The precious pearl within pain


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They way a pearl is formed is a good analogy for the pain. It is an especially a good analogy when it seems we have lost the origins of our pain. Our attachment, the longing and holding to something, sets up the process for pain.

The process of forming a pear starts with a speck of dirt. When a speck of dirt is placed in an oyster the oyster finds that speck is an irritant. That we know - because the oyster coats the speck. The oyster slowly coats the speck so it becomes (hopefully) less of an irritant. [I have no idea if the oyster is feeling pain - I have not gone into oyster consciousness to find out.] Over time the coating builds up getting larger and larger. The speck itself, has never been removed but continues to be the seed for the development of a bigger irritant. If coating of the speck of dirt ceased to be an irritant, the coating process would stop. But, the pearl continues to grow. In essence, the irritant is magnified. There is a focused concentration on the part of the oyster. The oyster continues to create a buildup of coatings trying to remove the irritant. The irritant only grows larger. It continues to be an irritant because it continues to be coated. Again, it ceases to be an irritant when the oyster stops coating it. But the oyster continues to coat it. In the end, we humans get a gem - if we find the oyster, but the oyster gets one big irritant - literally a big pain.

This process is very similar with our longings and our attachments. We continue to hold on to them when we need to let go. Because we hold on to them for so long they become a mental habit and slowly the longing goes into the subconscious being coated again and again with the emotions of longing and attachment. This emotional attention is the equivalent of us coating the speck in the oyster. Over time the human equivalent of a pearl is formed and a gem is available in two ways. On is the universe gets a gem. It gets a creation to be experienced and savored. The other gem is that we can get if we find it If we consciously explore the root of our pain we find there is an awaken of our consciousness through pain. And if we do it right, we may get all that bound emotional energy release in the euphoric kundalini rising. That is all that creative life energy is released and made available and we feel its rush through our body and our being.

However, if we refuse to awaken and not become aware of our attachments and the irritants they are in your emotional life, we get a different result. When this emotional energy is released in unawareness, we get a materialized physical pain - an accident, illness, disease in the body which is seen as the cause of the pain, or some other type of painful misfortune. But whatever we experience as painful is really only the occasion for the release of the bound energy. Yet, we can realize that we can use the pain as a doorway into awareness. If we pull the string on the pain and pursue its deepest origins, we will find our attachment. In releasing that attachment, we prevent another painful condition arise in our life.

We experience the pearl - that large painful irritant being manifested as a accident, illness, disease or misfortune but we never see the irritant that caused that pearl to manifest. We often donít know where the pain come from for it looks nothing likes it origins. But we do know what to look for if we see the pain as a pearl, we look for that speck that cause the pearl to form.

A manifested condition that is painful is only the expression of the emotional energy. It is the expression of emotional energy that has for so long been coating a longing and/or an attachment to something. It has been coating an attachment that is related to what we wish and is other than what is. Often it is something our mind wants but is opposed to what we are trying to create with the intention for our life. Often it is that the desires of our mind are in conflict with the desires of the heart.

We tend to focus on the occasion of pain, treat the occasion, but the cause remains to come back again in another form, in another occasion for pain. We need to realize that all pain, no matter what it is, has at its root and beginnings in a simple speck of irritant caused by a longing. It is caused by an attachment to something that must be released for it will cause harm to our being. It will cause harm in that it is opposed to where our creative life energy is flowing. We fail to accept the fact that the pain is only a warning and a messenger. Rather, we keep denying the messenger because we do not wish to hear what they have to say. We prefer to remain in our need not to know. To claim the pearl and recover the treasure held bound, that is, the release of emotional creative energy for a new creation, one need to explore the origins of the pain.

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