Environment and the unfoldment of a creation


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Environment and the unfoldment of a creation
Understanding the integral link between the creation and the environment
The dance between the creation and the environment
Why we don’t normally see the change in our environment
Implications and applications of the integral link with the environment

What needs to be understood about any creation and the environment of that creation is that they are integrally linked. The easiest way to understand this integral linkage is the relationship of a paper cutout with the hole it creates in the paper. They are linked in a way similar to the way the particle and antiparticle in the pair production phenomenon. The energy of creation is split between both the creation and the environment supporting the creation. As we change the creation, the environment has a corresponding change. As we change the environment the creation changes.

Understanding the integral link between the creation and the environment (Top)

You can see the link between the creation and the environment by taking a piece of paper and cutout out some figure such as a heart as in the figure entitled “Creating a Cutout.”. Look at the paper cutout as the creation and paper and the hole as the environment which supports the creation of the cutout. The key words and concept to understand here is the environment which supports the creation. We are not talking about the environment in which you find the paper and the cutout. Rather, we are talking about situation which arises within a given environment which creates and sustains the paper and subsequently both the cutout and the hole. The environment which supports the hole and the cutout appears to change when the view shifts from looking at the paper without a cutout to either of the views from the paper with the cutout or viewed from the cutout.

As long as our focus remains on the hole and the cutout together as the manifestation of the same energy, nothing really changes. As soon as we focus on one or the other, the cutout or the hole, the environment changes. In viewing from the hole or the cutout, we leave wholeness for the separation of duality and the apparent creation of something out of nothing. We say “appears” because in looking at the hole or the cutout we are only looking at half of the creation. We are looking at only have of what the energy necessary to produce the cutout created.
What happens is a follows. There is the environment that surrounds the sheet of paper from which the cutout will come. Initially there is no cutout. There is only the blank sheet of paper within an environment. Energy is then uses to create the cutout. The energy necessary to create the cutout is the threshold of energy necessary to produce the creation.

It needs to be noted here that the first consideration in the integral link of the environment and creation is that the environment which surrounds the paper with no cutout must be adequate to support the formation of the cutout and the hole. If the environment is not correct, no cutout can occur.

Now, after we added the energy in the proper way, there is a cutout in the environment which surrounded the sheet of paper, which now has a hole in it. That is the whole out of which the cutout was formed. There are now three ways to observe. Initially there was just the sheet of paper. Now there is (1) a sheet of paper with a hole and a corresponding cutout. This view transcends the creation. Then there is (2) the cutout which is the view from within the creation look out. Then there is (3) the sheet of paper with the hole which is the view from within the world of the creation viewing the creation. .

If we leave our focus to be on the both the sheet of paper ,now with a hole, and the cutout, nothing really changes. The environment surrounding the sheet of paper now with a whole and the cutout is unchanged. In essence it is the equivalent of making the cutout but leaving the cutout in the sheet of paper as in the figure entitled “Cutout Remaining in the Hole”. This view allows us to see a wholeness and oneness for the creation is retained within the fabric of its creation.

Now if we move to the second view and take the focus off the sheet of paper and make the focus of observation from the paper cutout, the environment is seen to change. The environment is now the initial environment which surrounded the sheet of paper plus a sheet of paper with a hole that matches the cut out. The environment seems to have changed for we now view the external world from a new position. That is, from inside the cutout. But what has changed is our view. The physics of the whole situation is unchanged. We still have the same initial environment and a sheet of paper but now the paper is in the form of a sheet of paper with a hole and corresponding cutout. Only because of our view has the situation appear to have changed.

Similarly, there is an apparent change if we view from the third view and view from the hole in the piece of paper. In this view, the environment is seen as consisting of the environment which surrounded the paper plus a paper cutout that perfectly matches the hole from which we view outward.

In either of the second or third case, the environment changes to support the new creation. What we perceived as the environment has changed to support the existence of the new creation. These change only exists because we have changed our view. We have moved from a view which allowed us to see wholeness to one of separation and duality.

This is exactly what happens whenever we create anything. We shift our view from a positions of wholeness to a view of separation. We don’t perceive that we have shifted our perception whenever we create something because as long as we are in our bodies, we are always perceiving from the view from within cutout. That is, we are always viewing from within the creation as in the figure entitled “Partial Annihilation.” This is what the physical body does for us. It localizes our energy into the creation we create and observe its reflection in the change of the environment we experience.

Whether we view from the perspective or energy or consciousness, we will always be viewing from within a creation. This is why the mystics say Creation is an illusion. But Creation is real. It is not an illusion. What is illusion is the view that we are taking.

The energy that sustains us and in which our consciousness awakened is a creation. It is a flow of energy within an existing Creation. As such, a minimum, we naturally view from within a creation, within a Creation. The creation from which we view is a flow of energy created by an intention, namely the intention for our life, within an existing Creation. How and what we perceive our selves to be is a creation, namely an enculturated ego or for some, a transcendent ego which is characterized as a spirit, that is translated into a physical experience.

It needs to be noted that we cannot view and/or experience creation without a flow of energy and any flow of energy will be a creation. The reason for this is quite simply. Without a flow of energy, nothing changes. If nothing changes, there is no contract to view. Similarly, we cannot view creation as a pure consciousness for there is no contrast for observation.

Imagine yourself in an infinite ocean of water that is exactly the same at every point. With no contrast there is nothing to observe. As long as we have an awareness of the existing, we are in a creation. If we have an awareness of self, we are existing in the illusion of separation. An awareness of pure consciousness places us in exactly the place of the consciousness described in the Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective - that is, there is no Creation and we have to create it. So there will always be an observer of an observation in a context or environment of observation.

