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An issue we all deed to face in relation to our creativity is whether or not we believe we truly have a free will or we are a puppet on a string. There are a variety of issue here but it all boils down to what we choose to believe and are we willing to follow what we believe to its full implications.

To truly have a free will, we are free to create whatever we choose to create and there are not judgments on what we create. There may be consequences for what we choose for the time and place we choose to create what we do, but there are no judgments.

To be a puppet on a string is to have no free will. A puppet on a string is a puppet that only moves when the puppeteer pulls and the puppet can only move in the way its string is pulled. To be puppet on a string is to have no free will and be totally at the mercy of the puppeteer, whomever the puppeteer may be. We may think we are moving with in a free will but in reality we are totally controlled by a puppeteer.

Many believe we have what would best be called a “limited” free will. That is, we are free to do some things but not others. Some believe this because of what they have been told or what they read in one or more “sacred” book. Others believe this because there are things we cannot do in life. Their logic is that if we truly had a free will there would be nothing we couldn’t do. Additionally many say if we had a free will we would not create such things a illness, sickness and the like.

Little consideration is given to the fact we are a creation within creation and we have freely limited our creative power to have an experience of physical Creation. We fail to realize what exactly does it mean to be physical. Of course, no one can convince another that we are creations within a creation. We all need to come to this realization in our own way.

In any case, to be limited in any way where we have not chosen the limit is to not have a free will. If we don’t have a free will, then there is no need to worry about anything for everything is under the control of some other and we are at their mercy.

Now what is important is that if we believe we have a free will, we will perceive Creation quite differently than if we feel we are a puppet on a string. That different in perception will allow us to see and find options and more creative power than we could ever imagine possible.

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