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Creativity perspective on passion and creative passion
Passion in the creativity perspective
Passion and creativity
Creative passion
Passion of the heart
Passion of the mind

Reality molds itself to what we think. Anything that we believe and hold influences our overall thinking and our thinking influences how we do, and don’t, act. Passion adds energy to both our thinking and our actions so as to propel us forward to cause us to manifest an experience based on what we think at a faster rate.

The feelings within our being is the fuel that energizes the manifestation of our desires and intentions and brings them into a physical form and/or experience. When feelings are strong we call them emotions and name them based on what we think gives rise to them. As used within the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material, emotions are strong feelings that are readily discernable the we have we have named and characterized because they appear to arise from recognizable sources. For example, hate and love are considered emotions because they are associated with strong feelings and tend to arise from a discernable cause. We feel the emotion of love as a result of a spouse, family member or friend. Similarly we feel the emotion of hate for a detestable enemy. Yet, in either case, what lies behind the emotion and given rise to what we call an emotions is simply a flow of energy, a flow of passion.

Feelings, as emotions, can span the spectrum of essentially no energy and no passion for what one does in life to a tremendous creative passion that is all consuming and renders the individual somewhat crazy in the eyes of the world. Additionally, whether the feeling is characterized as a passionate longing for something we desperately want or it is an obsessive fear or the anxious dread of something unwanted, it doesn’t matter. From the viewpoint of manifesting a creation, feelings and/or emotional energy is emotional energy and the effect is the same - the manifestation of the focus of that energy.

Passion in the creativity perspective (Top)

The use of the word passion in the context of accessing and releasing your unlimited creativity is reasonably close to how we use it every day. Passion represents that intense, extreme and overpowering emotion or feeling. Frequently it is seen as directed at a fiery affection or love, or it is seen more physically as an intense sexual desire or lust. But it is similarly associated with an overwhelming anger or rage, and to a lesser extent, a strong desire or affection for some object or cause.

However, no matter how you look at passion, in today’s world there seems to be a reasonable negative interpretation with passion because it so intense that most people shy away from passion. It doesn’t seem that to be called a “passionate person” is necessarily a compliment. It tends to refer to someone who borders on not being in control of their emotions. We would like to dispel that aspect and connotation of passion and just refer to it as that intense, extreme and overpowering emotion or feeling and place no judgement on it. Rather see it as the creative life energy wanting to burst out all over for love of life and what is in one’s heart. How it gets manifested, i.e., as anger, is another issue which is more related to the enculturated ego and the experiences one has had in life than the energy itself.

Within the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material passion refers to an intense, extreme or overpowering emotion or feeling and/or a strong desire for some thing. There is no judgement place on the energy as it being good or bad. How it is used is a choice made by the individual. The kind of passion that is being discussed here is the kind of passion a drowning individual has for air. It is a type of passion which includes a suffering. It is a suffering in that if one is not able to live and express their passion a part of their being will in some way die. It doesn’t matter if the passion arises from the desire of mind or the heart, the effect is the same. Passion will add energy to what one desires to manifest. A passion of the heart, as discussed below, is as passion that arises from the flow of energy that sustains one’s being and flows from the essence of one’s being. A passion of the mind, discussed below, is one that arise because of how one thinks and is directing the flow of their creative life energy. There are significant differences about manifestations that flow from a passion of the heart as opposed to a passion that flows from the mind.

Passion and creativity (Top)

Passion is important from a creativity perspective because of how passion is relate in the way the energy of the psyche is directed into the creative activities. The energy within our feelings is the energy behind manifesting and brings ideas into form. Passion is about loving what one desires to bring forth in the world, the love of life and living one’s life with passion great energy. In living in passion and enthusiasm, one has the courage to go forward into life and the unknown. Courage is about action and acting.

Courage is located in a place in the heart and comes from the heart. You can feel it physically. The feeling of courage does not reside in the mind and is not something you think about. It is not necessarily rational. It is a heart feeling that tells you that you have the knowledge and awareness that you have the mind, body and spirit to do what you need to do. It is courage that enables you to move forward by going within and look at exactly what in necessary to awaken and change internally such that by making those internal changes have the strength of will to act in the external world. When one is passionate, one has great enthusiasm for what they do and they become “possessed” by what they desire to create.

Your intention, whether it be to move towards something or away form something, takes form depending on how much energy you direct into or on the object of focus. Or in other words, your intention takes form by how much attention, consciously or subconsciously, you place on it. The more enthusiasm you have for something, the more emotional energy you put into it, and therefore, the more attention you are giving it to manifest in form. Or, saying the reverse, the more attention you give to something, the more emotional energy you project into it. The more energy you project into something the more you work to bring it into form.

The bottom line is no matter how you look at it, if you really want to create something, set a clear focus through a clear intention, become enthusiastic about your focus, and keep an unwavering attention on that intention and watch the your creative life energy pour into you to act. As your energy pours into your intention you will find your consciousness and/or its awareness expand, to understand what needs to be done and achieved to accomplish manifesting the intention. You only then need to have the courage to act on what you know. If you are enthused by your passion, you will have all the courage that you need.

