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It is said at the end of the topic Learning to Walk: We learn the feat of walking with our physical body at the earliest age of our life and take walking for granted. Similarly, most of us also learn to run but few do it routinely for few of us have the need to run. Others learn to dance, but again, it is not something done routinely by most people. Yet, most of us never learn to do the same within each of the two creative aspect of our being. We never seem to realize that just as we learn to walk physically and as a result we, as humanity, have explored almost the entire physical planet and beyond, we must learn to walk spiritually, mentally, and emotionally and most importantly, creatively in these four areas. Just as we can run and dance physically, we can also learn to run and dance spiritually, mentally and emotionally and we need to do so if we really are to be free. Most importantly, we need to walk, run and dance with the creative life energy within our being itself.

To creative walk is to learn to go into and out of balance between mind and what is symbolized in the heart. To go out of balance is to move out of what we think and believe to explore other options and possibilities and to explore other feelings. To create, we need to set an intention and then follow the flow of energy created by that intention through our internal compass. If we stay with the feelings we know and/or with what we think and believe we either will remain stagnant and have no movement or we will continually go around in a circle recreating the past. To explore new options we must allow ourselves to become wild.

To creatively walk we must allow ourselves to experience the unbalance must as we experience an unbalance as we learn to ride a bicycle. In that unbalance we learn how to ride the bicycle. So too our creativity. In learning to be in the unbalance and knowing what it feels like, we learn to fully utilize our creativity. We learn that it is okay to be in that unbalanced state as we learn. We only need to become clear on what it is we are trying to learn.

What needs to be noted here is that the human being has four major aspects - a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspect. We are like a four string instrument and each one of these aspects must be calibrated and tuned to create any given creation. What this means is that if we are going to learn to play our creative instrument across its full range, at some point in our life we will need to go out of mind and experience with the range of our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspects. Yet it is not necessary to do this unless we wish to do so.

What we can do is for any creative endeavor, allow ourselves to go out of mind to experience the range of the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical freedom necessary for that individual creation. Then, move back into the dance between mind and heart to create what we desire.

What needs to be understood is that to dance between mind and heart for a particular creative endeavor, we will need to move out of mind into the heart and back again. As we move out of mind we will experience an unbalance in one or more of our spiritual, mental, emotional and/or physical aspects. If we are uncomfortable with what we experience and are not free to be in the experience as we move into and out of balance, we will stop the creative process. We will interfere with our own creation and divert the energy flowing to manifest what we desire into something else. So it is important to be aware of the experience of unbalance and learn to live with the chaos and anxiety it produces such that we down thwart our own creative endeavors.

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