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Unlimited creativity is having the conscious awareness of the ability to create both the experiences we have and the reality of those experience. Unlimited creativity includes the ability to create whatever we desire. The question are, “How do we do it”“ and “Why are we so often unable to get what we desire if we have an unlimited creativity?”

The issue is creativity and the process of creation have been confused by many with what is really better considered as magic. In this regard there is a seeming magic in creation/Creation and the creative process but it is not what we think it is. Or, creativity has been confused with what many think creativity is as oppose to what it really is.

Additionally, when some individuals hear the worlds unlimited creativity and the ability to create whatever we desire they think we should be able to either instantaneously create health, wealth, abundance, power, beauty, pleasing individuals in our lives, joy, happiness and all the other things and attributes we desire. Or, if we can’t create them instantaneously, then at least in a very short period of time. Many desire a magic in life to give us what we want. Similarly we think we should be able to create things we attribute to what we consider God would create or should create. Common are such comments as, “If I had such a power why would I create ___” or “Why would I create pain in my life.”

This is not what unlimited creativity is about. Although it is possible to create all of these things and more, there are principles and conditions which must be met to manifest anything. Unlimited creativity is about learning and understanding the creation principles so that we can create whatever we desire. It is about learning how we create our experiences and, in fact, the reality of those experiences within the starting conditions we find ourselves.

An important point needs to be made here. We are beings of unlimited creativity able to create whatever we desire. However, what is not understood, is that we already are in the process of creating experiences in which we ourselves have chosen to participate. There is an intention for our life that is governing the experiences we have. In this sense we are a creative living process actively engaged in creating the experiences we have. Because of the nature of creation/Creation and the creation process, we have intentional limit our creative power in order to have an experience of creation/Creation as a human being for this time and place. The Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material is designed to help us unravel some of the mystery as to exactly how we do this. It is designed to access the creative ability and creative power to create to create something which better serves us and who and what we discover ourselves to be. 

Many have preconceived ideas as to what creativity and creative ability and creative power should be and should look like. Many are biased by the stories and myths that have been given to us in attempts to explain things that we cannot explain with our current thinking or our forefathers did not have the understanding to explain. Many think that if they have an unlimited creative power they would be able to do anything they want, any time they want, any way they way.

Although creativity is about manifesting what we want, when we want it, the way we want it, creativity is more about bringing into existence that which is original and not previously experienced. Knowing what we want, in the way we want it is to recreate the past. Knowing what we want is not about truly creating something. It is not about the new and never seen or experienced.. We can conceive of the new, the origin, the never seen and never experienced. That is one of the gifts of a creative imagination. However, creation and bring that new and original into existence is about stepping out of the past and our past thinking. Any thing that we desire that already exists is to recreate the past. Most what individuals call creating is recreation of the past in a new way. It is either their past or the past of another.

A true creative endeavor takes you into a world that does not exist. Mind only knows the past and what it has experienced. Mind has no way of really knowing what it will experience or how its desires will manifest when it enters a true creative endeavor. Anything that we think will happen is only the past presenting itself in the future and will not necessarily be what it will look like. To think something will occur spontaneous is the projection of the past. To think a creative endeavor will manifest in any particular way is only a projection of the past.

It talking about an unlimited creativity and the ability to create whatever we desire it needs to be understood that any creation is an unfoldment within a given environment. If the environment cannot support the unfoldment of the creation it will not manifest. A tropical plant found along the equator will not grow naturally near the polar regions of the planet. However we may be able to construct an artificial environment in a greenhouse where the soil, temperature and lighting are adjusted to create tropical conditions. Or, we could always flip the earth and put the poles at the equator. Of course building a greenhouse is a little easier for us to do.

In any creative endeavor we needs to understand the starting conditions under which the creation will unfold. The starting conditions may be unable to support what we desire in the given environment. That does not mean we cannot create it. It just means we may also have to change the environmental conditions. Some of our creative efforts will require changing the environment before our desired creation can manifest.

Similarly, although some creation appears to manifest spontaneously, all will undergo an unfoldment. They will following the rough process of a conception, gestation, birth, grown, death and dissolution. For reasons that are discussed, the reassembly into a new creation if often unseen and unrecognized. How fast any one creation occurs depends on what we desire to create and the condition in which we attempt to create it. For most of our creative efforts the hardest part will be two fold. One part is to create the correct “seed” or starting condition for which the creation will unfold. The other part is then to stand back stepping out of mind and not impose our thinking on the process but only nurture the true need of the creation, not what we think it needs.

Most individuals can easily come to comprehend how they can create particular experiences in the reality of the physical plane. For example, to create an experience of flying in an airplane, we only need to go and find an airplane in which to fly. In doing so, we create the experience of flying However, many find it very difficult to comprehend and/or understand that we can actually create a reality.

The individuals who dreamed of flying before humanity knew how to fly were dreaming a new reality. The individuals who created the first flying machines did, in fact, change the realty of what it means to be human. To know we have the ability to change the reality we experience is what it means to possess unlimited creativity. The only question is, “Do we wish to do the work to change the reality we experience or do we simply change yourself to fit the reality in which we find ourselves?” Most choose to change themselves to fit the reality in which they find themselves. Only those who dream and are willing to act on their dream change reality. Those who take the thoughts they create consciously or nonconsciously in their creative imagination and act to make them real become the creators of reality.

Some of the abilities that we can access will seem like magic to many individuals when in reality those abilities are only a reflection of the abilities that each of us already possess. If we listen to the mystics, they have talked about having the ability to create something from nothing. They talk as if it is some special or magical power. It is not. It is something we all inherently have the ability to do and most use it nonconsciously. We can all come to understand how to use this ability in consciousness.

Whenever we cause something that did not previously exist (no-thing) to come into existence we are creating something from nothing. The issue is what is the starting point for our creative endeavors out of which our creation will arise. Whatever the starting point, creation is ultimately about accessing the energy and channeling the energy into a particular form determined by mind and our beliefs structure to create an experience we desire. The key to understanding how it is possible to create something from nothing and believe that we have the power to do so.

To come to this belief and understanding of how it is possible for one to create something from nothing, one simply needs to observe nature. There are several phenomenon that can provide such an understanding. For example, “Creating an illusionary form - the vibrating string,” “The phenomenon of pair production” and simply how rain clouds seem to simply form out of nothing in the atmosphere.

Individuals who believe a problem can be solved view the problem very differently than those who do not think it can be solved. In believing something is possible, one actively looks for a way to create it. To not believe something causes one to disregard even the obvious evidence or way to create it. One simply sees and perceives differently depending on how and what they think and believe about any topic. Adopting the perception of approaching life with a creative attitude and that the experience of life offers unlimited possibilities to create whatever we desire will cause us to live life quite differently and allow us to see possibilities that did not seem to previously exist. The Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity will provide you with such a perspective.

Some thoughts as to whether or not you should believe what is stated here are provided in the discussion “Some results of the journey to find an alternative way.”

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