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There exist a set of creative principles that govern our unlimited creativity and how a consciousness creates its experiences much like there are a set of principles that govern the way physical Creation works. In knowing and understanding these principles a consciousness is able to consciously create whatever it desires. In not knowing and/or not understanding these principles a consciousness will still create but it will do so nonconsciously.

On this point, it needs to be noted that the human being is a creativity machine that cannot not create. Most of what we create is done nonconsciously. It behooves each of us to become mindful and aware of the thoughts we have and the decisions we make if we are going to create a life worth living and one that can provide for an inner satisfaction.

The Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material provides one view of what this set of creative principles may looks like. The Creation Building Blocks have been created as a summary set of the more important principles. The recommendation is to allow effectiveness to be the measure of our truth and use whatever is effective to help us to create what we desire. But it need to be emphasized that we realize there on no judgments of what we create but there are consequences to our actions for the time and place in which we act. If we are unwilling to embrace the consequences, then should not act.

The issue we face is that to truly create we enter the unknown and will not necessarily know the consequences we face. Hence most continually recreate the past in a new way that to face that which is truly creative. The human experience is designed to recreate the past through the habits we form both mentally and in our body/muscle memory so that we need not face the anxiety of the unknown.

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