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Pain, if explored, will allow us to be come aware of the attachment and/or the limit and barrier restraining us. To find that attachment, we need to set a clear intention to explore our belief structure and discover the origins of our pain to uncover our attachment. We must “pull the string” and ask your intuitive guidance, “why - why is the pain here in the form it is here and now and not some where else in another form? We need to ask, “What is my subconscious communicating to me?” Then in finding the attachment we only need to let go of our attachments to become free - that is unless we wish to bring a new creation into reality. If you are unable to figure out how to let go of your attachment, consult your intuitive guidance and ask it to show you how to let go and become free. Then honor the intuitive guidance you receive.

It needs to be understood one can experience the pain of creation, a birthing pain, where the pain one feels is the pain is related to creating something new and you are pulling away for the old form. The pain of creation simply arises when you want to create something new but for whatever reason, you cannot let go of certain things of the past. It is not necessarily that you cannot let go because you are attached to them. Rather, you are trying to create within an existing creation and the existing creation may not fully support the creation in which you are trying to birth. In some ways it the difference in renovating an old house as opposed to completely redesigning it and starting from no existing form. The old house forces you to stay within a given form. Or it may be like trying to fly to the moon in a rocket where you must struggle against the pull of gravity. You are not personally attached to the gravity, it is just a constrain on what you are trying to do. In any case, the question is, “Do we learn to freely work with the flow or be pulled along unconsciously and struggle against our attachments to our past creations and the existing from?” Here again, if faced with a birthing pain, look to your intuitive guidance to see what you can to address the root of the pain.

The second awareness about pain is that it tells us that we are attached to something and that attachment is limiting and confining our freedom of movement necessary for the new creation. What is difficult for most to accept is that pain represents one’s best interest and at any, and all levels of our being, (spiritual, mental, emotional or physical). It is only functioning as an alarm and is telling us to wake up. It is warning that something is potentially harmful to our being or we are being harmed. Yet, to say something is being harmed is a judgement of our mind. What is really occurring is some limit, barrier or threshold we use to define ourselves in the experience we have is being challenged or we are moving past it and have not let go.

We need to wake up to the fact that ultimately the pain is related to the fact that a truth of our being is approaching the limit of its endurance. The question is and always will be, are we using pain effectively. This does not mean indulge pain. We do not need to create pain and there is no reason why one should not do what they can to remove pain sensations. However one responds to the pain they should look beyond the particular pain they have to understand what is being communicated and why. Do we change the limit or boundary that is confining the new creation or do we back off and leave things as they are? Of course, the last thing you want to do is to numb the pain and try and pay not attention to it. That will ultimately develop into an addictive pattern and/or an addiction. And it needs to be noted one of the most common additions is a thinking addiction that keeps our creativity bound.

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