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Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Understanding


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Overview of Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Understanding
Who or what is responsible for what we experience
Our creative spirit and creative life energy
Nature of Creation overview
Our body consciousness
An awareness about what we feel
Our choice within creation/Creation
Finding inner satisfaction in life
There is perfection in how and what we create
A creation within a creation
The goal of life as found in the exploration of creativity
Ways to create
Possibility of a Gentle Phoenix for any creative endeavor
An ending thought
Items for consideration

The following discussion provides a brief overview of the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity understanding. It is by no means a complete as to what the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity understanding addresses. The basis for the statements made here are found within the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material. This is only a starting point. The real understanding can only be experienced. There is the need for us to do our own experiment with the concepts discussed here in our life if we wish to know their truth. 

If you are new to the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material, the recommendation is to start here and then move onto the discussion topic and/or application that best seem to fit your creative desire and do your own experiments.

Reading the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material may be totally unnecessary for you. This material is really about remembering something that is within each of us. If you understand the premise of this material and can remember exactly who and what you are, and can live that understanding, there is no need to read this material. You will already possess what this material has the possibility of providing. This material only provides a mental framework to understand what many intuitively know. If you have already remembered it, know it and experience it, don’t waste your time reading this material. Rather go create the reality and create the experiences of your

Creativity and the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Understanding is experienced as layers. In this regard, the overview below is presented in several sections. The layers that are revealed within this material is much the way you would peal the layers of an onion. However, the experience of pealing the layers is more as if we spiral around revisiting previously visited material and/or experiences at a deeper level. In any case the understanding is not linear and at times it seems there are huge leaps of faith that need to be taken until we have the minimum set of experience to understand why a seeming leap needed to be made. Nevertheless, to see the depth and breadth of what is implied here is too much to be believed by many within the view most currently have of our ourselves and Creation. In this regard, read what is said and simply allow it to digest within your being and allow it to arise from within your being as it needs to arise as your own understanding. Then it will be your understanding and not that of any other.

Who or what is responsible for what we experience (Top)

There is an ancient Arab proverb, “Trust in God but tether your camel” The Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material and understanding takes the underlying premise of this proverb to it full implications. There are things for which we are responsible for creating and there are things which humanity calls God is responsible for creation. The Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material explores and provides a way to see how much we really are responsible for creating and provides a way to take action on those aspects.

Using a creativity perspective and holding our creativity sacred to understand how we create our experiences, the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material provides an alternative to the traditional concepts of God. Or, maybe better said, it looks at the way the traditional concepts of God are used relative to our creative endeavors and provides an alternative. It does not deny the existence of the phenomena experienced by individuals that give rise to the concepts of God which humanity possesses. However, rather than allowing us to use God as the reason for what happens in our life, it puts everything on our shoulders as the creator of our experiences to
take responsibility for what we ourselves are creating or in which we agreed to participate at some level of our being.

The approach used in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material provides a way to see and understand how we are both the creator of the experience and the creation. It provides a way to see how we are simultaneously the creator and the experience of the creation. It provides a way for us to understand how we are, or can be the creator of everything that happens to us. We cannot go and blame God or look to God to fix what we don’t like in our life. We have to go and look within to see what could be causing the experiences we have internally and externally.

Whether or not this is a correct view of Creation actually doesn’t really matter. What does matters is the approach takes the focus off God and causes us to see what actually we ourselves are responsible for creating. Yes, there are things seemingly controlled by God or some external Force, Creative Power, or Entity we can call God. But we have a much bigger role in what we experience than most realize. As we can come to understand, we do create our experience and create the reality of those experiences. It is just that what we create is done so within a shared creation and we create within the rules of Physical Creation and the experiences possible within Physical Creation.

Our creative spirit and creative life energy (Top)

Within each of us exists what can best be described as a creative spirit. This creative spirit is reflective our true nature and our birthright. Our creative power and creative ability is an unlimited creativity. However, for reasons that are discussed, this unlimited creativity is not what we think it is. We are free to create whatever we desire to create. There are no judgments on what we create. The only judgments that do exist are those that we impose on ourselves for whatever reason. However, there are consequences of our choice for the time and place in which we make our choice. In order to have a physical experience as a human being, we have limited our creative power to that of thinking and believing we are human. We can create any experience we desire as long as we experience it within the human body until we leave the body.

