Need for our own experiments to reveal our nature and the nature of Creation

Lessons learned from wave particle duality

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Need for our own experiments to reveal our nature and the nature of Creation
Lessons learned from wave particle duality
The approach to reveal unseen truths
Experiments which reveal the wave particle nature of energy
Lessons learned from the weave particle experiments
The need for our own experiments

To begin to understand the depth and breadth of the creative power/Creative Power available to us, there is the need to do our own experiments. Our problem as humans in observing our own nature is much like what was encountered when physicists first began to suspect the wave particle nature of energy and matter. All the normal ways of viewing particles with mass gave no indication of their wave nature and all the normal ways of viewing electromagnetic radiation (light) indicated it was a wave. There was no direct evidence of particles acting as waves or waves as particles. Physicist has to create the conditions for light to exhibit its particle nature and for mass to exhibit it wave nature.

The same is true about our creative power and creative ability as they relate to energy and consciousness. All our normal ways of viewing energy gives no indication of its direct relation to consciousness. Similarly, all our normal ways of viewing consciousness do not reveal its relationship to energy. 

The approach to reveal unseen truths (Top)

The wave particle dualistic property of matter was revealed in applying the principle that “changing how we observe can reveal the unseen aspects of what we observe.” This was done in several experiments that show how non localized wave energy can be seen to localize as a particle with mass and how a particle with mass can be experienced as a non localized energy. This realization was the break through for physicists in understanding the wave particle nature of energy. We need to apply a similar kind of thinking to break through our understanding and reveal the duality of energy consciousness and our ability to create our experiences and the reality of our experiences.

They way physicists uncovered the wave particle duality was to observe particles with mass in a set of conditions and in a way we would normally observe waves. For waves, they observes them in a way that we would normally observe particles. This is an important understanding. If we wish to know if something such as an attribute or characteristic is within the nature of what we are observing, we need to change the environment of our observation to where we would normally see that attribute or characteristic displayed and see if it appears and reveals itself.

Experiments which reveal the wave particle nature of energy (Top)

To observe the wave nature of particles, physicists looked at the interference and diffraction phenomenon exhibited by waves. Electromagnetic waves reflected of a diffraction grating will produce an interference pattern where the initial single beam is spread into a circular array as diagramed in figure entitled “Scatter and Interference Pattern.” A diffraction grating is created by making a series of accurately shaped grooves corresponding to the wave length of light that will be used on the surface of a metal mirror. All electromagnetic waves will exhibit this phenomenon under the correct conditions. The problem is getting a small enough spacing between the lines of a diffraction grating for the shorter and shorter wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation.

To observe the wave properties of mass, physicist replace the light beam with a beam of electrons and the diffraction grating with a crystal where the crystal lattice structure, the spacing of the atoms themselves, gave the correct diffraction grating. The result was an interference pattern as if the electrons were waves. This experiment was later repeated with a beam of atomic nuclei. The nuclei also exhibited wave properties. Particles will exhibit their wave nature under the correct conditions.

For the particle nature of waves (light )physicists looked at the situation analogous to the glancing collision of two billiard balls as diagramed in the figure entitled “Wave Particle Collision.” When one ball strikes a second ball at rest, each goes off at an angle and speed which conserves both the moment and kinetic energy of the of the initial billiard ball. In choosing an electromagnetic wave of the appropriate energy, the photons of the electromagnetic wave interacted with the electrons as if they were particles with mass like billiard balls would interact. The experiment confirmed that the electromagnetic wave did in fact act as a particle with rest mass.

The important conclusion from these experiments was that energy, waves and particles do have a dualistic nature. That nature will be revealed under the proper circumstances. Under the correct conditions the wave will act as a particle and a particle will act as a wave. What needs to be understood is both the wave and particles are a wave-particle but each exhibits its wave nature or its particle nature depending on its environment.

In an analogous way, the same is true about us, our creative spirit, our creative life energy, and the Nature of Creation. Each is energy consciousness, each is energy, each is consciousness and all of them have a wave - particle nature. What is revealed is determined by how we choose to observe by how we focus our attention and awareness.

Lessons learned from the weave particle experiments (Top)

The experiments physicist did to reveal the wave particle nature of energy provide important lessons learned for two reasons. One result of these experiments is that they bring out the importance of the condition or the environment under which an observation was made. Unless we are aware of the conditions under which we are making our observations, we may not be able to fully understand what we are seeing and how we are determining the outcome of what we observe. To become a conscious creator of our experience and our reality, we need to become aware of the conditions under which we are observing to understand how we are determining the outcome we are experiencing.

The second reason the experiments were important is because, until the physicists attempted to “prove” what they understood and construct an environment to reveal what they knew about the dualistic nature of matter and energy, they didn’t know for sure if the wave particle duality was, in fact, inherent in the nature of both electromagnetic readitaion (light) and mass.

The need for our own experiments (Top)

A similar things is true about understanding the depth and breadth of our creative power and creative ability. All the normal ways of viewing what we create and how we create give no indication of our true creative power and ability. They are only revealed when we step out of our normal way of experiencing and perceive ourselves and Creation. We have to create the conditions for the unseen aspects of our creative power/Creative Power to be revealed. Until we choose and set the intention to explore and figure out ways to experience what we believe is true, we don’t know what is the truth of our being. To think something is true is different than to know it is true. If we believe we live in the world of infinite possibilities we will have to manifest something that seeming is impossible to prove it. The same true for any and all aspect of what we believe about our internal or external world. In constructing such conditions of observations what we will find is we will create an experience of whatever it is we believe within the context of our environment.

This is what the mystics have done to observe the state of oneness within our own being and of Creation. As physicist observed the wave particle duality by how they constructed their conditions of observations, we can observe either side of any duality by how we create our observation The more important aspect of understanding the observer-observed pair is that how we choose to observe can change what we observe. Another way of saying this is by changing the conditions under which we observe something, we reveal a facts of itself that is otherwise unseen.

What needs to be understood, is that energy consciousness will reveal itself only in how we choose to observe. Whether it is experienced as unmanifested and non localized or we experience it as a spirit or materialized and localized in physical form is determined by how we choose to observe. What individuals call the spirit or the soul will exhibit physical properties under the proper conditions and a physical form will exhibit it spirit properties. Similarly, consciousness will exhibit energy properties under the correct conditions and energy will exhibit consciousness properties. However, it must be remembered all is energy consciousness and whether energy consciousness is expressed as energy, consciousness, mass, conscious consciousness, subconscious consciousness or unconscious consciousness it is all the same. Only the conditions of observation are making it what it appears to be. Change the conditions of observation and it will appear different.

Although everything is energy consciousness, any particular environment will only reveal some of its characteristics and attributes. The physical plane emphasizes the localized energy aspects and localized consciousness aspects of energy consciousness as opposed to its wave nature. We can expect that there are attributes of energy consciousness that we experience in the physical plane and there will be attributes that the physical plane will be incapable of expressing. In this regard, we can fully expect a world of “spirit,” non physical reality that seems separate and totally unexplainable and different than what is experienced in the physical plane. However that does not mean the realm of spirit or where non physically observed attributes are expressed and the world of the physical are in any way separate. They are one and the same and exist simultaneously together. It is just the nature of the observation and the environment of observation is different. We only need to change how we observe to see them.

On this note, it must be remembered that as humans, we are very biased in our observations. All our observations are based on what we perceive as human. That is, as perceived by, and through, our limited five senses and a body wisdom and intuitive guidance system that most don’t know exists and even fewer know how to use. As such, we are focused on the localized manifestation of energy consciousness. However our body wisdom and intuitivie guidance are the key to knowing to see differently to observe the depth and breath of our true nature. And it needs to be added, the key to body wisdom and intuitive guidance is the body and being able to fully feel the sensations of the body, all of them. In this regard, we need to be open to feeling and what we feel

In either of the physics experiments described above, the wave did not become a particle it only exhibited its particle nature and technically always had been a particle. Similarly, the particle did not become a free and unbounded wave, rather it exhibited its wave nature and has always been a wave. Conditions were previously just not correct to observe the particle and wave nature of each respectively. When energy is actually converted to mass, a different phenomenon occurs called pair production. It is this phenomenon that has the greatest bearing in the “as within, as without” principle. It can provides us an understanding of how we actually manifest our energy in a physical experience and how our inner world is reflected externally.

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