A world unto our self - creating an entire universe

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A world unto our self - independent realities

A common introduction

The basic essentials and concepts supporting the concept of a world unto our self are found in the topic, "The basic essentials and "physics" of: A world unto our self, World of the other, World of Om, Shared Realities, Creation within Creation." It is recommended this file be reviewed before preceding. However, the key points are as follows:

  • Each individuated consciousness is independent and a separate reality. No one will experience a situation or event like we do even if they are right there with us sharing the event. That is what it means to be unique.

  • The only truth of which we can be certain is our truth. That is, what we ourselves feel, experience and understand. It is the truth that, we ourselves, have experienced.

  • Remembering that a consciousness defines itself by the experience it has and consciousness awaken consciousness, one can use its creativity to figure out how to communicate and share itself to another such that two independent points of consciousness literally live in, and share, the same reality.

  • In essence, any consciousness has four primary ways to experience reality summarized here and discussed in the topic, "Four ways we experience creation/Creation, any creation/Creation."

  • (1) Live in our own isolated world protecting and defending the truth that we know to the point of denying information from the external world that does not fit what we have experienced;

  • (2) Deny any internal truth and live according to what the external world directs;

  • (3) Keep the internal truth separate from the external truth and live within literal standing between two worlds;

  • (4) Modify and evolve our truth neither denying the truth within our being nor the truth of the external world but merge the understanding into a wholeness and living in that wholeness.

  • In modifying and evolving our truth, we can experience a shared reality where we all live to a common set of "rules" to which we are held in some agreed upon way.

  • Each of us will experience living each of these four ways to one degree or another.

  • Each of us of course live somewhere between these extremes and a mixture of all four. However, most of us share anotherís reality. Normally it is the reality of our early care givers and/or our society. We share it until we can claim our birthright and learn to consciously create our own and the share that reality with others.

  • The reality that is created and experienced by the consciousness as a result of how it has focused its attention and awareness can be independent of any other individualize consciousness. It may mimic and copy what another has created. Nevertheless, what it creates and experiences is independent of any other. Each of us can be, and are, an independent reality, a world unto ourselves that can become as large as the universe in which we find ourselves.

    Accepting our uniqueness

    No one experiences life as we do and none can have the exact same experiences as us. Each and every one of our experiences are uniquely ours and reflect the truth of our being as it currently is and as our mind understands it. We may share an experience with someone but our experience is not theirs as theirs is not ours. There will always be a difference between what we experience and what another experiences and any other past, present or future experience. To assume they are the same can and will lead to miscommunication for we do not talk about the same things. Nor do we perceive reality in the same way.

    We have learned to communicate remarkable well with each other only because we have come to an agreement with each other that certain objects and/or certain sounds have certain meanings. For example, "chair" in English is something we sit on and "table" is something on which we can set our food and eat while sitting on a "chair." Yet the word chair and the word table will conjure up in my mind something probably quite different than what it conjures up in your mind. They may be similar but they will be most probably different.

    We have also found our bodies respond to certain stimuli in a certain way within a given norm. There may be a variation but the variation centers around an average within a few standard deviations. As a result we created a whole of medicine and a pharmaceutical treatments for body conditions we do not find acceptable or have judged bad because they lie too far outside what we call the norm. Yet, many do not meet the norm itself.

    No matter how much common agreement we can come to, we are each still uniquely different, have our own unique perceptions and our own unique dreams. One always needs to remember although we agree on much, there is much, much more for which we have no common understanding. The search for intimacy with another at any and all levels of being is the search to expand the depth and breath of this common understanding so that we can communicate who and what we are from the deepest levels of our being.

    Unless we accept this difference and have the courage and strength to live this difference we will never have the experience of becoming the creator and one with All That Is - the Creator Itself. It is vitally important to realize we are different and have the courage to live our truth. We have been created as a unique consciousness by the creator/Creator. If we cannot accept and live our uniqueness and what we have incarnated to experience, we deny the creator/Creator and the Source of our own creative powers that comes from the creator/Creator we deny. We need to awaken ourselves to the depth and breath of our uniqueness and live its truth.

    Each individualized points of consciousness has a free will and the same unlimited creativity, each is free to be awake or asleep and each is free to define itself and mold itself any way that it chooses. However, most of the individuals we meet try and copy, mimic and fit in with the external world rather that claim their uniqueness and develop freely according to their own choice within the world. We, as any consciousness, are fully capable of molding our reality to be like, to copy or to mimic someone else But although we or it does so, that feat does not deny our own uniqueness.

    There are a variety of reasons why we do not live our own truth. Some fear being different. Some fear the unknown. Some fear being alone where as being alone lies is the essence of our being and is something that we cannot escape for it is the fuel and catalyst that gave rise to Creation as discussed in the Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective. our uniqueness forces us to be alone. We all try and enroll others into our world so that we are not alone in how we perceives and experience reality but ultimately we each are alone and we will feel lonely from time to time. We have to learn to work with this loneliness and realize all that we see before us is what we seek to address this loneliness. In truth, you, as is each of us, are very much alone as a result of our uniqueness but we are not separate from All That Is nor from each other.

