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The life map is a way to tell the story of our life. The life map is created by symbolically drawing the events of our life and arranging them as a map. The map takes us from some point in the past to where we are now. It is a way to help us to see how the events in our life are connect. It allows us to see how the choices in our life unfold.

Any creative endeavor starts here and now. However, often we find our memories and our way of being in the world rob of us the creative power we need to create what we desire. There are many creative endeavors which we can undertake that will require us to go back and reclaim our creative power where we have giving it away and/or continue to give it a way for one reason or another. In many was we have to go back undergo a soul retrieval. We need to retrieve those parts of our being, those parts of our life that have been taken from us.

Telling our story to someone is often an effective way to become aware of where we have given our power away. Symbolically drawing the events in our life and putting them together as a map allows us to access a deeper understanding about those event than simply talking about them.

The past is only the story we tell. The story we tell may, or may not, reflect events as they happened. However, it really doesn’t matter what story we tell for it is rare that we can express all sides to an event in our life. The point is, rather that the story we tell, our story should be told in a way that empowers us to create the experiences that severs us in a way that is most beneficial for the being that we think and believe we are. We are free to tell whatever story we wish We only need to understand if our story allows us to grow and expand, discovering and exploring the true depth and breath of our own being. Or, the story we tell confines us and limits us to a cage of our own making. That is, a cage of what we think and believe as opposed to that truth of what is. Each of us are free to live in a cage or fly and soar in an unlimited sky. The choice is, was, and always will be, ours to make

For creativity endeavors, review of life events through a life map is about evaluating where we have made our choices in life and where there were significant events that changed our life. The life map helps us to see how events have unfolded in our life and are connected to one another. In seeing the connection they help us to surface the cause of those events and what lies at the root of how and why we have given our creative power away.

One thing a life map offers is a way to retell the story of our in a more empowering way. We can use one set of symbols to tell our story. Then we can reject those symbols and tell the evens in our life with a new set of symbols and in a more empowering way. As we see the key events and the story we tell about those events, we can ask ourselves to see another way to tell the story--a way that empowers our creative ability and moves us toward the feeling of what we wish to create. We use all the same events but tell our story in a different way and in a way that empowers us. If we can’t think of another way to tell our story, we can always ask to see another way and one will come to us.

Using the life map

It is recommended you draw a life map. In reviewing the life map, identify what experiences you have had where another has awakened you to some new aspect of your being. List their names if you remember it. Also in doing this exercise and keeping with the energy consciousness view of Creation, consider the earth as a consciousness. If you had an experience of nature in some way that allowed you to find a part of yourself or experience a part of yourself you did not recognize you had, you should list the earth as one who has awakened you.

Discuss and talk about the story you are tell within the map you have drawn with another. After you have fully discussed your life map in this manner, look to see if there are any changes you wish to make in either the way you have drawn your life or in how you now wish to tell your story. If so, note the changes. You don’t have to redraw your life map but you should note the changes you would now make in your map and the changes in the story you tell.

Consider what other ways you could draw a map of your life. Draw it in this new way. Now tell your story again to another. How is it different than the first time you told it. Look to see how fixed your memory is about events or are you will to change how you perceive them? Notices how the symbols you use can change the perception of the events you describe. Look to see a way of telling your story that provides you access to the greatest creative power.

To draw your life map there are several topics which can help you to surface the information to put on your life map. The are provided through the hyperlinks below.

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