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Question about our essence are those questions that allow us to look at the essence of our being and to access what is symbolized in the heart or lies at the source/Source of our being. The answer to these questions endure time. That is, their answer apply over the range of our life from early childhood through old age. When we have answered the questions from the depth of our being, we find the answers rarely change over time. If they do change, usually it is a deep and more profound truth of our being that is revealed.

This exercise can be done solely as an exploration into one’s own essence or in conjunction with some other effort such as the life map or writing your eulogy.

There are no right or wrong answers to these questions. They are your answers. You can expect some of them to change over time as you move deeper into yourself. In this regard, if some don’t change, you are probably not moving into a greater more expanding understanding of yourself. After all, we are infinitely creative being.

In answering these questions, you can expect them to take you into your memories and experiences. They will help give you a clear and deep sense of where you have been, what you have come to know and why. Your answers will allow you to see how you have touched life and how life has touched you. You need not answer these questions in order. You may find it easier to jump around as each answers leads you to a better understanding of some other answer. And of course, you are free to change your answer. Each answer should be three or four sentences.

Who are you? [To answer this question you may want to visit the related topic, “Who am I questions”]

How do you see yourself in the world?

What image/identity do you project into the world and is that image/identity the real you?

What do you seek in life?

What do you seek from life?

What do you love?

What or where is your passion?

What do you offer yourself in life?

What do you offer to the world?

What do you need from yourself?

What do you need from the world?

What do you want from the world?

What is your sadness?

What is your joy?

What do you fear?

What is your fear?

What is your hope?

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