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It needs to be emphasized that pain at its deepest levels is a warning that some limit and barrier that we have imposed on your creative spirit is being challenged or has been exceeded. There is no need to cause pain. Pain will arise to communicate what needs to be communicated. There are easier and gentler way to deal with any limit and barrier that exists in our life. Pain may be the vehicle to raise that limit and barrier to our attention but is it is not something we must rely upon to get our attention. So there is no need to create it.

However, there are those that are creatively “disadvantaged.” If you use pain to get what you desire, you are creatively “disadvantaged.” To be creatively “disadvantaged” is to be unaware that there are easier and gentler ways to get whatever you desire. But to use those methods you will have to give up what you have found successful in the past.

One aspect of creation pain is that, consciously or unconsciously, pain can be a created experience for the purpose of manipulation. Individuals have much invested in their unhappiness and in pain. A lot of emotional energy goes into dealing with pain. One issue is we sometimes are reluctant to give up our pain just because we have so much of our life invested in pain. At some level we think we do not know how to live without pain. So, living without pain is more frightening that living with it. So, we continue to create pain because we seem to be more in control of our lives that without it. To break this approach if you find some aspect of your life stuck in pain is to ask your intuitive guidance what you can do to create and move into a more pain free life. Then honor the intuitive guidance you get and pull the string on what you get until you create what you desire.

Another aspect of creating pain is that pain gives an individual excuses. Pain can call forth compassion in others and that compassion can be used to manipulate others. Usually this is not done intentionally but often it is the only way the individual knows how to get the attention of another. On this note, it has been observed that some are in pain with the specific intention not to manipulate others but simply to awaken their compassion.

It needs to be realized that nobody hold us in misery or unhappiness - we hold ourselves captive in our pain. In reality, if one is miserable, one is responsible for the pain they create but no one wants to accept responsibility for their own misery. It is much easer to point to another, to something external to oneself as the cause. Ultimately we shall see the choice is ours to be happy and/or in pain within the realization of the creativity perspective, pain is only awakening us to an aspect of our being that is asleep. The major issue around pain is that we have lost it origins as to how we created it and why.

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