This creative spirit can be experienced as a conscious awareness with the intent to create something in particular. Or it can be experienced as a flow of creative life energy unfolding within a existing creation/Creation. As long as we experience this creative spirit/flow of creative life energy as separate from who we have come to think we are, we will live in what seems to be separation. We will experience our lives as some how separate or removed from the source/Source of our being and from the Source of Creation. However, the experience of separation from the source/Source is the illusion of mind created by mind to create an experience its creation/Creation.

This creative spirit is what energizes and catalyzes our life. Its intention is what brought us into life and which sustains us giving us life. We will not find an inner satisfaction in what we do in life or a life worth living unless we are in some way fulfilling its intention for incarnating into a physical body. The awareness within the body that we perceive as our consciousness, is not of the body or in the body. The body is the creation of the awareness. The body is only a vehicle for an experience in the
physical plane. In this regard, our body is the perfect vehicle for the experience this creative spirit desired to have. Our being, especially the body it creates, is, in essence, a creativity machine. We cannot not create. Our very existence is a creation unfolding. As a creation unfolding, we are part of a larger creative process and not always able to see the process for what it is.

Nature of Creation overview (Top)

All reality is permeated by, or composed of, what can best be called energy consciousness. That is, energy is consciousness and consciousness is energy. This energy consciousness will form itself into whatever it desires simply by focusing its awareness and attention on what it desires. Creation is the expression and the experience of this flow of energy consciousness into the form consciousness desires. In this regard all Creation and any of its forms is a creative living process constantly shifting and evolving as consciousness changes how and what it thinks and desires. When consciousness is unfettered and free in its thinking, this entire process is felt and experienced by consciousness as the spontaneous and innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration of one’s own being. A free and unfettered consciousness lives in wonderment and Ah of its own creative abilities and is fully capable of mystifying itself as to what it creates.

The Consciousness of All That Is, that is, the consciousness which permeates all of Creation, has chosen to fractionate and fragment itself into an infinite number of parts or fragments through the illusion of mind/Mind. Our creative spirit is one of these parts or fragments and each has the possibility of awakening to the full awareness of All That Is as a Cosmic Consciousness. However the experience of Cosmic Consciousness is no better or worse than any other experience of Creation. Each experience is just an experience of an infinite number of possibilities.

Each of us are a unique expression of this energy consciousness. As such, we each are, and always will be, different than any other, yet we are inherently the same. Additionally since we are unique, our experience of Creation, our experience of this flow of energy consciousness, and how we express our energy consciousness will be unique and unlike anyone else. Consequently, we really can’t look to another for what we should expect to experience. There may be similarities but we each are very unique.

Our body consciousness (Top)

As a specific quantity of energy in the form of mass, within the energy consciousness model, our body is seen to have a consciousness, an awareness and a purpose unique to itself. It provides a particular unique view and experience of Physical Creation. The body is aligned with the intention of the physical plane and of Earth for that is where its essence comes from.

On this note, our body, as a vehicle for our consciousness to have a physical experience, is a unique aspect of our consciousness and represents the physical manifestation of our infinite being into Physical Creation. Yet, as a particular quantity of mass energy, it is a separate and independent consciousness unto itself having its needs and wants. It has a wisdom and awareness separate from our mind yet simultaneously it is one with our mind. In this regard we are a being that stands between two worlds. The world of unmanifested energy traditionally characterized as sprit, and the manifested physical world as you know and experience it.

Although both our mind and our body have the same experiences of life, our mind processes the experiences we have into an ego and the memories we hold that define the ego. The body processes the same experiences and memories into how it manifests our biology and how it feels. Body memories tend to be remember as feelings as opposed to images characteristic of mind although eventually the feeling will most probably be followed by images as the mind characterizes what it feels. In reality the mind and body are one. However, because the ego of mind is capable of transcending the life of the body and the body perceives energy differently than the ego, it is easier to look at the two as separate but simultaneous aspects of the same thing. It is much the way many traditions have separated the realm of spirit from the physical world when in fact there is no separation between them.

As a creativity machine our body can be run, and does run, on automatic programming. Or, we can learn to “play the body” much the way a musician would learn to play a musical instrument. To become a conscious creator of our lives we need to become a musician of creativity and see ourselves as a four string creative instrument in which our awareness needs to learn to play. As long as a our awareness is in a physical body, we are free to create anything that we choose as long a we do it in and/or through the physical body.

