Energy Consciousness
The “mud” of Creation

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Energy Consciousness - the “mud” of Creation
Review of the starting point - definitions of energy and consciousness
Overall summary
Energy consciousness
Energy aspect of energy consciousness
Consciousness aspect of energy consciousness
Implications of energy consciousness
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This discussion builds on the two parallel discussion on energy and consciousness. These two discussions, “Energy - the Invariant in the Creativity Perspective” and the “Interdisciplinary Aspects of Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity” provide the starting point for understanding our creativity powers as to how we create the experience we have and the reality of those experiences. This discussion goes the next step.

Review of the starting point - definitions of energy and consciousness (Top)

Energy is traditionally defined as the ability to do work and/or the capacity to produce an effect. From an energy consciousness perspective, energy is the ability to create. It is the ability to melt, dissolve or transform an existing form and mold it into the new form one desire. It is the capacity to become the cause to produce a new effect.

Consciousness is traditionally defined as the state of being conscious. It is that state to be aware of one’s own existence, feelings and thoughts. It is an aware of oneself and awareness of one surroundings and the external objects and conditions. To be conscious is to be aware of one’s own existence, feelings and thought and external objects and conditions. Something that is conscious is internally known. To be consciousness is to be mentally awake as opposed to sleeping

From an energy consciousness perspective, to be conscious is the same an the traditional definition. Additionally it needs to be emphasized when one is conscious they are deliberate and intentional. Consciousness is our ability to produce an effect. It is to become the cause of a cause effect chain. It is here consciousness and energy become equivalent. It is here the one significant difference between the traditional concept of consciousness and consciousness as used within the creativity perspective appears. Name, consciousness is seen as a property of the “stuff” or material of creation.

Everything is seen as having the ability to be in a state of being conscious or rather everything has the ability to be conscious of itself and its surrounding. To be conscious is to be seen as being awake and aware. To be unconscious is to be awake to respond but unaware. To be dormant or unconscious is to be asleep and unaware. The main difference between dormant and unconscious is that which is dormant has been aware and aware but has essential “gone to sleep” and will not awaken until conditions are correct to awaken it. That which is dormant has not yet awakened.

Overall summary (Top)

Within he creativity perspective, energy and consciousness are one and the same thing. Creatively they are equivalent. Each is the ability to cause an effect and or make something happen. Consciousness is just a flow of energy that has become aware of itself. The “magic” and power of Creation lies in a flow of energy awakening to its own existence and realizing it can be the cause of the effect it experiences simply by how consciousness focuses itself.

Energy consciousness is the substance out of which all things form. It is what forms any separated aspect or entity of Creation including thoughts. Energy goes where consciousness focuses its attention and awareness and consciousness directs its attention to where it perceives energy flowing.

Energy consciousness (Top)

Energy consciousness exists in a duality similar to the wave-particle duality we see in physics.

This energy consciousness can be experienced as energy, as consciousness, or as energy consciousness depending on the environment and how consciousness chooses to observe in that environment and on what it chooses focuses its attention and awareness. Additionally, one can experience both the energy and the consciousness as localized, that is within a given or defined shape or form, or non-localized, undifferentiated form, that is having no shape or form completely diffuse. For both energy and consciousness the range of localization is from completely fixed with no movement to absolute freedom of movement in every possible direction with no preference or bias to or for any direction.

For those that prefer pictures, you can draw a three dimensional grid with a horizontal axis, a vertical axis and one going into and out of the page. For those mathematically inclined, you can name them as an x, y, z set of axis. Allow one axis to be the energy axis, a second the consciousness axis and the third as energy consciousness. One end of each axis is labeled complete freedom or undifferentiated. The other end is labeled totally fixed, without movement or extreme localization.

On the consciousness axis you can also label totally fixed as “a totally defined identity” and the opposite extreme “no-identity.” On the energy axis you can label totally fixed as “frozen -beyond rock” and the opposite extreme “all-permeating” energy or free and unbounded. That is, the energy is unbound and free to permeate all reality from infinity to infinity.

On the energy consciousness axis, you can label the fixed, localized end as extreme separation and the other as total oneness.

Any point of consciousness is free to lie anywhere withing this three dimensional grid. There is no preferred way to experience energy consciousness, energy or consciousness. All ways are equal. Consciousness is free to experience any what that it chooses to experience. Only the experience one has will appear differ and some experiences are judged as more enjoyable than others. It is the choice of how consciousness chooses to have its experiences that gives rise to the illusion of Creation. Also, any one point or perspective will be experienced differently than any other.

To be aware and awake is to be localized oneself in the consciousness aspects of energy consciousness. To be asleep and unaware being lead by the energy wherever it flows is to be in the energy aspect of energy consciousness. To be aware and awake as a detached witness consciously flowing with the energy realizing how you chose to observe changes the flow of energy is to experience the energy consciousness aspect. To be in the ego or any identity as to who one thinks they are is to localized one’s consciousness in a fixed form. How fixed depends of the amount of freedom you have to change your identity. To be outside of all identity is to non-localized or undifferentiated consciousness.

