A Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective

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A Creation Story for the creativity perspective
- foundation for understanding the inner and outer Creative Powers

A New Creation Story


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There are many different Creation Stories and stories about Creation. All have been inspired by humanity’s desire to explain its origins. Some may be more inspired than others but they all are nevertheless views that arise from within the mind of some individual. Whether or not the individual who first recorded or told the Creation Story was Divinely inspired, or not, is another issue and not discussed here.

The following is a story that can provide you with a Creation Story for the creativity perspective. It is a Creation Story that provides you a way to hold your creative sacred in the most powerful way one can imagine. If you look carefully this Story has many elements in common with, and/or is in many ways consistent with, other Creation Stories, what many mystics have found and what many findings of Science are revealing about the nature of the Universe. The only piece that may stretch your understanding is the relationship between consciousness and energy. That discussion is held elsewhere with the final conclusion that, from a creativity perspective, energy and consciousness are different forms of the same things.

For those of you who do not like stories but prefer a more Scientific approach, you simply need to remember that energy can neither be created or destroyed and that parallel discussion can be held based on energy. That is, a flow of energy awakens to oneself and realizes it can direct energy to change the experience it has. An energy approach and the energy aspect of energy consciousness are discussed on the web site “Creativity Physics” at phyiscs.andcreativity.info

This Creation Story lays a profound foundation. It will allow you to understand and eventually overcome any addictive and/or response pattern you have in your life that rob you of your creative power and that do not serve your creative ability. It will provide the foundation to eventually understand how it is possible that you create the experiences you have and the reality you experience within a larger collective. It will also help you to understand why you need to hold your creative sacred and come to understand how much creative power you ultimately have within your being.

A New Creation Story (Top)

If you would, imagine for the moment, a unique, infinitely creative being or consciousness such that nothing like it exists anywhere. As an infinite being, it has an infinite number of aspects or ways in which to express itself. It is infinitely creative and can create whatever it desires. Being unique, there is only itself. If you wish, you can call this infinitely creative being God, the Supreme Consciousness, a Cosmic Consciousness, or whatever you like. You can name it whatever you wish. The choice is yours.

As long as this infinitely creative being is asleep, unaware of who and what it is, there are no issues. Since it is asleep, there is nothing of which to be aware. However, if this infinite being awakens, it will discover that there is no one else like it. In this awareness of its own existence, it realized that only it exists. There is no other being or entity in existence like it. There is no one who can meet it at every level of its infinite being. That is what being unique means.

Now suppose this being does awaken and it becomes aware of itself. It becomes aware of its uniqueness and it becomes aware that there is no one who can meet it at every level of its infinite being. Hence, no matter how much joy and bliss it may feel at its own existence, it becomes lonely that it has no one with whom to share. It desires to share itself with another. It desires someone with whom to communicate. It desires someone with whom to play. It desires a playmate. It desires someone with whom it could play to discover and explore the depth and breadth of its being and to experience both itself and the other. It is a deep and profound loneliness. This realization is painful. It is extremely painful for it realizes it is alone and there is no one else in existence that can be its playmate. In that pain, it longs for a playmate. It longs for someone who can meet it at every level of its being. It longs to share itself with someone who could receive what it has to offer.

Being an infinite being with an infinite number of aspects there are an infinite number of ways in which to explore the depth and breadth of its own uniqueness. As such, there are an infinite number of ways in which to play with a playmate and engage a playmate if a playmate could be found. But it has no one with whom to play. It longs for that one playmate who can meet it at every level. In this loneliness is a deep longing for another. It longs for another who could meet its uniqueness in every way. But there is no other. There is only consciousness aware of itself.

In this deep longing, this infinite consciousness, this infinite being, causes itself to shatter. In essence, you could say it learned how to forget who it is and it learns to talk to itself. You could even say it became schizo-phrenic, a split mind, or adopted a multiple personality disorder and it believes it is whatever personality it gives itself in the moment. Although these personalities are illusionary, it nevertheless believes them as true. It forgets who it really is and believes it is only one of the personalities it gives itself.

In being an infinite being, it has an infinite number of ways in which to experience itself. It fragmented itself into an infinite number of fragments each representing an aspect of its total being. Each fragment is only one aspect, one part of the original infinite being. Yet, each part is not separate from the infinity of the total being. It is an illusion to think the part is separate from the whole. Yet, each fragment, each part is capable of independently awakening to encompass the whole. Each can become a playmate of the original being. Each part will see itself differently than the original Being because the unique experiences it had in awakening. Each fragment has a unique awakening. Each fragment is a playmate such that each playmate is capable of fully experiencing and expressing an aspect of the infinite consciousness. In essence, what this being does is rather than localizing its awareness in the totality of being, it localizes its awareness into one or more parts of its being. This is what creates the illusion of multiple being or separate entities yet each being connected in some way. Hence the “trick” of fragmenting itself is simply how it focuses its attention and awareness. How it chooses to focus its attention and awareness is what determines what it experiences. It molds itself into an experience of that on which it is focused.

Yet, being infinite, no one part of consciousness is greater or less than any other part. So experiencing any part or aspect of consciousness will be the same as experiencing the infinite consciousness. Hence each of these playmates is infinite and each is able to play with consciousness as an equal playmate. The fragment is simply consciousness at play with itself localized in a part rather than localized in the whole. However, although it appears there are an infinite number of fragments, there is still only the original infinite being. The illusion of Creation is that each of these fragments are separate entities when in reality, it is only consciousness playing with itself looking for a playmate. Creation is only this infinite being experiencing the depth and breath of its own being simultaneous in an infinite number of ways. Yet, for each fragment to see and experience the infinity of its own being and to realize it is this infinite consciousness at play with itself, it must be free to play, explore and discover the infinity of its own being. In discovering its own being, it discovers that it is the original consciousness. That is why it is said, self awareness is ultimately God awareness. Or maybe better said, self awareness of one’s creativity is awareness of the Creative Power of the Universe.

Implications (Top)

The implications of this story are quite profound and is the whole basis of the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity technology.

You are, as is each part of reality, the expression of one aspect of this infinite consciousness, this infinite being. You, as is each part, are capable of 1) being a playmate and, as such you are, as is each part of reality, a being of infinite consciousness and 2) capable of awakening to who and what you are and expanding your awareness to awaken to the infinity of all that is. You are that fragment of the infinite being awakening to who and what you are. You are the Consciousness of All That Is looking for its Playmate as is each one of us. For some this is just too much to be believed.

We are all interconnected to each other. We only need to focus our attention and awareness to localize our consciousness in any part of Creation to experience that part or aspect. You can see through another’s eyes if you are willing to (1) embrace the pain which they have experienced and hold in their memories as your own and (2) believe how and what they believe. You will then see reality through their filters. What keeps you from seeing this is how you view pain and use it in your life.

As you awaken, you will have a choice. You can choose to either dance in the creative process as it is and currently exists. That is, the world you currently experience. Or, you can create something new and different that better serves who and what you are. The choice is, was and always will be yours.

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