A cage of one's own making


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A cage of our own making
A cage created by mind

Mind is the property of consciousness that hold the memories of the experiences of consciousness. Mind synthesizes and assimilates all that has been experienced into a view or perspective from which consciousness perceives Creation. Based on that perspective, consciousness makes choices, decisions, judgments and the like. These choices, decisions, and judgements, in turn, determine what consciousness experiences. The experience consciousness has then provides input to mind to assimilate the experience. This new experience causes mind to either change or strengthen the perspective it has. If you think about this process for a moment, you can see how very quickly mind can cause consciousness to develop a very narrow and fixed view of Creation. This in turn, creates a mind set which becomes a cage that mind has created that keeps our creative spirit captive.

We create a cage of our own making by our likes and dislikes. We create space in our life by our likes and bars in our life by our dislikes. In time, those spaces and bars become a cage. If we were allowed to stay in what we have crated we would become extremely narrow and confined. Death itself offers a way out of our cage. However, we do not need to wait until we die. We simply need to die to the ego we have created much like the mythical Phoenix.

Probably the greatest realization we can have is that we are an infinitely creative beings and possess an unlimited creativity to create whatever we desire. We limit our creativity for the purpose of having an experience of our chosen creation. There is the need to forget exactly how we have created the experience we are having. Otherwise we will not necessarily allow ourselves to have the experience.

For example, to have the experience of being lost, we have to become truly lose. We have to have no hope of finding our way out or otherwise we would not be lost and have the experience of being lost. If we are infinitely creative beings, to allow ourselves to have such an experience we have to limited our creative power. In essence, we have to cage our creative ability such that we allow ourselves to have the experience we desire. We cannot allow our creativity to come in and create something different every time we donít like something. If we did that, we would never have the experiences we desire to have - both the good and bad points of any experience.

We cannot truly appreciate the beauty of spring and the life that blossoms forth in spring unless we have the contrast of winter. We need the contract of the pleasurable and not so pleasurable. To allow our creative power to step into every situation where something is just not right based on mindís opinion, would create lives that were very bland and stagnant with little contracts. Quite simply they would be boring. There would be little energy flowing for mind would continually interject itself to prevent any flow of energy that would be perceived as undesirable. Under the right conditions, everything can be perceived desirable and under the right conditions every thing can be perceived as undesirable. So in time, our mind would simply cause the energy of creation to stop flowing.

To get around this issue, we put our creativity in cage of our own making. We do it two ways but each way we do it utilizes the same method. One way we put our creativity in a cage is through awareness and the other way is through lack of awareness.

Awareness and enlightenment is about learning to see how we are ultimately consciousness at play with itself. But how does consciousness play with itself. It chooses to create an experience as the creator and then adopts a view from within the creation and allows itself to become lost in the creation. For example, choose any sport - baseball, soccer, tennis, whatever. We choose to play a game with certain rules. We enter the game and being to play. If we allow ourselves, we can become so immersed in the game, we believe it is important. We begin to compete with the other players. We being to believe we must win or somehow we become less of an individual. It time we can become totally consumed in needing to win and/or improve our performance that we forget the whole game is just something we invented and in which we agreed to participate.

Whatever we experience in life, we created it or we agreed to participate in it. To do so, we deny a part of our creativity and lock it away and make it inaccessible. But we have the key. We know why we locked it away and we know how we locked it up. The question is whether or not we stop to realize we have only lost ourselves in the experience we desired to have for the purpose of having the experience. In stopping to realize that, when can then ask ourselves if we have finished the experience we desired to have and have achieved what we set out to do. If so, it is time to end the experience and move onto something else. If not, we can continue the experience.

But such a decision cannot be made based on the enculturated mind and ego. They are the creation of the experience. We have to access the deeper part of ourselves that allows us to transcend this lifetime and see exactly what we desire to accomplish with the experience we are having. We do this through the detached witness and look to see why we have created what we have and look at the intention for our life.

The other was we put our creativity in a cage of our own making is through a lack of awareness of how mind works and to believe the mind. We put our creativity in a cage when we deny its existence. When we are unaware if its existence we cannot claim our birthright. When we believe we do not have the creative power we need to create something different, we donít.

One of the most important things to realize about creativity is that mind only knows the past. It will characterize whatever it perceives, including the energy giving rise to the thoughts we have, based on the experiences it has had. This means that any thought we have is not necessarily accurate. The more what experience is like the past, the more our mind properly characterizes what we experience. However, the more what we experience is not like the past, the more inaccurate our mind becomes at characterizing what we experience.

To create means to bring into existence something not previously experienced or significantly different from the past. Consequently, anything mind thinks about what needs to be done and/or its characterization of the energy we feel leading us into creative endeavors will be inaccurate. It is essential that we learn to play with and explore the creative thoughts we have to get some idea as to how and where it may be inaccurate. However, most of us have been thwarted early in life when we stepped out to explore ourselves and our world. We either suffered pain or felt the control of our early care gives as to what is considered right and wrong. As a result, we developed response patterns of life to protect ourselves and we learned to control our explorations. We no longer felt free to step out and challenge the prevailing authorities. We respond to life based on the past and continually hold ourselves bound to that past. The mind which created the problem we face and wish to solve is not the mind that will solve the problem. It canít, it create the problem.

To break out of the cage here, we must be willing to explore how and why we lost our freedom to play. How and why did we lose ourselves in the creation we were experiencing. To so this, we must look to what we feel. Feeling is the source of our creative power/Creative Power. We do not act on anything unless we have some feeling about it and some feeling to act. As such we must look to the feeling that allows us to feel an expansion within our being.

If we are beings of infinite creativity, we can feel such a infinite creative power flow through us. To regain our creative power, we simply need to move toward feeling that expansive power. In opening ourselves to what we feel, we will find there is pain we have avoided feeling in the past. Avoiding the feelings of pain of the past keeps us from accessing the depth and breadth of our creative power/Creative Power. Avoidance of pain of the past or fear of recreating pain of the past is a cage of our own making that keeps our creativity bound.

How and what we think and believe determines if our creative life energy is free or not free to flow into any idea we may hold. Sometimes nothing blocks the free flow of our energy and we are totally free to express ourselves. At other times, our mind prevents the free flow of our energy and the energy must be called forth from something external to us or we must rearrange our thinking to allow it to flow.

It needs to be realized heaven and hell are here and now. If we are in heaven, our creative life energy is free and it is available to create whatever we desire. If we are in hell, we cannot free our energy and we are stuck in the past. We have little freedom to create something new. Yet, hell is only a cage of our own making. No one holds us to the past but ourselves. We hold the key to our own freedom or imprisonment. No one can unlock the door to our cage but ourselves. Each death gives us the opportunity to let go and become free.

The recommendation made here is to call forth your creative spirit and give it permission to come out and freely express itself. Become aware of where it is not free or afraid to express itself. In those areas ask your intuitive guidance what you need to do to allow your creative spirit to freely express itself. Then honor the intuitive guidance you get knowing that you are an infinitely creative being only choose to recreate yourself much like the mythical phoenix.

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