To localize one’s energy or to experience energy in a localized form as to be in a physical body or any other particular form of energy is to move towards the fixed frozen end of the energy spectrum. To experience the non-localized form of energy is to be without any particular form. The traditional realm of “spirit” and non physical reality may or may not be non-localized energy. It is entirely possible for energy can be localized into a form that is not physical. In much the same way water vapor in the sky can form into clouds and then into water droplets. If you look at the water droplets as physical reality, there are many realms where the energy can from into a shape analogous to clouds of different density. On this aspect of “spirit,” to have any identity in the non-physical realm is to be experience a localized consciousness and opposed to a completely free and undifferentiated consciousness.

The typical human experience tends to be an experience of energy consciousness as both a localized energy in a body and a consciousness localized within the ego. As an energy, it expresses itself in the animation of the body and it creates from within the body including the conditions of the body. As a consciousness it localizes itself by believing it is who it has come to believe it is based on the experiences it has had in the body. That is, possession of an ego. Also from the energy consciousness perspective, the typical human lives in the world of separation for they fail to see how the body and ego are integrally linked with each other and each to their environment. That is, they fail to see in a different environment, they would have difference experiences and create a different ego.

Although their energy is localized in their body and their consciousness is localized in the identity of the ego, neither their energy or consciousness is completely fixed. Although a majority of the energy is localized and remains fixed in human form, part still permeates all reality Similarly, one consciousness is totally free and can reside anywhere on the consciousness spectrum if it so chooses. To live from the perspective of ego and who one has come to believe they are, is to live in the consciousness aspects of energy consciousness as a localized consciousness. To be in a body flowing with the energy but be out of the thinking and judging mind to localize one’s consciousness as a detached witness is to experience the energy consciousness. To detach one’s identity from the detach witness and understand it is only Consciousness experiencing Its Creation from within a particular vehicle of experience is to move toward the extreme end of freedom and non localized consciousness.

Energy aspects of energy consciousness (Top)

For all practical purposes, energy is energy and the energy of this energy consciousness is energy you experience every day of your life. The only thing that needs to be understood is that energy has an unseen aspect that is integrally linked to consciousness and where every consciousness focuses its attention and awareness, the energy flows to manifest an experience. Whether that experience becomes physical or not depends on the environment and how much energy is directed into that focused attention.

All the laws of physics applicable to energy apply equally to energy consciousness in some way or another for they are the same but they may look differently only because the experience of consciousness is not perceived the same way as the experience of energy. That is, for any flow of energy, there are an infinite number of ways for consciousness to experience that flow. How and what that experience looks like depends on how consciousness choose to experience it.

The energy that you experience in life exists in three primary forms: (1) energy in motion or the energy is flowing into a new form or arrangement; (2) stored energy or energy in a form that readily capable of moving into flow with minimal effort; and (3) mass or energy “frozen” or solidified into a fixed arrangement that can only be changes with either great effort in the existing environment or within a uniquely constructed environment specifically designed to transform it.

There is an important aspect about energy that may or may not be obvious. We often don’t recognize the existence of energy until it flows. We are not aware of the energy stored in gasoline until it is ignited or the energy stored is a box on the shelf above our head until it falls. We were not aware of the energy stored within mass itself until scientist constructed experiments that released this energy. This is an extremely import understanding for can be released in ways and places we may not initially recognize. Under the correct conditions, more and more energy can be caused to flow from an energy reserve until all the energy is dissipated. One question we will routinely need to explore in a creative endeavor is, “From were does the energy come for us to create what we desire?”

In general, it can be said that hazards we encounter are only stored energy reserves that flow in a way that we find damaging. Power, is energy in motion. If is the energy that flows in a way that can be controlled and made useful we just what flows as good. If it flows in a way that is harmful or damaging, we see it as bad. An ice jam or some other unwanted obstruction that dams the flow of a river is considered hazardous because of the potential energy which build up behind the dam and is often released in an uncontrolled or unwanted fashion. A dam that we construct across a river and harness flow with a water wheel or turbine is considered a power generate and used in a way that we choose to use it. In either case, the energy flows according to the circumstances of the environment. By changing the environment we can convert energy back and forth into different kinds of energy for constructive or destructive uses, at least according to our definitions of constructive and destructive.

Consciousness aspect of energy consciousness (Top)

As energy consciousness, consciousness is inherent in all of what is. Consciousness is the state of being conscious, that is, aware of one’s own existence, feelings, and thoughts. It is being aware of external objects and conditions and being mentally awake and to internally know. From that perspective, you can define consciousness as awareness. You can say that something is not conscious until it comes to the realization of one’s own existence or the existence of feelings and thoughts within their being or aware of external objects and conditions. The most definite signs that a being is conscious is to be mentally awake such as thinking, analyzing, judging, and/or being deliberate and intention in one’s actions. However, that is a relative narrow understanding of consciousness from the perspective of energy consciousness for all that exists has the potential to become aware of itself.

