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There are realization about pain and from pain that have come from a variety of sources that you can understand without the need to cause yourself pain to understand them. That is, you do not have to experience pain to prove them and realize them. That has been done for you. Rather only you need to accept and use them in your life to experience the truth within them. Of course, you are free to do your own experiments painful as they may need to be.

Some of the realizations you will find are:

  • I am not my body. The body is only a vehicle for experience.

  • I am not my pain that I fear, avoid, and/or dislike. The pain is only an alarm.

  • I am a flow of energy, an animating creative spirit, a consciousness with fixed ideas, intentions and desires within a body. I experience pain as a result of holding to those ideas, intentions and desires when they should be let go. The desire itself is not the root of my bain but my attachment to what I desire.

  • If I apply myself, I am capable of feeling what thoughts, memories, words and deeds serve me or don’t long before I create pain and the need to feel pain.

There are three analogies that have been used to speak to the problem of pain and the ego and its attachment. They are the pearl, the boat and the coconut.

The pearl analogy addresses the issue that the pain from the attachment we hold continually grows because as we coat it with more and more emotional energy as we continue to hold it.

In the boat analogy, our attachment which gives rise to the pain we experience is much like a rope holding the boat that can be released at any time - if we let go. You are free to release the tension you feel as pain if you let go. Our challenge is exactly of what do I need to let go to release the pain we feel.

The coconut analogy addresses the issue that you will not realize your attachment until your consciousness matures. It must mature sufficiently to recognize that attachment and to allow your ego to separate itself from that attachment. The ego must learn to separate itself from how that attachment is being used to define your ego in some way. In turn your ego is just the composite of what you think and believe. So here the challenge is what is it that we think and believe that we need to let go. Often what we need to let go is any belief or thinking pattern that does not allow us to embrace the fact that we are not our bodies. The body is only a vehicle for the experience that we as the creator of our experiences, are using for the experience we chose to have for one reason or another.

It does need to be noted that you will not “forget” the memory or remove the memory causing your pain for you ultimately forget nothing. Who and what you are is the sum total of all that you have been and always will be. Rather you transform the experience and/or what you think and believe in some way such that you hold it differently. You hold it in a way that it not longer holds you and binds your creative life energy and creates pain in your life. Remember, energy is neither created or destroyed, only transformed. This includes all of your memories and all that you are at every level of your being for all they are is energy held in a fixed pattern or form.

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