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The energy consciousness model is an interdisciplinary view of Creation derived from a blending or synthesis of Eastern mysticism and Western energy physics. The energy consciousness model is just a way of looking at Creation such that everything within creation arises out of a material or substance that we experience as energy and/or as consciousness. This model is based on the understanding that energy and consciousness are different aspects of the same essential material of the Universe out of which all else is created. Within this perspective, energy and consciousness are seen as one and the same. They are just perceived differently.

They exist is a duality and what you experience depends on how you focus your attention and awareness. Energy and consciousness are seen to exist much like the wave-particle duality of light found in physic and this energy consciousness can be experienced as energy, or as consciousness, depending on how one chooses to observe. If you focus inward, you experience the world of consciousness. If you focus outward you experience the world of energy.

Within this perspective, since everything is just seen as different manifestation of energy and consciousness, what we see and experience in the world of energy can give us tremendous information as to how consciousness works. Similarly, as we begin to understand our consciousness and how it works, we get valuable information as to what is giving rise to the world of energy we see and experience.

What animates and gives us life can be seen and experienced as a flow of energy or as a creative spirit. Our bodies and physical Creation can be seen as energy which has localized into a particular form or it can be seen as the creative spirit becoming locked and bound by its attachments. The attachments are not necessarily good or bad. Rather they are which hold the creative spirit in a particular form to have an experience of its creation. That is, we create through our attachments and through that on which consciousness holds the focus of its attention and awareness. Consciousness can hold the focus of its attention and awareness conscious, subconscious and unconscious.

There are a variety of discussion presented that address this concept and how and why it is possible to see these two concepts as interchangeable and equivalent. The following four discussion are probably the best starting point to understand what this energy consciousness model really means

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