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Throughout the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material it is said we can learn to feel our thoughts, our words and our deed and actions which serve and do not serve us. The question is, “What exactly serves us, how do we know what serves us and how do we feel when we are being served.

Although exactly what we will feel will be unique to our being there are some things that tend to be somewhat generic. There are some general statements that can be made about what severs or doesn’t serve us

It needs to be remembered we are infinitely creative beings of unlimited creativity. If we choose to explore and know ourselves we would always be feeling as though we are continually expanding. Or we would have a feeling of expansion in the life we live whether or not we consider what we experience in the moment painful or pleasurable. Even in pain we would experience a part of our selves expanding.

When we feel ourselves shrink, we are deny ourselves or otherwise becoming less that we are. All we need to do is to look to see if the experience we have is giving us a feeling of expansion and a feeling of becoming more expansive. That is, the awareness of ourselves and/or Creation expands with little or not effort. It addition whatever we experience is, or directs us toward, creating a life worth living.

General statements about what serves and doesn’t serve you

The following are some indicators that have been found to let us know if our being is served. To know what specifically serves or doesn’t serve you as an individual it is recommended you do the discerning truth exercise discussed in “Calibrating Your Internal Compass” and see what telling yourself a truth and telling yourself a life feels like to you.

Typically, activities that serve us cause us experience one or more of the following: we feel we are growing in the awareness of our own being; we feel an expansion within our being; we experience a lightness of being; we experience a feeling of bliss and joy within our being independent of what is happening externally; and/or we experience calmness in our being as we are actively engaged in whatever it is we do. The more we feel what we would describe or interpret as a feeling of inner bliss and joy in what we do or one of these other feelings, the more that what we do and experience is probably in alignment with our personal truth and serving who and what we are.

When we are served we are directed toward creating a life worth living. A life worth living will direct us to move closer to living our creative passion and/or what gives us a passion for life and for living. What we do that serves our being should create a desire to live life.

To be served at our deepest levels, we should be finding ourselves to be encouraged by what we do to move toward living more and more in a state of spontaneous and innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration of the universe. What we do should move us toward living in wonderment and “ah “at how the universe operates. That is we are so overwhelmed by what we are experiencing all we can utter is “Ah.” If we are not moving more and more into spontaneous and innocent childlike play, we are not living our creative passion but only living to something our mind has created to mask our true passion and our true nature and we are not really being served. We may be enjoying life, but we are not being served at our deepest levels.

One example of being served

As we live life and gain more experience in life we should not be surprised that we refine the feeling that gives us the expansion described above. Additionally we should realizes the more we can live that feeling that serves us at our deepest levels, the greater our chance of the Ultimate Accident and consciously experiencing the Source of Creation. Here is one such example of the author.

“All of my life I have followed a feeling, a deep inner feel. It has been a feeling very close to my heart and what is symbolized by the heart. As a child, I described that feeling as a feeling of play. As a child I would do those things that game me that feeling of play as I defined play. Everything wasn’t playful. Some were more playful than others.

"As an adult and I “outgrew” the concept of play. It wasn’t that I did not continue to look to play as I understood play. Rather it was as an adult, I could no longer talk about play for an adult was not suppose to play. Or, what others called play was more competitive and not the type and kind of activities I called play. So, I characterized the feeling as doing what I found to be “fun” or “enjoyable.” Yet that was an improper characterization of that feeling. For the feeling was not “fun” or “enjoyable,” it was a different feeling that doing what was fun or enjoyable.

"The feeling was more refined and more akin to the feeling I had that arose from the model train collection I had. I look to create to create a model train layout. Over time I found the dream of creating that model train layout was what I was using to protect my creative spirit as I moved through life. In essence, what life expected of me and required me to do was not what allow this inner feeling of what was import to my being to be expressed. The model trains provided a way to keep that feeling alive. But it wasn’t the trains that gave the feeling. It was what I was doing with them that gave rise to the feeling. I was creating with them. Conscious creating gave a feeling within my being that the only characterization my mind could give it was childlike “play,” “fun” or “enjoyable.” Yet those characterization were inaccurate.”

“The “real” experience came, or rather the deepest experience and awareness of this feeling came when I experienced the Ultimate Accident. Then, for a short period of time, I had a set of experiences that wove together like I never had experienced before. It as not one experience. It was all of them simultaneously together and what they meant. It was being allowed to simultaneous go to the source of my being, to the source of life at each and every level of my being to create a new life with that part of my being. It was the experience of going to the source of life simultaneously spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically unique to my being that I realized the feeling that was guiding me all thorough my life. It was then, and only then that, I could begin to character exactly what is was that was guiding me through life. It was the feeling that arises from creation/Creation  of life/Life. I was at the source/Source of creation/Creation and the source of life/Life. As I was in that experience and feeling I also experienced who and what the “I” really is and isn’t. I saw and experienced creation for what it really was.”

“So over the years I have tied to create a way to consciously live in that source/Source and at the source/Source. Although I know I do it very moment subconsciously, it is the conscious experience of it that I seek. And I know how to do that. But, intriguingly, creation/Creation is not done alone. We need another or others for any experience we have. We need another to help create that conscious experience of the source/Source. So, it is not something I can do myself. Nor is it something anyone else can do themselves. In some ways it is a paradox of creation. Although the source/Source resides within me and only I can open that door to access it and consciously experience it, I cannot access it without another with whom to create an experience of creation.”

It is for the reason, that creation/Creation is not done alone, that we have a deep longing in our heart. The longing comes from the origins of Creation Itself as the “Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective” ties to communicate. It is the source of the ultimate pain we will face. It is the need to remove this pain that leads to a search and/or potentially to addictions. It is a search for the Beloved, the beloved, that perfect soul mate and whatever and whomever is willing to become a co-creator of the experiences we desire to have. It is a source of potential addictions for an awareness of the pain without a way to remove it we seek to numb it. Yet the remedy of the pain is not having what we appear to seek whether it be the beloved/Beloved or the addiction we use. The pain is removed in creating and embracing the free expression of the creative spirit within our being. Yet, again the paradox, the free expression of our creative spirit cannot be done without another in co-creation of the experience we create with our creative spirit.

The recommendation

The recommendation is, whatever we use or do in life ,we should eat and digest it making it our own and using what is effective for what we wish to create. We need to allow what we do to arise from within our being such that it provides us what an experience of our own creation, not that of another even if in the end we do something similar to another.

If we follow the guidance, direction and/or approach of another we need to look to see if they are effective in our life and allows our creative spirit to freely flow and express itself. We need to look to see if what they give provides us a feeling of expansion and a feeling of becoming more expansive as described above. It is in that expansion into the infinity of our own being we will find the Source of Creation and the Source of Life and we will find a life worth living.

We come fully equipped to find and live such a life. We come with an internal compass that will guide us to that life if we follow it. All we need to do is calibrate the internal compass and follow it. We do so through feeling and not what mind thinks or wants. The key is to become aware of what it is in life of what allows our creative spirit to be free - to be free to unfold and express itself in freedom true to its nature. This we do through feeling and a mindfulness and awareness of what we feel.

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