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 Tithing - an ongoing sacrifice 


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Because of how attached we become to what we have, there is a hope and expectation that we only need to give once and then we are all done with our sacrifice. However that is not the case. There is a part of the sacrifice that is initially required and then there is the sacrifice that is used to either build or maintain what is created.

Tithing as defined is a tax or assessment of one tenth, especially when payable in kind. It is seen as a tenth part of anything or a small part. Many traditions encourage their members to tithe part of one’s income to support the tradition and has always been seen as something that should be done. The story of the origins of tithing was that there was a king that had a bountiful harvest one year and everyone ate very well, well into the winter. However, when spring came, the king found he had no seed for planting because everyone had eaten what was available. As a result, the king had to spend a small fortune to buy seeds to plant for his people. After that experience he vowed that would never happen again and mandated that one tenth of all the crops would be held in reserve as seed for spring planting and would not be eaten. Hence the tradition of giving one tenth of one’s harvest (income) to use a seed to grow one’s future crops.

We too will have to give part of our harvest to grow our future crops and we have only one harvest - time and our creative life energy. Tithing is the long term financing of our time and energy to that which we wish to manifest. In the same way a sacrifice is require to give the raw materials and unmanifested energy to be formed into a new creation, we may need to continually supply time and energy to that which we wish to create. We will need to be prepared to tithe on a regular basis to whatever it is we wish to create. In much the same way a car will burn gasoline on a journey and we will continually need to fill the tank with gas to achieve our goal, we will continually need to give our time, energy or resources to achieving that which we wish to create and sustain in our life. As in a sacrifice, what we will need to tithe will be decided by the universe and that which we create, not us. We have to be open each moment to what the universe asks us to do to manifest and sustain our creation.

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