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On the points of calmness and inner bliss and joy, most of us have some idea of what a calmness within our being feels like. Most of us have been agitated and know what it feels like to be in an inner piece relative to our agitation. We all have probably observed an agitated pool of water with ripples and a calm pool of water with no ripples. Most of us have probably experienced the equivalent of these two states within our being.

However, this inner satisfaction and bliss is something different. It is not joy or pleasure as mind understands it. It is not joy, pleasure or happiness in contrast to pain. One can be in a deep inner bliss and inner satisfaction even when in pain. In fact, the inner satisfaction can make the pain understandable and tolerable.

What is it

Inner satisfaction can be described in several ways. It can bee seen as a calmness within our being and/or an inner satisfaction or contentment which can be characterized as bliss or joy, that never runs dry no matter what is happen in the external world. Some experience this inner satisfaction as: a fullness of being; an expansion of one’s being; an inner freedom; being full of life; a desire to engage life; a passion for life; being in "the flow;" or simply in a state of wonderment and "ah." Wonderment at how and what Creation really is and how it works such that one is in "ah." That is, all one can utter is "ah" at what they perceive.

All one can do having experienced this state is to find a way to share with another what one has found and/or create the space for another to experience it. Exactly what you experience and how you will experience it when you align with your creative spirit/creative life energy will be unique to you for you are a unique entity. The reason why what you experience will be unique to you is because of the nature of mind and discussed under the topic "Our Problem in accessing the source/Source - the Trap of Mind"

How do we obtain it

The key to inner satisfaction is an awareness. It is an awareness which gives rise to an inner satisfaction and bliss because we knows everything is fine the way it is, as it is and we are only playing a role in a larger creative process. In the awareness that everything is okay, our creative spirit knows it has the power to create something different and that better serves and expresses what we have come to believe about ourselves. As such, we can continually recreate ourselves and our world with a deep inner satisfaction and calmness such that we never has to leave the physical world or separate from it.

This in turn, creates the possibility of, and, is the heaven on earth that many of the mystic and mystical literature talks about. One does not have to spend years meditating to get there. We simply need to allow the creative spirit within our being to freely unfold. In doing so, we will almost instantaneously be able to achieve such a state of being. It is simply about freely and innocently surrendering to the flow of energy within our own being that gives one the fullness of being and gives us a passion for life and for living.

Contrary to what we have come to think and believe, creating inner satisfaction by or through actions of our mind cannot be done. If we could do it through the mind, we would already have it and have no need to create it. Inner satisfaction is obtained by aligning with, and surrendering to, the flow of our creative life energy.

Entering the most creative state  of being can provide this internal satisfaction, a bliss or joy, faster than mind could ever conceive. It provides a peace, calmness and clarity within our being as it unfolds. However, entering the most creative state is difficult for several reason. The reason tend to center around the lost of our ability to creatively play and that the last time most every experienced any state of being close to the most creative state was in a child’s body before sexual maturity. As a result, the issue of will most probably arise as an issue in attempting to return to the most creative state of being.

In lieu of entering the most creative state  of being, aligning with, and surrendering to, the flow of creative life energy that sustains our life through the internal compass is probably the second fastest way to find this inner satisfaction. The more we can surrender and align with the flow of energy giving rise to our creativity and play in that energy and follow it leads, the deeper we experience what it has to offer.

Paradoxically, the more passionate and energetic we become because of being enthused by this energy, we simultaneously move into a deeper and deeper calmness within our being as a result of this passion. In essence we move closer to the Source of Creation and from where the flow of energy within our bring arises. Some individuals spend years meditating to obtain an internal calmness and clarity similar to what is inherent within the unfolding of this creative life energy/creative spirit. Yet, it is readily available by simply aligning with the truth of our own being.

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