faith. It is only when an individual becomes awake and aware of the situation at hand, as it is, and not biased by their own thinking, that he/she is able to shift the energy of the situation from its preset course. The more individuals and points of consciousness who are awake and aware in a situation, the greater the shift can be achieved. The greater the passion and intensity any one point of consciousness exerts in a situation, the greater the possible shift.

An individual who holds a given intention with great passion and intensity can exert a great influence on reality and can potentially shift reality - that is what many of the passionate leaders of history whether they were an artist, scientist, politician, military leader, explorer, healer, etc. have demonstrated. A collection of aware and awake individuals holding the same intention with great passion and intensity will shift reality. How much energy the group can focus and how long will it take are questions, but it will happen.

In many ways we can look at this process as a river flowing in a given direction through a given environment. The river current is the flow of the energy. All the pieces that come together in a given situation determine what type and kind of environment in which the river is flowing. As an example, if you have a group of like minded thinkers, the situation is analogous to a steep mountainous terrain with deep canyons. This would be most typical when a group is engrossed in group think - that is they all think essentially the same way. It takes only one very passionate individual with an explosive type of energy to divert the flow much like a placing an explosive charge in one of the canyons causing the subsequent rock fall to block and divert the river causing it back up and flow into a different canyon. It may be crude but nevertheless effective.

However, if you have a very broad range of divergent thinking individuals involved, the situation becomes more like a river slowly meandering across a broad sweeping plane. It’s very difficult to get the individuals focused on building the equivalent of a sufficient number of levees and dams to divert the flow of the river. It can be done, but takes much more than one passionate individual.

If we are in tune with our body wisdom and open to the information it provides, we can train ourselves to receive an image, thought, or feeling that describes the energy of the situation within any group of people. In understanding the energy of the situation, we can learn how to divert the flow of energy of a situation into the fulfillment of our intention.

If we pay attention, our subconscious through our intuitive guidance will always give us an image as to how it is sensing the energy of a situation. Sometimes the image, thought or feeling is literal and sometimes figurative. The greater clarity we have in seeing the energy as it is, the more and more the image we get will be literal rather than figurative. However, the image may make no logical sense.

Nonetheless, if we have clarity we will know that we need to act on the image as it is and as it is presented no matter how bizarre it appears. Sometimes we only need to step into the direction of the image for the energy to again shift and an entirely new energy situation and corresponding image is presented. Walking within the energy flow is like crossing a stream using stepping stones in a dense fog. You cannot seen the next stone beyond the one directly in front of we. We need to take the next step that is presented to us, fully trusting that another stone will appear. As we proceed step by step, we will get across the stream and get to where we need to be.

It does need to be noted, that in any given situation, the intention we hold both consciously and subconsciously, causes an image, thought or feeling to be received based on that intention. If we hold a different intention, the image will be different. The reason for this is the energy of an environment is much like a field in which we plant a seeds. There are some seeds the ground is capable of nourishing and sustaining and other seeds just will not grow well. The images we get for the different intentions is only reflective of what kind of growing conditions we face for those given intentions.

Working with the path of least resistance (Top)

To align with the flow we will either need to feel the flow or rely on our intuitive guidance to direct us toward aligning with the flow. Our intuitive guidance is the best characterization that mind can give for what we feel. As such the actual form that intuitive guidance present whether it be a feeling, thought, image or vision may be incorrect but the direction it tells us to go will be correct. We must surrender to the flow of energy created by the intention we hold to access that path of least resistance. Our mind will be of little assistance this process other than attending to the details as directed by feeling or our intuitive guidance. This means stepping out of mind and trusting what arises from within our being and what we feel.

As for how fast the path of least resistance will be is of course to realize the fastest way is relative.
It could be an instantaneous chance occurrence radically changing our life or it may be grown much the way it takes a seed years to grow into a mature tree only bearing fruit years after planting. It all depends on what is in our heart and the environment in which we currently find ourselves. In this regard, we must learn to garden our life and become aware of what is unfolding in our life. We need to look to see whether what is unfolding serves or doesn’t serve what we desires to create. We must ensure weeds and other unwanted plants are not robbing and stealing the nutrients from what we wish to grow and bear fruit.

How gentle or safe the path of least resistance is again relative. What I consider safe may not be what you consider safe. However, for whatever intention that is set and whatever path is revealed we can always go back and iterate the process. If we set an intention and we find the path of least resistance offers hazards that we prefer not to face, we simply need to go back and change our intention. We simply set a new intention which includes the safest way to address whatever hazard we perceive. In response to that new intention a new flow of energy will be created and the path it follows will be the path of least resistence incorporating our new desires. Of course, the more constraints we add, the longer it will probably take to create whatever we desire.

Also there is a corollary to the path of least resistance. The corollary is that the most energetic thing necessary to deal with to create what we desire to create will arise first. What this means is that what arises as an obstacle or issue to address relative to what we desire to create is probably the most energetic. So unless we change our intention, we probably will be unable to avoid what arise. We may be able to postpone dealing with it, or avoid dealing with it in the form it presents, but we cannot avoid it. We can of course always change our intention but then you risk not getting what we really want. 

Making life and your creations easier (Top)  

If we wish to make your life easier in all ways, we will need to look at what we are trying to do and whether or not it is in alignment with the energy of the situation. It is a matter of looking at the environment and working with the environment as opposed to opposing it. However, what the particular environment supports depends on what we wish to manifest.

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