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To set an intention
Clarity of intent
Take ownership
Incorporate a devil’s advocate
Expanding to encompass all of Creation and integrating our intention within our being
Prepare ourselves
Inserting our intention into Creation
Some thoughts on energizing and creating passion for our intention

It needs to be understood, to have an intention is different than to set an intention. To set an intention is to act to make it happen. If you wish, look at having and intention as the blueprints to build a house. To set an intention is to pour the concrete for the foundation that fixes the size and form of the house and starts the building process for the entire house rests on the foundation you set.

To set an intention, nothing really needs to be done other than telling ourselves we will do something then act to do what we say we will do. The most important aspects of setting any intention is clarity of the intent and acting to manifest the intention. What becomes key to manifesting an intention is our ability to hold focus on what we desire to create and the amount of energy we can put into acting to manifest our intention.

If we make our decision and act and we have the determination and passion of a drowning person has for air, a blinding passion, nothing else is needed. A drowning person grasping for air has no doubt whatsoever for what they seek. Without air, they know they will die. So too what we face in our creative efforts. With such a passion, either we will get what we desire or a part of us dies. In most cases, if we have a blinding passion for what we desire, we will get what we seek or die in some way trying.

Having such a focus and passion is easier said that done. Most of us do not set an intention with the determination and a passion of a drowning person unless we are desperate. If you do not have such a blinding passion then there are five requirements which must be met and we will need to address all five. The are: the passion to pay the price; the right perspective; willingness to enter the unknown; willing to act; and ability to hold focus. Each of these are discussed in some detail in the topic, “Five requirements to manifest an intention or desire.” The following recommendations are provided to help address these five things.

Clarity of intent (Top)

Clarity of intention goes beyond have clear and precise words which enunciate what we desire It is about knowing why we want what we do. It is to “pull the string” on why this particular intention we have in the form we hold it as oppose to something else. It is to pull the string until we really understand why we want what we do. It is also about addressing other competing conscious and nonconscious intentions which may be causing us to scatter our creative life energy rather than make our intention a single point focus of our life. The topics “Clarity of Intent” talks to this topic and some thoughts about competing intentions are found in the topic “Conscious, Subconscious and Unconscious focus.”

Take ownership (Top)

The more passion and emotional energy we can put into our desire, the greater our ability to create and manifest our desire. In this regard, we must be encouraged to use techniques we find personally satisfying. That is, the techniques themselves help catalyze our passion. We have to take ownership of all we do. Otherwise we are giving away our creative power to another. Anything we use including thoughts and ideas that we don’t make our own, causes us to give away some of our creative power and creative ability. We have to take ownership of what we give away.

It is highly recommended we do our own experiments and develop our own technique and not use those of another. That does not mean we do not use what another gives us. It means we use it our way and in a way that satisfies us. When we work with the physical world, some things must be very precise and exactly follow the rules of the physical plane.

We it comes to us creating something, we must hold our creativity sacred. If we don’t hold our creativity sacred in the creative process we will be giving away some of our creative power that we need to create. We must act in a way that we allow the free expression of our creativity.

Free expression of our creativity does not mean we become antisocial and an anarchist. Nor does it mean we have to hurt anyone or cause unnecessary damage to anything. There will be things that must be sacrificed in any creative endeavor for a sacrifice in creation is inherent to the process. However it does mean we may have to travel the Left Hand Path in society. It will probably makes us look different or at least be seen as different. Nevertheless, we must take responsibility for where we are not holding our creativity sacred above all else in a creative endeavor.

A technique personally chosen by us, especially one taken from another but modified with some unique personal preferences, allows the emotional ownership of the technique. That emotional ownership can be utilized in the process to assist in the manifestation of our desire. It add greatly to the effort when we can do it our way.

The emotional expression behind any creative endeavor is essential in manifesting the desire. A creative endeavor without emotion contains very little energy. The more emotional “charge” we can put into our effort, the greater the probability it will work. We have to take charge of the energy we allow to flow into our creative endeavors.

Incorporate a devil’s advocate (Top)

To set an intention we will benefit from employing a devil’s advocate. The devils’ advocate is an individual who holds the same intention as us. However, they challenge what we desires to do and how we are going about doing it. It is not that they want what is desired to fail. Rather it is the opposite. They take the opposite position to see if there are ways the current thinking and approach will lead to failure. The devil’s advocate looks to see how we can fail to correct those deficiencies in our approach before we make them. They appear to be “the devil” for they seem to keep interfering with what we desire to do. Yet they are only looking to keep us on a path that does not cause us to go and do needless work.

