The issue inherent to creativity and the two issues of creating

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The issue inherent in creativity

The two issues in creating

The issue inherent in creativity (Top)

Creation is ultimately making a thought manifested in the physical world either by creating an object or an experience. In any creative endeavor, much of one’s inner creative work is done with and through our mind because mind is what determines where we place the focus of our attention and awareness and how strong we hold that focus to create our desired experience or object.

However, “to create” means to bring into existence something not previously existing or sufficiently different from the past to be original. To create means to enter the unknown where you have not gone before. But mind only knows the past. Mind only knows that which it has experienced. As such, mind will be of limited use in any truly creative endeavor no matter what it is. Although the wisdom of the mind can be of great benefit in a creative endeavor, it must be used in such a way that it does not interfere with what you desire to create.

Any truly creative effort is a journey into the unknown. To think you know what you need to do in a truly creative endeavor is a deception or illusion of mind that mind uses to keep itself safe. Creativity is about bringing into existence something new and previously unseen and not experienced or something significantly different from the past. As such, mind is of limited value. Mind is what you think, believe, and remember. If you look carefully at what mind knows, it only knows what it has experienced in the past. As such mind will always project the experiences it has had in the past to recreate the past. Because mind lives in the past, there are times that mind does not have the minimum set of past experiences to effectively and totally understand what it currently experiences.

The best mind can do is explore, construct experiments, and discover what it doesn't know about what you desire to create. Then as you obtain the minimum set of experiences and/or understandings about what you want to create, the mind can take what it has found to manifest what you desire. Relying on mind tends to be a "hit and miss" operation and is only effective when you are very systematic in the way you explore and construct experiments. No matter how systematic you are, your mind is prone to going off on what it thinks is the solution only to find itself diverted and lost.

More often than not, although mind does not know what to fear, it projects the past and fears the unknown will bring more of the same. More importantly, with or without fear, mind assumes the unknown will be like the past and continuous with it. Mind is then often surprised when the future is different than expected.

There is a much faster way to obtain that minimum set of experiences to create what you desire and that is to understand and use your intuitive guidance. Hence, from a creativity perspective where you are trying to create something or some experience that you have not previously experienced, at some time you will have to step out of what you think, believe and remember. Otherwise, mind becomes the limitation of your own making to your own creative efforts.

The two issues in creating (Top)

Consequently, the two issues to create are: (1) how do you get sufficient amount or supply of energy to create what you desire when you don’t know how much you will need and (2) how do you find that path or way through the unknown when mind is of limited value.

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