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Creation by its very nature is to create something from nothing That is to bring into existence something not see and not previously experienced. Where nothing existed before something is created. Whether we realize it or not we routinely create something from nothing. However most are unaware they do it let alone how they do it.

Most are mislead by the word “nothing.” People are baffled by how something can come from nothing. Many creation myths and stories talk about Creation arising out of a void or nothingness and it takes a Divine power - something well beyond human capabilities - to do such things. But in this regard, humanity has been seriously mislead for we create something from nothing all the time. We are just unaware of what we do.

In this regard, we are that Divine Creative Power that has been attributed to God or the gods. This statement does not negate the existence of God or some intelligence/Intellect behind Creation. Rather it just brings to our awareness that we have the power within our own being to create something from nothing just as attributed to God or the gods. In this sense, we are no different than They. The question is, “How is this possible?”

The first thing that needs to be realized is nothing or nothingness just means no-thing or no-thing-ness. That is there is no thing presents as opposed to something. Nothing does not mean the absence of something that cannot be seen and/or experienced. We do not see air, yet it exists. We do not see water vapor in the pure blue sky yet it is usually there. That is where clouds ultimately come from - the water vapor in the air. We cannot put a thought, concept or idea in front of us and experience it as a thing. Yet they exist and some of them have transformed the world as we experience it. When we act on any thought to create an experience in the world we are creating something from nothing.

Why we don’t see that we routinely create something from nothing is that we never really focus our attention on the creative/creation process to understand it. There are a variety of reason why we don’t see the creative process for what it is. But, most importantly, when we don’t see the entire creative process there seems to exist unseen realms and we fail to realize the role the unseen realm plays in the creative/creation process. Hence creation/Creation looks a little mystical, mysterious and/or magical.

When we understanding the creative/creation process we can being to see how something can be created out of a perceived nothingness. Although we may be part of the process and cannot consciously fully understand what is occurring in the process we cannot see, understanding the creative/creation process allows us to know what is happening. In that knowing, we an influence what is being created. The influence we can exert is beyond our wildest imaginations for all that limits our influence is our imagination.

To fully understand how it is possible to create something from nothing because we don’t look at the entire process is the pair production phenomenon. In this phenomenon, energy is converted to mass. It is an exceptionally good example were it appears we create something, physical particles with mass, from an the unseen, massless radiant energy. The radiant energy is well beyond the range of a human being to sense without the aid of some type of energy detector to “see” the energy. When we understand how our perspective is what makes the difference, we can begin to understand the unseen in any creative/creation process we experience.

Of course the argument can be raised the unseen realms of creation are not energy based. But what is energy? It is nothing more than a concept. It too is unseen. We have created ways to explain it and use it but we cannot hold energy. It can be stored in the arrangement of matter and it can be converted to matter. But it is something well beyond our range to fully understand. Yet we are energy manifested and energy animates our life. We are energy being. We are the “stuff’ of creation and we are the “stuff’ of both the seen and unseen world. One of the better analogies of how we create with the unseen “stuff” of creation is how rain forms and discussed in the topic “The Rain-River Analogy for the Creative/Creation Process.” As for the “stuff” of Creation, that is address in the energy consciousness model of Creation and utilized in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material.

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