As said above, an unlimited creativity is inherent to our being as our birthright. This fact arises from the nature of Creation.

An awareness about what we feel (Top)

As a result of the way the energy consciousness model used in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material perceives the relationship between our creative spirit and our body, the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material about an awareness in what we feel, the information what lies within feeling, the body and how to use the body to access information. Especially access information within the feeling well beyond what mind knows. It is about using the body in the way it can be use as a vehicle of communication with the unseen world. Body awareness and using the body is what brought the Releasing Your Unlimited creativity into this world. To learn about this awareness about the body and to use it, we need to realize what the body has to offer as a unique and special vehicle. The body, what we feel and how to use the body and what we feel are the cornerstone of the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material and understanding.

The Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material is the business of the heart, the creative spirit within the heart and what we have incarnated to do and how to access that understanding. As Christ is reported to have said in the temple at age twelve to his human mother and father, “I must be about my Father’s business” that is, the business of God and the Creator and why he incarnated. That work, the business of life is encoded in the body and what it feels. The business of our life is why we have the life we do.

There is a clarity about what we need to do in life or with our life which comes in a knowing. The knowing is only accessible through feeling - the deepest feeling to which we can go. The feeling is associated with what gives us life, makes us feel alive with life and gives us fullness of being and fullness of life.  These feelings, unfortunately, arise and come through the body tending to enthuse the entire body. The feelings lie beyond the types and kinds of feelings which can arise in sex but are often similar because sex is related to creating and propagating life. Consequently, because there can be sexual overtones when the whole body is enthused with the feeling of the business of our life or the intention for our life, most never see this knowing or use it for the get diverted by the sexual feelings. 

Use of the body as a communication tool is something most are unable, unwilling and/or fear to accept and totally unwilling to use simply because to do requires us to be open to feeling. The reason for this is when we open ourselves to feeling we also open ourselves to the pain of life and most would rather numb, suppress or otherwise avoid any pain whatsoever even if they create an
addiction to avoid the pain. Yet there is a gift in pain if one understand the origins of pain. If one did open themselves to feeling and the body as that tool that it is, they would use it more and, most importantly, they would use it to pursue information that we need when we need it and use it to guide our life.

Additionally, in a culture and society dominated by the mind, much the way humanity is today, many do not want the awareness within the body for if we would truly know how to use the body, it would require us to be open to hearing is about the feminine and what the feminine really means. The body is a feminine vehicle for it sustains the creation created by the masculine consciousness which inhabits the body. But yet to use the feminine require us to surrender to the flow of energy. That requires us to be out of mind and all that it thinks, believes and fear.

Our choice within creation/Creation (Top)

Because energy consciousness forms itself by what it thinks and desires, we have a free will. We can choose to live true to the flow of energy within our being that originally created us and is sustaining us and express the uniqueness of this flow, or we can form ourselves into whatever we choose. We can literally and figurative copy and/or mimic another to the smallest detail and we do so all the time. In fact, each of has have copied and mimicked what we perceive to be “a human being.”

We are capable of creating any experience we wish simply by focusing our
attention and awareness on the experience we wish to have. In doing so, our energy instantaneously shifts to start flowing into that new form. It may take a while for the existing form to totally dissolves and reform into what we desires but nevertheless the shift occurs instantaneously. As experienced from within the flow of energy, it may be perceived as if it is taking an eternity to form what we desire when, in reality, it is instantaneously changing.

As this creative spirit, we are a consciousness experiencing a creation within a creation, namely Physical Creation. As consciousness, fulfilling the role of consciousness within the creative process, we direct the creative life energy that sustains our being to create an experience of that on which we focus our
attention and awareness. In essence our creative life energy will mold itself to give us the experience corresponding to our focus. More importantly, it is our conscious or nonconscious intention that is the focal point and determines where our energy goes. It is not necessarily the object, person or situation on which we focus. Rather (this is the critical piece) it is the intention behind the focus.

