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Creation and creativity is ultimate all about energy. It is all about the ability to make something happen and/or to produce a particular type and kind of effect. What needs to be understood is that creation starts from where you are now with the existing form of creation/Creation you experience.

Energy can neither be created or destroyed. All of the energy that you need to access to create what you desire is either in an existing form or flowing into a given creation. To create something new, something which currently exists must be changed. That requires a sacrifice of some exist internal and/or external form to create what is desired. A sacrifice in any creative endeavor cannot be avoided. As a minimum there will the time you expend and sacrifice on your creative task.

To many a sacrifice is something that is paid and we have no idea why we have to pay the sacrifice. The sacrifice seems unrelated to what we get in life. Most do not feel a sacrifice is made when we pay for services or pay for a product of some type as a medium of exchange. So a sacrifice is not really about paying the price. We are willing to pay the price when we consider it a fair exchange. A sacrifice implies something more. We usually refer to a sacrifice when we don’t see anything in return for what we give or what we give.

Looking at the typical definitions of sacrifice bear this out. A sacrifice is seen as an offering to a deity in workshop or atonement. This, of course, to the human mind is a little puzzling. Why does a deity require our sacrifice and why must we ask for atonement? Does not a deity have all it requires to be a deity? A sacrifice is seen as the giving up of some cherish or desired object, person, or idea for something else, especially something like the loss of life - a life of some type is sacrificed. Here the sacrifice is seen as giving up not just any object but something cherished and desired or even life itself. Similarly, a sacrifice is seen as any loss incurred or suffered without return. For example, in sales something that is reduced in price that leaves little or not profit is considered a sacrifice. It appears that no matter how we look at it, a sacrifice is not something pleasant and something we like to avoid.

But, as stated above, there will be what is perceived as a sacrifice in any creative endeavor. The question is why? The reason for this is simply our perspective. If we feel in any way a sacrifice is being made or required of us, we need to look at our perspective.

The Pair Production Phenomenon is problem the best example available for how the existing form must be sacrificed for a new creation. In pair production we have the phenomenon of energy, the ability to make something happen being transformed into something. Pair production involves energy being transmuted or transformed into mass. Energy, in the form of an electromagnetic wave is given up or sacrificed to create mass. Its life as energy is gone. But it now exists as mass. The sacrifice involves is a specific amount of energy, the rest mass of the particle and its antiparticle, given up in a specific way. It is not a careless sacrifice. Noting is really lost. It only appears to be lost. So too any sacrifice made in a creative endeavor. It is not careless and what is given up is not lost.

This is an extremely important understanding for it haunts our creative endeavors. What needs to be understood, the feminine aspect of being must be sacrificed for any new creation. That is the feminine aspect will incur a lose of its life in some way in any creative endeavor. It will be seen and feel like a sacrifice unless one views the entire creative/creation process. Additionally, when the consciousness within the feminine aspect is awake, there is a fear that she will be used and abused. She fears what she gives will not be used in a way that ultimately serve her.

This is a very real phenomenon. We are all subject to feeling it if we are awake to our feelings for we each have a feminine aspect to our being. If we are aware and awake of our feminine aspect, there will ways be an underlying fear that what we give in a creative effort will not be effectively utilized. We usually compensate for this by ensuring we “get something in return” for whatever we give. Few give unconditionally. Most give with some short of expectation. If our expectations are met, we are free to give. If our expectations are not met, we withdraw what we give and may even feel resentful.

Fundamental to the physical plane and to the nature of energy that created and sustains the physical plane is that we have to give something up to get something new. If we think and/or feel our needs will not be met by what is given up, we will be unwilling and often unable to give up what needs to be given up. This reluctance to give up goes deeper than holding onto what is. It is a reluctance to give our ourselves for in the sacrifice a part of must also die and we fear death, even when it is a small death.

There is a rule and a seemingly paradox of creation that permeates most of the esoteric and spiritual traditions. It can best be stated that if we want to get a gift from God, or some type and kind of deity such as a miracle or some other type and kind of good fortune, we need to give something up. That is, we must give a sacrifice. In many religions traditions when you wanted God, or some deity to create something for us in life a sacrifice was always required. In reviewing these traditions the author never saw, or was given any good explanation by individuals or in the written material furnished by these traditions, as to why a sacrifice was necessary other than God, or the gods, wanted to be appeased in some way. Of course, there was always the question, “If God was really God and has everything already and could create anything It wants, why does It need my sacrifice?” The answer give by those in authority and in service to the God or deity was always, “God does not need your sacrifice, the sacrifice if for you.” If this is true, how is it true? Why do we need to make a sacrifice?