The dance between the creation and the environment (Top)

There is a dance between the creation and the environment. When creation is viewed from creating something out of a “no-thing-ness,” the fabric of creation, every change in that something is reflect in the hole in the fabric of creation. As diagramed in the figure  above entitled “Partial Annihilation,”  as the creation changes, the hole changes. But the hole is part of the environment. So whenever the creation changes the environment changes and a dance ensues. One follows the other. If a change in the hole occurs, then the creation changes. If the creation changes the hole and the environment changes.

Why we don’t normally see the change in our environment (Top)

The first question which arise is, “If we are integrally connected to our creations as suggested here why don’t we see the external changes in the environment as we change?” The answer is we do but they are masked by all the other changes and we are not readily able to discern what we, ourselves, are responsible for creating.

We seen our environment as the world we inhabit. What needs to be understood first and foremost, is that as a human being we are a creation within a Creation. What this means is that rather than the vehicle we are using for a physical experience being cut from the fabric of Creation, we are cut from the fabric of Physical Creation as diagramed in the figure entitled “Creating Within a Creation.”

If we create nothing, we experience the changes which occur in the environment we experience. That is, the physical Creation from which we are cut. For example, as a creation within a Creation, we are cut from the same fabric of creation as any other creation as in the figure below entitled “Multiple Cutouts.” Sometimes there is an overlap between creations as in the figure below entitled “Overlapping Cutouts.” As such, we will see changes in the environment and our own life as a result of the others within Creation.







Additionally, the world is huge compared to any creation we create or compared to most creations which appears in the world. It is much like the gravitational force between a ball and the earth. Although the earth and ball both move toward each other, the earth is so huge, we only see the movement of the ball. So too our creations. We see changes in the environment but the changes that occur because of any one creation is masked by the hugeness of world we experience.

Relative to our creations, anything we create within ourselves is reflected externally in Creation whether or not we perceive it. We tend to see and experience the results of what we choose to do consciously but are usually never aware of what we are choosing to do subconsciously. For example, we choose to go to the store. We see ourselves getting in a car and going to the story. But an equally valid view is that in the wholeness of cutout and the hole, in choosing to go to the store both we and the world rearrange ourselves such that we have the experience of being in the store. In this case, the store move toward us and we move toward the store. Similarly the store needs customers. It creates customers to come to the store. At some level of our being we agree to be a customer for the store.

Our problem is that most of our agreements are done at a unconscious and subconscious level. Most of the unconscious agreements are made when we choose to incarnate as a human being for this time and place. Many of our subconscious agreements are made through our enculturation and what we learned from our early care givers and those individual who enter out life.

What needs to be remembered is that we are a creation within Creation. We have agreed to participate and change with the flow of Creation. We allow things to happen to us for the experience of Creation as it currently exists. Sometimes we like what we experience, some we don’t like it. But the fact that we agreed to participate in Creation does not make us a victim of creation nor does it rob is of our creative power. We are not powerless. We only need to go within and explore as to why we have chosen the type and kind of experiences that we do.

Implications and applications of the integral link with the environment (Top)

There are several implications that result form this integral link between the creation and its environment. The first is that the environment must be able to support the creation. That is, the environment must be able to both supply the conditions and absorb the changes a new creation cause to happen. If the environmental conditions are not correct, the creation will not occur. Sometimes we have to create those correct conditions. Similarly we may have to change the environment to stop a particular creation from unfolding and something else to come into existence.

Consciousness awakens as a result of a flow of energy. Any one particular environment will causes a different aspect of our consciousness to awaken. Alternatively said, the particular environment causes our energy to energy to localize in a particular way. Change the environment and our energy localizes differently. To experience something truly different, we are going to have to change the perspective we have. You cannot, and should not expect, to keep your current view of yourself and Creation and become a conscious creator.

Although the environment will determine the path of least resistance to any flow of energy within it, we are not powerless. Creation is about the expression and unfoldment of a flow of energy as it is directed by consciousness within a given environment as it flows to dissipation. We can change the natural flow path of any energy by how and what we think and believe. It is just that some changes are more difficult than others depending on the environment.

When talking about a creation unfolding in a given environment, it should be noted that each creation is unique to its environment. As the creation changes the environment changes and vice versa. We may not see the changes for what they are, they nevertheless exists. We think a creation has a wide range of environmental conditions in which to survive and any given environment seem to support any given creation. But the size of Creation is simply masking the depth and breadth of the changes that are occurring both in the creation and the environment in response to each other.

In focusing on particulars creation individually our perception is that some creations require very specific and precise environmental conditions. Other seem to survive in a diverse types and kinds of environments. But it only appears that a given creation can survive in a multitude of environments. In reality each environment is different and the creation is slightly different because of that environment. Ultimately, each creation is unique to its environment and each environment is unique to the creation. The environment and the creation are integrally linked and cannot be separated.

The proof of these last few paragraph is actually what scientist have been able to achieve in conducting experiments under controlled conditions. By creating particular types and kind of conditions a wide variety of phenomenon are observed that could otherwise not be seen. The breakthrough in modern science has been the awareness of how external conditions affect both the external and internal conditions of objects and living organisms and how they interact internally and externally with the external conditions. For example, the way an external magnetic field permeates and entire mass of iron shifting the position of the iron atoms to create a magnet. Or, in living organism, creating nuclear magnetic resonance imaging as a medical diagnostic tool. The breakthrough in modern mysticism is and will be the awareness of how the internal condition affect the environment we experience and the dance between consciousness and what we perceive within and energy, what we perceive without. It is in the relationship of consciousness and energy and the dance between the inner and the outer that we find our true creative power/Creative Power. It is a journey of exploration to find and claim our birthright.

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