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It needs to be understood, we are unique. No two individuals will ever experience the same thing in the same way. Even if two individuals are standing together at the same time and same place experiencing they same thing. Each will have a different perception of what was experienced. Part of their perception will be based on their past and part will based on their body and how it responds to its environment or conditions it experiences. So, the information we get from another to create something maybe very useful but it may also be misleading.

This is neither good nor bad just something of which to be aware. The more we create something based solely on the same commonly agreed upon and experienced principles, like physics or chemistry, the less our personal perception becomes an issue. However, anything that is based on an inner interpretation or experience the greater the variation as to what can be expected. For example medicine. Medicine is based on a normal distribution of how a population responds to a treatment. There is a variation in what is considered normal and exactly how we respond to the treatment may or may not follow the normal and may even lie outside what is considered normal. Things like medicine will probably always be a practice as much as it is a science simply because of the variability of he individual human being. When we move into creating internal experiences, like those found in religion, spirituality and mysticism, the variation can even be greater.

If we look at the lessons learned and experiences of others, we need to be assure the intention which governed the experiences they had correspond with our intention. Learning a martial art to defend oneself provides an experience somewhat different than if our intention is to learn a martial art simply for physical fitness. Similarly, doing certain mystical, spiritual or religious exercises to access understanding provides a different type of experience that doing such exercise for the intent of accessing power of the unseen or to control others. We need to realize our intention has a great influence on what we experience and the information we access and can learn. We need to be very aware of our intentions when we use the experiences of others to see if what we are using is really as applicable as we think.

The experiences and lessons learned from others can be of great benefit. They can gives a way to make many of our creative endeavors and creative efforts faster, easier and gentler. However, we still need to do our own experiments and look to effectiveness as a measure of truth.

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