Finding inner satisfaction in life (Top)

No matter what we create and what experiences we have, no matter how pleasant it may be, we only achieves a lasting inner satisfaction, internal bliss and joy that never runs dry no matter what is happening in the external world only when we live true, and in fully alignment with, the flow of energy within our being. The more we are focused on, and in alignment with, the unique flow of energy within our being, the greater the satisfaction we have and the greater the passion for life and for living. The more we are focused on creating outside this flow the greater the dissatisfaction with life and that dissatisfaction can be expressed in a multitude of ways including depression, loneliness, alienation, anger, frustration, uncertainty, anxiety, tiredness, accident, illness, separation, fear, and any other descriptive term that is not an embracement of life and which exemplifies a passion for living. Here again, because we are a unique expression of this energy consciousness, what will give me an internal bliss and joy that never runs dry will not necessarily be the same as you or anyone else.

In this regard, we each have an internal compass that will always read true and the compass we have is the feeling we have for life and for living. We simply needs to look inside ourselves and become aware of what we are feeling. Our feelings will tell them when they are moving into, or out of, alignment with the flow of our creative life energy. The greater the alignment, the greater the passion and energy for life and for living we feel. The greater the creative ability we access to keep us in alignment. The less we are aligned with, and living true to, the flow of our creative life energy, the less enthusiasm we have for life. In fact, it can become so extreme we simply “want out” of life itself.

Unless we are able to feel and be open to our feelings and subtle body sensation, we will be unable to use our internal compass. Unfortunately, we all have experienced the pain and suffering of life. In experiencing the pain of life, we raise the threshold of our feelings. Each time we feel pain and/or the flow of our creative life energy is thwarted, we become a little more less sensitive. If the pain is too great, we numb the pain or suppress it though some type of addiction whether it be thinking so as to not feel, or some substance or distraction in life to take us away from what we perceive is painful. To effectively use our internal compass we will have to be open to feeling and regain the feelings and body sensations that we have shut down because we have raised the threshold of feelings so as to not experience the pain of life.

Since it will take time to regain feelings and body sensations, an alternative simply rule we can use to check our alignment in addition to our feelings is how much of what we do in life is experienced as the spontaneous and innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration. If we are not in wonderment and Ah at the unfoldment of Creation in all we experience we are not in alignment with the flow of our creative life energy. We will always have a mind and we will always be processing what we experience through our mind. The question is, “Is the thinking of mind rendered inactive and motionless because we are experiencing wonderment and Ah in the spontaneous and innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration or is mind dissatisfied with what is for one reason or another?”

When mind is inactive and motionless, our intuitive guidance and body wisdom will always be available to guide us so as to be in alignment with the flow of our creative life energy. We simply need to stay out of mind and its judgments and opinions allowing the intuitive guidance and body wisdom to lead. Then use mind to figure out how to make possible honor what the intuitive guidance and body wisdom directs.

There is perfection in how and what we create (Top)

As a consciousness directing its creative life energy into the experience we desire at some level of our being we already are perfect. We are the perfect expression of the beliefs that we hold and choices we have made. There is no evolution and growth of our consciousness unless we believe it to be so. We already are. There is no lesson to learn unless we believe there is a lesson. Our awareness always was, is, and will be. We are simply consciousness at play with itself.

We already are perfect and the perfect expression of what consciousness has desired to create. We are free to change what we are experiencing to whatever we wish. There are no judgments on what we choose. We only need to be aware there will be consequences for whatever we create and those consequences can extend into every level of reality for all is interconnected. We only need to
take responsibility for our creation and whatever it manifests. There is no one to blame but ourselves for what we experience. We have the option to be in bliss and joy every moment in our life if we choose to have it and do what is necessary to create it. The choice is, has been, and always will be, ours.

As a fragment of the infinite consciousness which fragmented itself, we can, awaken to a seemingly “greater” awareness and experience what appears to be an expansion of our awareness. Or, we can go into a deeper and deeper sleep becoming less and less aware. In going to sleep we can literally go to sleep as we would at night or we can go to sleep by experiencing a contraction or shirking of our awareness. We experience a contraction or shrinking by participating in experience that do not effectively serves us and allow us to live the fullness of our being

Give the nature of energy and the cause effect relationship of how energy flows, there is a cause and a reason for what is and what we experience. As a fragment of this infinite consciousness, we can ask ourselves and surface within our body wisdom and intuitive guidance why we have created, or at least agreed to participate in, the experiences that we have. We have a
choice to live as we are fully experiencing who and what we are as we currently believe based on our enculturated mind. Or, we can find out why we believe what we do and think the way we do that is resulting in creating the reality we are experiencing at any moment in time.