    Although it is difficult for many to understand, we are All That Is of the Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective and it is our loneliness that causes us to Create the reality we now experience. We cannot take our loneliness personally. It is the nature of reality and is the motivating force that caused Consciousness to create a Playmate in which to share what It experiences. Consciousness has an infinite number of aspects to its being and it therefore has created an infinite number of Playmates in Its desire for one Playmate. We are one of those Playmates. Yet we are also Consciousness Itself searching for Its Playmate. There is no difference. We and Consciousness are one and the same, as is each of us. It is only the illusion of Creation which keeps us from seeing this fact.

    Only we can explore who and what we are and how the world works to come to the realization of this understanding. Self knowledge is always individual knowledge. No country, so society, no organization, no other individual can possess it. It cannot and does not come as a heritage or from books. It is not a tradition and/or something we can learn. When an individual dies, all the knowledge that the individual carried disappears from the world much like that discussed in the story of the wheelwright in the topic, "A key breakthrough" to discovering an alternative way. Words may be retained in books or understanding may be retained in inventions but that knowledge has to be discovered again and again within each of us and cannot be made a possession that is passed from one generation to the next. Recorded information just helps us to discover it and learn it a little faster than otherwise necessary.

    We live in the illusion we are passing information form one generation to the next or one individual to the next but all the information that is passed must be discovered within each individual. The illusion is sustained only because the entire society does not die at once. If it did, all would be lost and all would have to be rediscovered. Even the writing in which the information is written must be rediscovered. But, in truth, nothing is ever forgotten so that self knowledge only needs to be awakened. All lies within. We are a being of infinite consciousness at one with all that is. We only need to properly focus our attention and awareness on what we wish to obtain and it will be ours.

    As we reveal to ourselves what we know and learn to access whatever we wish, we may find we may or may not be able to communicate our experience and knowledge and we may or may not be able to create the space for someone else to have a similar and shared experience. All that we can do is what Consciousness does. The "trick" Consciousness uses to communicate Itself is to share Itself in a shared environment such as the world created by "Om," the physical plane, and allows us to "calibrate" each other and talk from a common external reference. In many ways, what Om has created what we experience to show who and what It is.

    It is the same with us. When it comes to our internal experiences each is totally unique. What one actually experiences in any situation is influences by all that one has previously experienced and all that one has been. This is one reason why concepts in any topic are learned in a sequential fashion allowing a series of experiences to be accumulated to understand the more complete concepts and the deeper and more profound aspects of the topic. All one can do to share how and what they are to create and environment where they share with another through a set of common sequential experience who and what we are.

    Building on the experiences of the past in this manner is never ending unfoldment. Yet, although it is a very powerful way to reveal the depth of any topic it is actually very narrowing for it keeps us moving in a given direction rather than experience the full breath of reality. Following a sequence does not allow for looking at all the other possible options. If it were not for death, most of us would become so narrowly focused that it would be impossible to communicate with anyone else. Unless ones routinely and continually shares experiences and varies their experiences to redefine themselves relative to others and allows themselves to experiences the creation of others, they will become extremely narrow in their focus. Unless we choose to change, our experiences will trap us in a never ending narrowly focused unfoldment.

    Each of us will have to die to who we have been only to open the door to other aspects of our being. Each of us build a reality based on our experiences and it is reflected in the story we tell as to who and what we are and how we came to be. However, there is nothing special about the unfoldment we have. It is only the progression and unfoldment of a set of experiences that we have had. We can choose any unfoldment we wish. The only constraint on us is the flow of the creative life energy that sustains us for it is flowing in way to create for us certain experiences we incarnated to have. That energy, in turn has created a human body and whatever we experiences needs to be done from within that body until we leave it.

    As an independent consciousness, it is simply a matter of choosing to experience differently that we change who and what we are and the reality we experience. The following points provide some practical aspects to consider to both understand ourselves, what we have created and why, and what we need to do to experience something different.

  • Who and what we are is perfectly manifestation in Physical Creation as our body and its environment in a one to one mapping to our transcendental mind and enculturated mind and what we think and believe.

  • Our body is the perfect vehicle for the experiences we incarnated to have.

  • Each and every aspect of our being is somehow reflected in the Creation we experience.

  • For us to become the creator of a world we wish to experience, we have to become both the creator and the creation.

  • We have to choose what we wish to create and then become it.

  • We cannot give what we do not have.

  • We cannot experience another world or reality unless we become that world and reality ourselves and within ourselves.

  • We are in the world we are experiencing because of who and what we currently are for it is a reflection of us.

  • To experience a different world, we must become different.

  • To manifest any creation, we will need to ask ourselves, "What do I have to become, how do I have to change, to create what I desire" and then we will need to detach ourselves from both the current identity we have and from the creation we desire to become a detached witness.

  • Then, from that position of the detached witness we allow whatever that needs to change internally and externally to change to manifest what we desire.

  • In many ways we are a being that stands between two worlds. There is an inner world of our consciousness that is ultimately totally under our control. It is a world unto itself. Then there is the outer world in which we have chosen to have a physical experience and share our creative power with that world.

    Normally we have a real experience and then respond to that experience based on how we view ourselves and our external world thinking we are experience the reality of what is. Rather than viewing reality for what it is, as it is, we only experience the reality we ourselves create within ourselves. We are universe unto ourselves whether we realize it or not. But what we feel is real and we have created it in some way. We need to explore the feelings and body sensations we have in any given situation for they tell us what is really happening.

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