We can be our own devil’s advocate if we wish and we should learn to do so. Other’s do not share our passion and desire to create what we do. They may support us but they will not have the enthusiasm as we do for what we desire to create. In many ways, being the devil’s advocate for ourselves will teach us how to become a detached witness. It will teach us to stand apart form our own efforts and to see an bigger picture and will allow us to look at what we do from a second view point.

Expanding to encompass all of Creation and integrating our intention within our being (Top)

Setting an intention is about holding and acting on our intention. This included asking support from any and all unseen powers which my have an interest in what we desire to create. As applicable, we should address our intention to, or allow our intention to address, all the beings or being/Being we are expecting to respond. That is, if we expect God to respond, then address our intention to God. If we expect our Higher Self to respond, then address we need to our Higher Self. If we expect angels, a greater teacher or other spirits to assist us in our effort, we need address our intention to them. If we believe we are the creator of our experiences and the reality of our experience, we need only to call forth our nonconscious aspects of our being which we see reflected before as the world and reality we experience. We need to see ourselves expanding our awareness to encompass all those who are interconnected in some way with our intention.

We need to be careful not to give our creative power and creative ability away and/or hold another responsible for what we must do. We must fully align all aspects of our being. Within the creativity perspective and energy consciousness model, this is about aligning three aspects of our mind.

One is we must align our nonconscious mind with our creative efforts. Our nonconscious mind contains the beliefs that we hold and give rise to what we experience, our body and the world we experience. It is responsible for releasing the emotions and feelings we need to catalyze our creative endeavors.

The conscious mind is our reasoning and mental self. It is capable of both making the petition to others and aligning or scatter all aspects of our being.

The third aspect encompasses what many call our Higher Self, our awareness of God, and the unseen aspects of Creation. Some call it our soul, sprit and what we perceive as lying outside our physical form. It is seen as working with God, the All That Is, the total Consciousness, whatever we believe, to bring our request into manifestation. However, the Higher Self is really only a part of our nonconscious self. It is addressed no differently than our nonconscious mind and will have a subconscious and unconscious component.

What needs to be understood is that what gives rise to our bodies and the world we experience is determined by our unconscious mind and what lies in our transcendental mind. All that we believe about God, the unseen aspects of Creation, the unseen realms and the like is more determined by our subconscious mind than our unconscious mind. But our deepest knowing about the unseen world lies in our transcendental mind and it is the structure created by our transcendental mind is what we tend to experience when we access the unseen realms in our life. Whatever we believe and think about the unseen realms doesn’t matter. Rather, we need to work to align what we believe with our intention. In particular, we need to become aware of where our intention may or may not conform with what we believe about the unseen.

It needs to be realized if what we think and believe about the unseen world is in somehow against, or opposed, to what we desire to create, we will be unable to fully align our creative power and creative ability with our intention. It is the decision of our conscious mind based on what we think and believe to choose to align the unseen aspects of Creation and align the these aspects of our being. Sometimes we must give up what we desire to create or we will go against or concept of God and the unseen realms. Or, we may need to give up our concept of God and the unseen to create what we desire. If we try to create without the alignment of our intention and how we perceive the unseen aspects of Creation and the intention for our life, we may be successful at what we desire to create but we will have a feeling of separation and have scattered and fragmented our creative power and energy.

To provide an final integration, we need to direct our subconscious mind to integrate our intention with everything else we believe and tell our intuitive guidance to surface the issues we need to face to provide for that integration. Or, if we prefer not to direct our subconscious, we can create a ritual, ceremony or metatheater where we give ourselves an actual experience that will allow the integration of our intention with all the beliefs we hold. That is, we create some type or kind of action where we symbolically show our subconscious integrating our intention with our current life and world. For example, it could be moving the furniture in the most important room in our home to make available some space for our new creation. Then put something which symbolically represents our new creation in that space. In doing so, we make it a part of our current world. As we do the ritual, we will probably have thoughts, images feelings and the like that are indicators of what we will need to face to provide this integration. We may even want to make notes as to what arises. Of course, it needs to be realize, were will still have to face what arises in our life to create our intention. The ritual by itself does not create anything. If it only and outward sign of what we are doing within.

