The role of consciousness in the creative/creation process


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The role of consciousness in the creative/creation process is to become the cause of what we experience. It is to awaken and become the conscious creator. Creation is about the expression and unfoldment of a flow of energy as it is directed by consciousness within a given environment as it flows to dissipation. Without a flow of energy there is no movement to observe. If the energy is not free to flow into dissipation, it will not be available for the next creation. Rather the energy remains bound or fixed in the current form. The ability of consciousness to choose is what changes the form and the flow of the energy.

We can be awake to what we feel but without the awareness of what we feel, we cannot consciously respond to what we feel. If our awareness is subconscious, we will respond based on moving toward a warm fuzzy feeling as discussed in the topic The Nature of Our Being. If we are consciously aware, we can choose how we will respond. Conscious awareness is what allows us to become the cause rather than only responding to what we feel. In becoming the cause of what we experience, we become the creator of our experience. Becoming the creator of our experiences opens the door to becoming the creator of the reality we experience.

Consciousness is the switch that turns the flow of energy on or off. However, unless consciousness is aware and aware it will simply respond to what is, as it is. If the awareness of consciousness stays in a fixed and frozen form in mind, it will never experience creation/Creation for it will have no experience to change what it thinks and believe. If the awareness surrenders to the flow and remains fixed in the flow, it will experience a never ending experience of the same thing. Here again, there is no creation/Creation to experience for nothing changes. Although there is a flow, the flow never changes. It is like seeing the same moving over and over and over again.

Creation can only be experienced with a changing flow of energy. It is how mind changes its focus that changes the flow. Look at it this way. For mind to remain fixed it what it thinks and believes and there is no change in the flow of energy it will always think the same thought. Similarly if the flow of energy remains unchanged, mind only perceives the same experience and will only think the same thought. Mind and body both are creative living processes that continually change in response to what they experience in some way. The key to creation is a dance between energy and consciousness and moving in and out of flow.

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