The key breakthroughs to discovering the alternative way


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The key breakthroughs to discovering the alternative way was the existence of what is best described as our creative spirit and the dance between what this creative spirit desires and what mind desires.
Through a series of synchronistic events in the author’s life, the author was lead to understand that we each have a creative spirit within our being. This creative spirit is not the spirit or soul discussed in religious and spiritual traditions. Rather it is a creative force that animates life, gives a passion for life and for living, and is source of our ability to create. It wants to engage life and not be separated from it. Alternatively said, we have a desire to create that is, in essence, a spirit unto itself. Some of us live in harmony with this creative spirit where as others live in separation from it. If we cannot create what it desires to create, this creative spirit will create conditions in our life that cause us to move back toward what it wants to create. Sometimes this movement can be quite painful.

Although this creative spirit is not the spirit as talked about in spiritual or the soul, it is related. It is part of our being similar to the soul but something more subtle and more profound. It is both the source of our creativity and a direct access to the Source of Creation form which we derive our creative power without the need for a intermediator if we know how to use it for that purpose. It is what gives us the power to create that goes back to the deepest levels of the Source of Creative Power.

In any case, this creative spirit has a desire. But more often than not, in working with individuals to create, the author came to learn how mind stands in the way of this creative spirit doing with it desires to do. Mind will take control of the creative power within this spirit and use it for what it thinks should be created rather than what this creative spirit wants to create. Whatever mind seeks to create is based on what mind wants rather than what this creative spirit desires. The task was to find out how to get around mind.

What the author routinely saw happen was individual will have dream or vision to create something, like a retreat center, a foundation of some type, write a book or play, or whatever that arises from this creative spirit. Initially the author would try and assist the individual build their retreat center or foundation or help them write the book or whatever. But in time he came to realize the creative spirit within the individual was asking the individual to become a retreat center, to become the foundation, to become the book not necessarily built or write it.

There is an old story about a wheelwright that talks to this issue and it goes as follows: “A wheelwright, highly regarded by the king for his practical wisdom and who had watched over the prince of the place when the prince was young, was making a wheel at one end of a long hall in a palace. At the other end, the prince of the palace, much older now, was intently reading a book. Nothing could disturbed the concentration of the prince. The wheelwright was intrigued as to what had caught the prince’s interest so intently. Laying down his chisel and mallet, the wheelwright called to the prince and asked him what book he was reading.

“Ah,” exclaimed the prince. “One that preserves and holds the wisdom of the sages.”
The wheelwright asked politely, “Excuse me prince, but are those sages still alive?”
“On no,” exclaimed the prince. “They are long since dead - I read the wisdom of the past.”
The wheelwright in a seemingly innocent but wise way asked, “Too bad, but why do you read the droppings and scum of the dead?”
The prince jumped in anger. “How dare you, what do you a wheelwright know about the wisdom of the sages, how can you find fault with such a book that I am reading.”
The prince went on to exclaim, “Justify such a stupid comment or I will throw you out in the cold and banish you from my palace.”

The wheelwright, unperturbed by the princes outburst calmly replied, “I admit, I know little about what is in books. But as a wheelwright, I am somewhat puzzled by what is in books. I cannot learn my trade from a book. This is how I see the matter. When I make a wheel, if the stroke of my chisel is too slow, I cut deep but it is not steady. If my stroke is too fast, it is steady but does not cut deep. It is a dance, not too fast, not too slow. To me it is not my mind and what I think that gets that right stroke into my hand. The right stroke comes from the heart. It is a feel that comes only in doing. It is not something I can put into words. It is an art. I cannot even pass my art onto my son. It is why at age seventy five I am still making wheels. I have not yet found another who has the heart for making the wheel. In my humble opinion, it must be the same for those who have gone before us. All that was worth handing on to another died with them. What remains, and what the put in books, is what is left after they are gone. It is no different than seeing a beautiful bird in flight. After it is gone, all that is left are its dropping. The beauty went with the bird. That is why I said what you are reading is the dropping and scum of a bygone people. I said it was too bad they has all died because it makes little sense to read the wisdom of another when you can be with them and experience their beauty as one experiences the beauty of watching the bird.”

This story speaks to the fact that all our creative endeavors, which includes the events in our life and what we create are a by product of our experiences and our response to those experience. In essence, our creations are a byproduct of our way of being in the world. In many ways creativity is the language of consciousness. It expresses what is within one’s being in a way the current environment is able to provide.

For example one cannot be a painter unless one chooses to paint. But to choose to paint one must be in a way of being such that painting is considers an acceptable way and/or expression of what one desires to communicate. Although there are many ways of being, not all ways of being see or use painting as a way to communicate. Some call this preference of mind a mind set, view point or a perspective on life. The bottom line however is that unless we have a way of being that allows us to access what we desire or allows us to be open to the proper inspiration, we will not be able create what we desire What needs to be emphasized here is what we create is a product of the way we choose to be. Different ways of being produce different results in the world.

