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From a creativity perspective, victim consciousness, or a victim mentality, is to give away our creative power and/or deny our creative ability in a way that does not serves us. It is to think and believe anything or anyone is responsible for what we experience when we are in some way, ultimately responsible. We allow something other than our own awareness to take control over our life.

From the dictionary perspective, a victim is typically seed as one who is killed, injured, or subjected to suffering. Or, it is one who is swindled or tricked. They are duped into actions that do not serve them. Or a victim is a living creature sacrificed to some deity or as a religious rite or someone sacrificed for a cause.

To be conscious of something is to be aware of something, mentally awake to something or somehow internally known. In this regard, victim consciousness is about being aware and awake to the fact and/or internally knowing that in some way, our life is not our own and it is controlled by circumstances seemingly outside of our power to control. We in some way perceive our lives being sacrificed by, or for, the interests of other. What is important out victim consciousness is that, more often than not, it is a subconscious perception and understanding. It runs as an undercurrent in our life and shadows and influences all our creative activities.

As a subconscious condition, we are not aware of exactly what is causing us to feel like we are a victim but we are aware that for some reason we cannot access the creative power we need to create what we desire. Or, for some reason or another, what we desire in life eludes us or is continually being taken away from us. In one way or another our creative power and creative ability in some way seems to be being held hostage by someone or something thing. The victim consciousness is simply holding the belief that we are, or have been, a victim.

There are reasons for this victim consciousness and we do not remember the conditions that first caused us to assume or take on a victim consciousness. When we have an experience of victimization we feel that someone external to us causes our pain.

From a creativity perspective, victim consciousness is about not realizing that our creative life energy flows to create an experience of where we focus or attention and awareness. Victim consciousness exists wherever and whenever we unwilling shift the focus of our attention and awareness on something we do not choose on which to focus. Rather, we are forced or significantly influenced, consciously, subconsciously, or unconsciously, by some outside forced in some way to focus our attention and awareness the way we do. Additionally, we can have a victim consciousness at any level of our being, spiritual, mental, emotional or physical or in parts of our being. That is, we free to create what we desire up to a point and then something does not allows us to create beyond that point.

A victim consciousness can be created though the use of force and violence, gentle persuasion or the granting and/or withhold of things that are needed and/or desired, especially things of pleasure. For example, membership in, and acceptance or denial of such acceptance by, one’s tribe, family and/or society are routinely used to create a victim consciousness. Something this unintentionally but it is often done intentionally. When one has a victim consciousness, we identify with the external world and we work to define and to protect who and what we come to think we are based on the external world.

The creativity perspective is a perspective where we hold our creativity sacred. It is to embrace the depth and breadth of our creative power and creative ability. It is to see and understand how it is possible that we are the creator of the experiences we have and the reality of those experiences. It does not deny that there is a Creator of the world we experience which we can call God if we choose. But it is to see that we are creations within Creation and that we have a free will. We are free to create whatever we choose to create within the bound of Physical Creation. There is no judgement on what we create. However, there are consequences on our actions and what we create for the time and place of our creation. If there were any judgement on what we create we would not have a free will. We would not be free to choose and, in many ways we would only be puppets on a string.

To act from the depth and breadth of our creative power and creative ability is act with the understanding that we create our experiences and the reality of those experiences. Those in our life are only there to give us the experiences we desire. If we do not like the people in our life, we must go within and ask, “How is what I think and believe about life causing me to have the experiences I have?” Then, as we reveal to ourselves what is causing our experiences, we can change what is giving rise to what we experience. If we blame others for what we experience in life but do not take responsibility for creating at some level of our being the desire for the experience which they provide, we simply create a victim consciousness and put our creativity into a prison or cage of our own making.

What needs to be remembered is that we are a creation within Creation. We have agreed to participate and change with the flow of Creation. We allow things to happen to us for the experience of Creation as it currently exists. Sometimes we like what we experience, some we don’t like it. But the fact that we agreed to participate in Creation does not make us a victim of creation nor does it rob is of our creative power. We are not powerless. We only need to go within and explore as to why we have chosen the type and kind of experiences that we do.

Our enculturated programming and experiences in life have a significant influence on how we are responding to the world. We tend to be in a victim consciousness we think and believe we are at the mercy of them. When we meet the world on its terms as a creation. It is the cause of what we experience. Here we tend to have more of victim consciousness where we are at the mercy of creation. In essence the world tells us, ‘This is who and what you are and this is what I, the world, wants from you.” We, of course, believe what we see external to us and give the world what it demands of us.

Victim consciousness is not to see pain for what it is. Pain arises to warn of the hazard. However, much of the pain we feel the pain is because we continually put emotional energy into the attachment that must leave our life rather than letting it go. It needs to be remembered in any creative endeavor, and our life is a creative endeavor, there is the sacrifice of creation. Some of the existing form must be sacrificed to make room for the new. If we don’t let go of what we need to let go, we simply create pain and interfere with our own creation.

If we don’t let go of what we need to let go, slowly over time we create what appears to be a pearl with pain. That is, the irritant which causes pain becomes coated with the emotional energy. However that energy, if not released, gives birth to a life of its own and the pearl turns into a egg which hatches into a monster in our life. When then think we need to fear pain and the what is causes to happen in our life. The fear of pain begin to control our life and we run from the pain never looking at the attachment what causes the pain to arise in the first place. In doing so, we create that victim consciousness and give our creative power away. We run form the external threat rather than looking at the true hazard that is present. We do not necessarily need to cause ourselves pain if we can begin to view from a creativity perspective and hold our creativity sacred. We need to allow our creative spirit and the flow of our creative life energy that sustains us to experience true freedom. That is to become like the wind - coming with no attachments and leaving with no attachments.

Ultimately the most important issue we will face relative to our creative ability and probably the most difficult and, in some ways, frightening. is “where do we currently believe the creative power/Creative Power of the universe lies and why do you believe what we do?” It is the answer to this question that determines whether or not we possess a victim consciousness and whether or not we have given our creative power away to an any thing other than ourselves, whether that other be animate or inanimate.

Most of us view our life events as things that happen to us. That in turn leads to a victim consciousness about life. From a creativity perspective, we can pull the string and ask a series of “why” questions beginning with, “Why would I create or agree to participate in such an event?” You don’t have to believe we actually created the event but what we will see is how circumstances caused the event. In that understanding we can being to see how we do have options for our life that we had not previously considered. That in turn, makes all the difference and become the first step in becoming a conscious creator. That is we see options and have the choice to try or not try to pursue those options.

When faced with an undesirable experience or condition we need to go within and explore deep within our own consciousness to see what is creating it for our inner world is reflective of the outer. We need to transcend the idea we are our body or we are a spirit having a physical experience. We need to give up the belief that we are being held prisoner or captive by something, or someone whether it be a person, a virus or bacteria relative to an illness, or even God, in any way. We need to embrace the idea that we are perfect creators. We have created the condition we experience because of something we consciously, subconsciously, or unconsciously think and believe and or we are participating in something in which we agreed to participate. In dong so, we escape victim consciousness and a victim mentality and open the doors to accessing and releasing your unlimited creativity.

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