An exercise on surrender 

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The concept of pulling the string come from pulling a loose thread on a sweater or a seam on a garment only to have the sweater or garment come apart. Relative to our creative activities, it refers to pursuing the cause or reason for an anomaly by continually asking why the situation exist as it does. Pulling the string is to follow a lead which present itself to us to its end regardless of how ridiculous our mind might think about lead and where it is taking us. Pulling the string requires surrender.

What we experience in this process of continually pulling the string is a form of surrender not unlike how we need to surrender to the feeling within our being to follow the flow of energy giving rise to our creation.


Pull the string on something which present itself to us until the root cause is found. It is to continually as ask why we receive the answer we do when we pull the string at any given level. Become aware of what you feel in the process and how little control you have over the next question to be asked and answered. Observe were surrendering takes you in pulling the string on an issue.

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