A creation within a creation (Top)

Being within a creation, the energy that sustains us in physical form flows within the larger intention. This larger intention is that which created the Physical Creation we experience and sustains the physical plane. In this regard, we are like a small self powered motor boat (our consciousness) flowing within a vast river or ocean (the intention behind Creation). We are pulled along by its currents. If we have little or no understanding and power to create (small or weak motor), we will be totally subject to the larger current. If we have the understanding and a powerful ability to create (a large and powerful motor), we can possibly muster the energy to go totally against the current and go in our own direction. However, if we choose to go against the larger current, we should ask the question, “What am I doing in this larger current of Creation in the first place - I may have something I wished to accomplish?” In almost all cases, the answer we receive is important to us.

physical plane, earth in particular, although composed of energy both as energy and as mass, has a consciousness, an awareness and a purpose unto itself. Additionally, each of us are important to this Creation or otherwise we would not be here. The earth does quite well with us or without our presence. The question is, “Why are we here - what do we bring or take from the experience Physical Creation is having?”

What needs to be understood is that the Creation we see before us is independent of us. It runs well without our presence. How it manifest around us is our creation and shared with Creation. To make changes in the way the earth is manifesting and unfolding, unless we understands and access the consciousness of earth, we must make all the changes as energy transformations evolving, or changing the existing form, whether it be mass or energy, into something new.

The goal of life as found in the exploration of creativity (Top)

Having explored our inherent creativity contained with our birthright, within the creativity perspective of life, the goal of life is seemingly paradoxical. It is simultaneously be both the creator and the creation. It is to expand into the infinity of our own being while becoming like the wind free of attachments as the creator. Yet, it is to hold what we desire to experience with the passion which a drowning person has for air and surrendering to the experience we desire as the creation.

It is to know a part of us must become bound to experience the experiences we desire to have. Yet it is to know we are the creator/Creator becoming the creation/Creation for the experience of our creation/Creation. The way we free ourselves from remaining bound is to explore the infinity of our own being, holding our creativity sacred and be free to move into an exploration of the infinity we find and we experience the creation we desire to have.

The way to do this is to have a very clear intention as to what we desire to create and to have pulled the string to understand why we desire the experience we do. It is then to transcend the limits and barriers of our own thinking and beliefs exploring the infinity of our own being to both move into the experience we desire and yet move through the experience like the wind savoring each moment but free of attachment to any aspect of the experience.

Ways to create (Top)

As a consciousness within a creation, we have three ways of creating available to us. One is to create solely through the power of our consciousness to mold our reality into whatever on which we focuses our attention and awareness. The second is to work with the creative principles of earth itself and follow the rules governing the Physical Creation and the planet earth. The third is to use a combination of both. The Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity approach give the understanding and all you do is choose how you wish to use it. There are five primary ways to use this material. Each is discussed separately in the associated hyperlinks. They are:

Free and obtain the necessary energy and a pathway to create what we desire
Create an alternative way to live life
Recreate our life
Explore the depth and breadth of our unlimited creativity
Recreate our life based on what we find in our exploration of our unlimited creativity

Possibility of a Gentle Phoenix for any creative endeavor (Top)

The conscious journey of exploration into creativity eventually lead to looking for an alternative way to live life. An alternative way that could provided a greater inner satisfaction and satisfaction in life than what most seemed to be experiencing. Such a way was found. It is reflected in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material and its applications.

Although every truly creative endeavor requires a sacrifice, one of the more profound findings was the possibility of creating a “gentle” phoenix in, and for, any creative endeavor we undertake. This includes the possibility of creating a gentle phoenix in recreating our lives, and/or access
Nirvana without the need to transcend Physical Creation and doing so in one life time, and/or accessing Heaven, that Kingdom of God, here and now without the need for dying. To create such a gentle phoenix, it all reduces to what exactly do we wish to experience in life and what price are we willing to pay to achieve it.

An ending thought (Top)

To determine if the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material is for you, if there is anything of value in this material for you, and/or this approach is for you, there are two tests you can perform. One is a feeling test. The other is a mental test. They can be found in the topic, “Is Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity for you.”

Items for consideration (Top)
How do I feel after reading this information?
So what does all this mean? Is it true?

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Implications of the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity understanding
Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity applications

Comment about the journey of exploration of our inherent creativity and the depth and breadth of our creativity

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