Hence the alternative way is to change our way of being and allow the life we desire to create and /or what we desire to create to unfold as byproducts of that new way of being. In many ways it is simply the application of the ancient mystical principle, “As within, as without, as above, so below.” The unseen creative life energy of Creation flows within and sustains our being. It flows outward from within our being into the world to create an experience in response to what it desires to create.

But this is where mind enters the picture. If we choose based on what mind thinks, we interject mind into the flow and we recreate the past and do not create a way of being that allows us to access the inspiration that gives us the path to create something not previously seen or experienced. As you are probably aware, mind arises as a result of the experiences we have. It only knows the past and what it has experienced. All it can do is recreate the past for that is all it knows. It will characterize any energy it experiences based on its past. If we experiences something quite different than the past, mind finds it very difficult to properly characterize it. So the question arises, “How can we choose to create a way of being that is different than the past to create something unseen and not previously experience as the natural byproduct of our way of being when any choice we make is based on a choice of mind and the past?” That is the question which the author was lead to explore.

What he found in working with the dream or vision that comes from the creative spirit is that it is about first transforming the persons inner world then allowing their new way of being to create the external as a byproduct. It is to transform the inner world such that the individual becomes the retreat center where people can go and experience comfort. It is to become the foundation such that others build upon what the individual provides. It is to become the book, to become the source of wisdom that others can draw up to understand and up lift them in life.

The recommend is then this. For any dream or vision we have, realize it is already happening or we would not have the dream we do. We are already experiencing the energy that will give rise to the desired experience and becoming it at some level. To look outside to build the dream or vision will potentially miss direct us. To manifest we our dream or vision we need to look inside and ask ourselves, not what we need to build, but, “What do I need to become, how do I live my life such that this vision manifests externally as a by product of my way of being.” You will be then lead by your creative spirit and intuitive guidance. You will not be lead by your mind and what you mind thinks needs to be done unless you choose to follow mind.

What the author has found is a vision or dream which comes from what is symbolized in the heart is not necessarily something you build external to you. That may happen in time, but is something that you first become inside. It is interesting to see the intriguing game mind pays with intuitive guidance so that it can remain in control and control the creative power normally available to one’s creative spirit.

What happens is that our intuitive guidance gives us an understanding of a situation and what needs to happen. That understanding is provided based on an interpretation of the energy which is sensed based on the experiences we have had to date. It is the best we can understand given the experiences we have had up to that point in time until mind gets the minimum set of requisite experience to properly characterize the energy it experiences. However, rather than realizing it is only the best understanding we have up to that point in time, mind grabs that vision and seeks to create the vision as mind sees it. Mind seeks to create the vision without changing itself. In doing so, it simply recreates the past in a new and different way. Sometimes the past recreated in a new way satisfies us. At other times it is disappointing. Mind, what we currently think and believe, must also change if we are going to create something not previously experienced that is free of the past.

What the author found was that what we think and believe does create our experiences. What we have created and currently experience is the product of our current mind. What we desire to create is the product of a mind that does not exist. The question is can we step outside of our mind to allow mind to evolve into the new mind that we need to create.

If our dream or vision arises from mind, then the mind will be extremely effective at manifesting that dream. If the dream or vision arises from what is symbolized by our heart, and does not yet exist, that dream or vision takes us into the unknown. In this case mind will be every ineffective at manifesting it.

Hence if we are going to create a dream or a vision of something that does not yet exists, mind cannot leads us. If mind takes the vision and tries to manifest it based on what it knows is just recreates the past. To get free of the past, the recommendation is that you to take whatever vision or dream you have and then go back to your intuition and ask, “What do I need to become, how do I need to live, how do I need to become different to manifest this dream as a byproduct of my way of being in the world.” Then you will receive some image or thought as to how you need to be or to live your life. Mind can then take that image or thought and move toward manifesting that way of being if you allow what is symbolized in the heart to intent the direction of your life and have mind attend to the details to make it happen. That in turn will allow for the dream of vision to unfold as a byproduct of that way of being without mind compromising what the dream of vison really means.

The method does work and prevents a lot of false starts. The trick is that mind is spending its time trying to create the way of being that it thinks it needs to create . The dream or vision is then allowed to manifest unfettered by mind’s interference as the old mind changes in its attempts to create the new way of being.

As you work with this methodology you can come to see and experience the first step in becoming aware of how we are the creator of our experiences and ultimately the reality of those experiences. It is to learn to go within to change our inner world to create a different way of being in to world. That in turn, creates what we desire as a byproduct of that way of being. It is an alternative way to live.

Exactly what this means, how to understand it, how to use it and its implications are the topics addressed by the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Technology.

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