The paradox of the idea that “God, who has everything, needs a sacrifice” exist only when we look at a segment of the creative/creation process. As was stated in the creative/creation process, there are a variety of perspectives that can be used to look at the creation/creative process. Whenever we fail to look at the whole process it appears some type or kind of sacrifice is required.

Some of the spiritual, religious and/or esoteric traditions, as do many of the myths about creativity, and some of the schools of thought on creativity, do say the sacrifice is symbolically required. It is symbolic of the need to empty our vessel and become open to the creation or to make room for God or other deity to work in our life. Yet, there still appeared to be a vagueness as to exactly what the symbolics of what was sacrificed and what we need to give up to make room for the creation.

The reason why creativity is seen as requiring a sacrifice is that creativity is to bring into existence something not previously experienced or significantly different from the past. As such, mind cannot anticipate what must be transformed to make room for the new. One cannot sacrifice just anything any time and any place and expect to manifest what they desire.

What is clear from the Pair Production process a particular sacrifice is needed to manifest a new creation including the possibility the location of where the sacrifice is given is important. That is, the sacrifice cannot be made just anywhere. The fact that sometimes a particular location is needed to go along with a sacrifice for a particular type of manifestation is what gives rise to the concept that there are sacred sites. However the need for special location is a function of what one is trying to manifest as opposed anything special about the site itself.

In working with the esoteric traditions about sacrifice, what is not clear is what exactly needs to be emptied or what is the exact thing that needs to be sacrificed, and what is it exactly to which we need to be open to manifest a new creation. Again, the answer is mind will not be able to know the answer. For example, what one needs to sacrifice to create ham for breakfast is much different that what one needs to sacrifice to have eggs. For ham, one needs to sacrifice a pig. For eggs, one needs to sacrifice the possibility of the offspring of a chicken. For the pig, the sacrifice is rather drastic - a loss of life. For the chicken, the process is only one of many eggs to give.

Without some guidance as to the nature of the sacrifice in a creative endeavor, the process becomes a hit and miss operation when controlled by mind. It is clear from the Pair Production process that there are specific things that are required to create an electron-positron pair and if you don’t have them, you cannot create the pair. On this point, all creation are specific in what they require. There is a physics to the process and the materials expended. That you cannot escape.

As in the Pair Production phenomenon, a photon of energy greater 1.02 Mev must be sacrificed to produce the electron-positron pair and it must be done around a heavy nucleus. If you don’t have the correct amount of energy and are willing to give it up, you can’t create the pair. If you study the process what we find is the more energy we have above the minimum the greater the probability of pair production occurring. So too our creation. We need energy to create and unless we meet that threshold, we will not create what we desire.

But what is energy - it is only the ability and capacity to produce an effect. We have the ability and capacity to produce effects within our being, but we have to access the understanding as to how to do so. Since the energy to create comes from within our being, every creative endeavor will require some internal sacrifice. Something inside of ourselves will need to change in some way.

Also, if you don’t have the correct environment, such as in Pair Production near a heavy nucleus, you will not get the pair production. Again, if we study the process the greater the heavy nucleus, the great the probability. The environment is crucial to a creative endeavor. Unless we have the correct environmental conditions, we cannot create what we desire.

Additionally it needs it needs to be realized that to create the electron, the gift that we seek in the pat production process, using this approach we will also get the positron as part of the deal. We can’t just get half the process. If we create good, we have to get the bad so to speak. If we create one things we get the “anti-thing” that goes with what we created. It is inherent to the process. This is one reason why if we expend energy creating something that we think is very good, we seemingly pull along its evil or not-so-good counterpart for the two will always go together.

Duality is inherent to the creative/creation process unless we look at the whole and complete process. If we experience any type or kind of duality in what we create and have any judgement about what needs to occur, we can be assured we are not looking at the whole process for what it is.

The key point to be made here is there is no “something from nothing” although creation appears to be creating something that do not currently exist. It needs to be realized that to create something that appears to come out of no where, which is any truly creative action, there is a very specific reason for the type and kind sacrifice which must be done and a very specific environment in which it is done. The question is whether or not we are willing to make the sacrifice of what needs to be given up.

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