Prepare ourselves (Top)

Centering and/or calming ourselves is often seen as focusing on our breathing as in a meditation or through some other type or kind of action. Often we use a quite room, music which allows us to center, siting in a relaxed position, or other similar techniques.

However, preparing ourselves actually need to go one step further. Before seeking the cooperation of the Universe to give us information, we should make peace with the Universe. Of particular note is that we should forgive anyone who we need to forgive so that our creative energy flow freely and it is not scattered or bound because of feeling and memories that are bound to the past. This includes ourselves. Any animosity we have against someone or something, including ourselves, and any regrets we have binds and scatters our creative life energy that we need for our creative endeavors.

It needs to be understood that forgiveness as used here is not the same as traditionally seen. It is not about asking someone to forgive us if we have harmed them and saying “I am sorry.” Forgiveness is not about saying, “I forgive you” to someone who hurt is. It goes much deeper than this. It is to understand that whatever we experience, no matter how painful it is, we have either created, or in which we agreed to participate, at some level of our being. It is to go into ourselves and understand why we have created the experience we had and not to hold any judgement on why we created it no matter how wrong or bad others may have judge it. It is to realize we did the best we could with the understanding we had. It is to understand why we did what we did and either accept those beliefs and way of thinking as our own or change them to create something that better serves us.

If there is no one in particular that we need to forgive and there are no specific regrets we hold, we an use some type and kind of generic statement. For example, “I forgive the Universe and all that are in it, the Universe forgives me, and I forgive myself. I ask my intuitive guidance to surface what I need to know and/or of which to be aware to free my creative life energy from being bound to issues of forgiveness.” This may be adequate. Our intuitive guidance will respond and provide what we need to know.

To use such a general intention when our energy is focused, that is, we are aware of a particular individual that we need to forgive is a disservice to ourselves. It does not, and will not, free our bound energy that we are trying to access. In fact, it creates an even more binding situation for we lie to ourselves. We need to be specific if a specific issue or person exists. In some cases, reparations or ritual my be appropriate to convince our subconscious self of our intention to let go. But, in any case, we need to go within and understand what within our own being both gave rise to the situation were forgiveness arose as an issue and we responded in a way that we created the conditions that forgiveness of some type in some way is needed. In any case, we can always ask our intuitive guidance to surface and advise us of whatever we need to address that will, or is, interfering with what we desire to create and what we need to do to release our bound creative energy.

Inserting our intention into Creation (Top)

What ever desire we hold and act upon to manifest, should be visualized as an accomplished fact. We should see success even when we attempt to create the impossible. To see success even for the impossible will take us much father in our creative endeavors than thinking we will not be successful for we are attempting the impossible.

What we intend should not be perceived as something which will happen in the future. But it needs to be visualized in our creative imagination as happening and unfolding now. We need to allow ourselves to feel what we desire to experience in the present and know the universe is being orchestrated to manifest what we desire in the present.. If the desire is visualized what we desire as happening in the future in our creative imagination, it will be kept there - in the future. We need to see what we desire as already happen. It needs to be understood that on the level of the Universe that orchestrates what manifests, our intention is instantaneously integrated and in process for manifestation.

If we hold our intention the energy continues to flow into our creation. If we hold that intention as happening in the future, the energy will always be project beyond the present. We have to old our intention in the awareness the energy if forming itself into the manifestation of our intention now. We have to understand what is appearing before us is only moving to create what we desire.

It is recommend that our request and intention be said aloud three times in some type or kind of ritual which provides an emotional experience. The ritual creates the memory that we can recall to energize us through the entire creative process. The emotions which are allowed to arise catalyze and energizes our intention into form.

Why three times. Simply because it works better that more or less. But why three? It appears the first time is for us to really hear if the words are correct. If so, the second time is to set the mental switches in place that will channel the energy into our new creation. To hear it twice is to really hear it. The third time is to turn the switches on to allow the energy to flow.

In reciting our intention we may wish to visualize ourselves at a large electrical control panel performing these three steps when we recite our intention. We start by imagine ourselves sitting at our desk. The first time we state the intention we are told by the authorities in our life that we are going to turn a series of switches. Here we become aware of what we are going to do and get prepared to act. We look to ensure we know where all the switches are and how they will be manipulated before we move them. The second time we state our intention we see ourselves getting up and going to the control board to find the switch. Here we check to see what switch we need to select without turning the switch. We just ensure we have the correct one. The third time we state the intention, we turn the switch and cause the energy to flow into our intention. