Mantras and Sacred Sounds


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The mantra is a technique where the mind is focused by constant repetition of a word or phrase. In itself, focusing on a particular word or phrase is quite effective at creating a single point focus. However, the mantra concept does have the possibility of creating obstacles to the realizations we desires. This is because any mantra used is a word or sound. Our understanding of the concept behind the mantra that is used is an expectation of the mind. For example, to use the concept love as a mantra, our experiences and understanding of love will interfere and block our experience of what we would call true love, real love or even unconditional love. This same type of statement can be made for any other mantra that is used. Our concepts of whatever we use will limit what we create.

The origins and belief about the mantra is that it has a sound structure which represents a particular aspect of the Divine that has been heard by a Sage in deep meditation while experiencing A/The Truth or some truth about Creation and/or their perception of God. The “sacred” sounds are then handed down through generations of spiritual teachers as guides for seekers of truth. The logic is the concentrated mental repetition of the mantra produces a vibrations within the individual that are characteristic of the Divine attribute first experienced by the Sage. Many traditions have dictated that mantra be kept secret and only give by an initiated master within the tradition. Frequently, mantras are not given until the seeker has proven themselves a sincere practioner of the tradition. The mantra technique does work for many individuals and to various degrees and there are a variety of reasons for this. In some ways the mantra is not given until the individual has developed a sufficient perspective to view Creation the way, or in the manner of, the one who first discovered the mantra.

In being given a mantra after we have “proven” ourselves and/or become initiated, a mantra has the potential to access the our emotional energy because we are now considered special within the tradition we practice. By being given a sacred sound or mantra by an initiated master, kept secret except to those who have advanced to a certain level, is a great emotional boost to both the our ego and the power of the mantra. However, this process in giving an emotional boost to the ego, reinforces the ego. A reinforced ego in turn becomes a further obstacle to getting past the ego to understand our true nature.

Additionally, there are some other issues that interfere with this concept of using the mantra to access the Divine. First, all is sacred for all emanates from the same Source of Creation. Hence nothing is more or less sacred than another. Only our judgements and biases create that separation. To believe something is more sacred than something else creates separation.

Any word or sound will work to create a single point focus. In using any word in repetition, what needs to be asked is, “What does one desire to create by the use of this word?” It is the intention behind our actions that is really what we are creating or attempting to create. Any thought held will direct our energy into a physical experience biased or based on that thought. In this regard, the choice of word or words for a single point focus should be carefully considered. There is a great difference in what one word can accomplish over another.

In choosing a word, we must also be aware of how we view the word we choose. For example, returning to the word love. Love has many meaning. Something that most could probably agree upon is that unconditional love is a love that creates a space of freedom. That is, there are no conditions or “strings attached” to what is given an any level of being. A thank you for what is given is not even expected. Alternatively said, unconditional love nurtures and sustains a being while creating the conditions for its unfettered unfoldment unique to its own nature without any expectations of return.

We may expect to create unconditional love. However, if all our experiences around love have been conditional, then we will create an experience of conditional love as carried in our subconscious and be puzzled why it is not unconditional. What needs to be understood is if we have not experienced unconditional love or have not defined it as to what it really means, we have no way of creating it for our only references are conditional love. That is true unless we are willing to step out of mind and be lead into the experience of what unconditional live really is. Then in the experience of it, we will know what it is and what it feels like.

It needs to be noted that any concept we give to a word or in defining a word is only our experience of some energy and aspect of Creation that we are trying to capture. The word has nothing to do with the experience other than to bring our awareness and attention back to that experience of the past. In essence we try to capture the experience that existed when we thought it was necessary to first create the word. In this way words cause separation. Words give the illusion we can separate the particular or part of the experience or observation from all that created it. This is true for any word that we use. If we don’t really understand a word or it has little meaning for us, or we carry some baggage of previous experiences about the word, these limitations will manifest as part of our experience when the word is used as a mantra.

Additionally, there is another facet of the mantra that is not understood. It is the fact a Sage has an experience that they characterize as a particular sound does not mean someone else would experience the same facet of the Divine in the same way. We each are unique creations. Although our consciousness may have the same experiences, translating that experience into any form to communicate it to another in the form or a word or sound means the experience is filtered through a unique body and unique mind and that unique body and mind biases the information. There is no guarantee what is communicated is an accurate communication.

Our problem is whenever you take something of infinite proportions and collapse it into a finite form, we risk masking a portion of its expression. This does not mean the infinite is not present in the finite form. Rather it is only unexpressed and unseen. This is the problem all human have when they have to bring any internal experience externally to communicate it to another.

However, one can communicate psychically without the need for the body and its mind to filter the information. But, if one does that and the other hears, then there is no need for the communication in the first place for each already knows and one only needs to tune themselves to the other. Of course, if one understands that they can tune themselves to another to experience the other, they would have already transcended what we call the human experience and the need to communicated through the human senses, which in turn, defines the human experience and what it means to be human - the experience of the infinite in a finite physical form.

As for the mantra being a sound structure that represents a particular aspect of the Divine, if we realizes the Divine is infinite and each sound is an aspect of the Divine then there are an infinite number of sounds that can be used. It is all a question of what aspect of the Divine do we wish to experience. Also, because the Sage hears a particular aspect of the Divine in a particular way does not make what they hear The Sound of the Divine. It is only the Sage’s experience of the Divine and our experience of that particular aspect of the Divine may or may not be the same. We really can’t know the sound of the Divine until we explore our own true nature and listen and see how the Divine uniquely reveals itself to us. Besides, since all raises from the same Source, what is not Divine?

As discussed in the topic, “Becoming a copy or an original,” an independent consciousness can mold itself into the form and expression of any other consciousness. By focusing on the sage and the experiences they have had in the way the had them, we can become the sage and have the experiences they have had. However, again, they are the sage’s experiences and how the sage experiences Creation. What they experience as a unique consciousness may be different than what we would experiences if you were living true to our nature as the unique consciousness we are rather than trying to copy what the sage experienced. So ultimately the question becomes, “Do you want to become a copy or an original.” The focus of all the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material and applications is that you become an original unto yourself.

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