Creative passion (Top)

Creative passion is at the extreme end of the emotional energy scale for creativity and can be defined as that which makes you passionate for living and passion to make creation happen. Creative passion arises from alignment with the flow of one’s creative life energy. The greater the alignment, the greater the passion. When one’s creative life energy flows with its fulness and one lives within, and from, this flow the feelings one has can only be characterized as passion. It is a passion for living and for life. Your creative passion is something that flows from the essence of your being and you are driven to do it no matter what the consequences.

Our creative passion is what supplies the energy to create. Our creative passion is a desire or collection of desires that will create the tension with your being to create the life you incarnated to live. The experience of Creation/creation is about how we do, or don’t, access this creative power. We can fully embrace this passion and live the life we incarnated to live or, our consciousness can access this passion and use the energy to create something its desires to experience. How and why you don’t live your creative passion and why you may have found it necessary to mask your passion can be explained by a myriad of different reasons. All of them lead to either a damaged masculine or the feminine aspect of one’s being.

For both the masculine and the feminine aspects of our being need this creative passion to create and manifest the experiences we incarnated to have. At all levels of being, spiritual, emotional, mental and physical, creation occurs as a result of the polarity or tension between opposites, traditionally seen as the masculine and feminine. The tension between the opposites is what supplies the energy of creation and it is the energy in the tension that goes into the new creation.

Whether there is an internal or external creation, the creation will occur only in the uniting and annihilation of some aspect of a masculine and feminine aspect of being. If either the masculine or feminine aspect is not whole and complete, either the creation process will not occur or the offspring of that union, the creation will somehow be retarded, incomplete, or less whole than it can be. It may appear fully functional and adequate but it will nevertheless be somehow incomplete. 
For us to create a new life or a new world within ourselves and/or externally, we need an equally balanced, whole and complete masculine and a whole and complete feminine aspect to our being. What is lost in childhood when one loses their spontaneous play is loss of the balance, wholeness and completeness of either/or the inner masculine aspect of one’s being or the inner feminine aspect of one’s being or both. Without that balanced, whole and complete pair within our own being, our creative abilities are severely curtailed. .

The masculine aspect of being is damaged when we step out into spontaneous play and we are forced back or some how stopped such that we no longer are confident to spontaneously stepping into our truth. The feminine aspect of being is damaged in we lose our innocence in that our trust in the universe and in those around us are lost. We are no longer to be free and true to our being or we don’t trust all that will be needed will be provided without having to compromise our truth in some way. In any case, the physical plane grows through a seed condition and it is a place of unfoldment.. Things grow and unfold from the seed condition created by the annihilation of the masculine and feminine.

Passion of the heart (Top, return)

The passion of the heart produces a feminine approach to creation that can be seen and experienced as a nurturing space which allows for growth and expansion. A passion of the heart is about life and creating life. The passion of the heart will provide an individual an internal satisfaction and joy that does not run dry once whatever is desired manifests. The beauty of creation itself is seen and experienced as one marvels at creation itself in wonderment and Ah. It needs to be noted that any passion that does not create a nurturing space but seeks to own, control or in some other way manipulate the object of its focus is a passion that arises from the mind as opposed to the heart. Only the mind controls and attempts to own or manipulate. The heart always nurtures and creates a safe and secure space for the protection and growth of the object of its focus.

Passion of the mind (Top return)

The passion of the mind, although appearing the same can be significantly different than the passion of the heart and it usually is. Anything that is of the mind will be dualistic and a two edge sword for all that flows from or rather through the mind is dualistic for dualism is the nature of mind. It is dualistic because it can cut either way. It can be nurturing and sustaining if it chooses or it can be manipulating and controlling. However, the natural tendency of the mind is to be manipulative and controlling rather then nurturing.

Mind is the origin of the awareness of “I am” which is the opposite of “I am not” and all the subsequent “I am this...” and “I am not that...”. The passion of the mind is masculine in it nature and tend to have a thrusting quality. It is the thrusting quality of the masculinity that can cut and separate into pieces rather than maintaining wholeness. The purpose of mind is to trim what is unnecessary or impedes one’s creations from manifesting so that the fruits are nurtured much the way a gardener would trim a fruit tree to create more abundant fruit. But, it is mind that is used to cut and separate whatever manifests from its source/Source and leaves a hollowness and lack of fulfillment within the individual.

A creation that has been cut from its source/Source will not give its creator an internal satisfaction that doesn’t run dry. If however, the mind has only been used to trim unnecessary attachments, there will be a lasting quality such that one can stand back and say, “it is good” and rest in full appreciation of the power of mind to create its reality and its experiences. It needs to be noted that to not take responsibility for what one creates only causes separation for one separates themselves from both their creations and their own creative power that arises from the source/Source of their own being

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