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After several years of exploring organizational creativity, creativity within his own life and creaetivity in the lives of others, the author came to understand there was the possibility of an alternative way to live life.  It was a way that could provide greater joy and satisfaction to people. It was way different than the way most of us have been taught and have come to believe as possible. The author decided to act on the possibility of such a way existing and take a journey to see if such an alternative way to live life could be found.

The journey to find an alternative way was inspired by what he saw and experienced in the workplace. The author was puzzled by the number of unhappy and unfulfilled “successful” individuals he was meeting in life. He felt there must be something more to life that what was being taught. In looking, the author found such a way. This alternative way to live life is based on two things.

One is the fact that there are two ways to view Creation. If you synthesize and study the information that is available about Creation and the creative process of Creation, creativity, and  the role of consciousness in the creative process that we experience every day as a human being, we will come to find there are two views or perspectives from which to experience Creation. The two perceptions from which to live life and view Creation are through what one senses or feels, symbolized by the heart, and what we think and believe, symbolized by the mind. In understanding these two views and how they function one will discover that the human being is what can best be described as an exquisite “creativity machine.”

The human being is described as an exquisite “creativity machine” because as we can come to see, the human cannot not create. Our very existence causes us to create. Our life is a creative endeavor. However, most are taught and conditioned to live from the view of the mind. Little or no consideration is given for what is symbolized in the heart and how it influences our creativity. Even fewer are taught how to live what is ssymbolized by their heart and/or to walk in balance with it. So most of what we do create is automatic and based on the programming of mind at the subconscious if not the unconscious level. It is much the way a machine, once built and programmed, will continually run until it exhausts it energy source, utilizes all its available input materials, or breaks down in some way.

The second thing on which the alternative way is based is that to create something that does not exist and we have not yet experienced is to take us into the unknown. To enter the unknown of life is to enter a place where mind is of limited value in guiding us. Mind only know the past. To follow the mind is to recreate the past rather than that which new and original. Mind can provided evolutionary change but cannot give those “quantum jumps” or breakthroughs so many seek to gain in creativity. These “quantum jumps” come from stepping out of mind into the unknown. To safely travel through the unknown, an alternative way to navigate through life is needed if we are going to create what we desire.

The alternative way to live life is to become aware there is an awareness in, or behind what we feel. It is to dance between the awareness available through the mind and what we have experienced and the awareness available through what lies in feeling to consciously create our life. It is to not recreate the past in a new way as most of us do. Rather, it is to consciously step out of mind to bring into existence something not previously seen or experience by ourselves or even another. It is to live a truly creative life. This is often easier said than done. To do so we need to use the body, its awareness and its ability to sense energy.

Most probably think they already are creating. There is a truth in this. But most of what we create is done through the nonconscious mind and not in conscious awareness. Rather what we do consciously is recreate the past in a new way. Most of our true creativity is occurring nonconsciously outside the awareness of our conscious mind through the intention for our life. What is proposed here is to do what we now do nonconsciously, in a conscious way without the overwhelming interference of the past introduced by mind.

Exactly what this means, how to understand it, how to use it and its implications are the topics addressed by the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material and it applications. But the answer lies in an awareness in what we feel and learning how to use the awareness and the body as an energy detector to attune what we feel to access the awareness.

In looking to live this alternative way and to use the awareness in what we feel there is one note of caution. It is addressed in the topic, “A note of caution in using an alternative way and the awareness which lies in feelings.”

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