We refer to energy consciousness as the mud or fabric of creation because all reality, all that exist or could exist is conscious, or rather has the potential to be conscious, that is aware of its own existence, feelings, thoughts and external objects. Directly analogous to the discussion of energy, we are normally only aware of energy when it flows, we are only aware of consciousness when it is awake. Consciousness can be asleep, unaware of its thoughts, feelings, existence and its surroundings. Humans pride themselves on being conscious but many individuals are not aware of their thought and even more are unaware of their feelings. So consciousness does exist on a spectrum of being totally aware and awake to completely unaware and asleep.

In keeping with the duality of energy consciousness, consciousness can be localized into a give form or permeate all of reality and is also seen to exist in three forms. The three forms of consciousness can best be described as (1) conscious consciousness, (2) subconscious consciousness and (3) unconscious consciousness/dormant consciousness. Conscious consciousness consists of those aspects of which consciousness is aware and is analogous to the energy in motion and it is the aspect of consciousness that is responsible for causing the flow of energy into a given form or changing the direction the flow. This is the consciousness that we are all aware of where the entity is aware of itself and/or has the faculty of a separate mind and the associated mental activities.

Subconscious consciousness are those aspects of consciousness of which conscious consciousness is unaware but can readily surface. The subconscious readily governs the flow of energy into creation by continuing to direct energy according to whatever pattern the consciousness set before it went subconscious. It is that aspect of infinite consciousness that can readily be made conscious. However, what we describe as the subconscious or unconscious aspects of our being are also conscious especially in regard to being deliberate and intentional in one’s actions. From an energy perspective, holding a thought subconsciously or unconsciously has just as much power and ability to direct one’s energy as a consciously held thought. In fact, holding a though subconscious or unconsciously is much easier than consciously and is the basis of many deeply held habits. The root of all habits ultimately lies in a particular way of viewing and/or being in the world that is so deep and conditioned in us that we follow that habit with little or no conscious awareness.

The second form of consciousness is the subconscious. For a lack of better definition and from an energy consciousness perspective, the subconscious is the autopilot feature of consciousness. Rather than having to be aware of everything all the time, we allow much of our creative efforts to be placed on autopilot such that it runs automatically with the need of our conscious thinking, analyzing and judging.

The third type of consciousness is very deeply held patterns that can best be described as unconscious and/or dormant consciousness. Dormant consciousness reflects those aspects deep within the subconscious of consciousness that are extremely difficult to surface. It is analogous to mass and very difficult to make consciousness but under the appropriate conditions it is readily transformed. This third type of consciousness is called dormant consciousness since it is like a tree that goes dormant in winter. Although it seems to have no life, as soon as the conditions are correct, it awakens. While the consciousness is dormant, there is little it can do until it reawakens. What mass is to energy, dormant consciousness/unconscious consciousness is to consciousness. Conditions have to be right before the dormant consciousness move into the active subconscious or to consciousness. For all practical matters, you can consider the dormant consciousness as the very deep subconscious and that is difficult to access and awaken except under special conditions. In the same way the existence of mass makes possible the physical plane and the physical experience, dormant consciousness/unconscious consciousness is what keeps part of our consciousness in a very deeply held fixed pattern to create the illusion that we are separate from all that is and that there is no oneness to reality.

In looking at these three forms of consciousness relative to the Creation you experience, the dormant consciousness/unconscious consciousness has a fixed form and that fixed form is what determines much of the creation experience that we have. We can look at the dormant consciousness as creating the reality that we experience, that is physical Creation. The subconscious as creating the details of the reality we experience that can be changed with effort. The conscious aspects of consciousness creates the flow and animate the experiences we have within the details and reality that we experience. If can look at our dormant consciousness as the mass and the arrangement of that mass of the physical world we experience. Our subconscious as the time, place and details of the particular physical experience that we have and our conscious consciousness as our ability to manipulate and change the details of what we experience.

Implications of energy consciousness (Top)

There is not a facet of the universe that is not the same as you. If you look a little more deeply all is a part of you for all ultimate originates from the same Source. You and all that you see and experience before you is made of the exact same material as you. Whether you experience any particular aspect of the universe as yourself depends entirely on how you and it have chosen to experience each other. To communicate and/or experience any facet of the universe you will have to both choose and set the intention to do so and then figure out how to communicate with that facet for each facet is unique.

Our energy goes where one focuses their attention and awareness and we tend to focus on what the energy that is flowing. To get control over our creative powers, it becomes essential for each of us to understand where we are focusing our attention and awareness and where our energy if flowing in any given moment and where we are expending our creative life energy. We need to become mindful of our focus and mindful of where our energy goes.

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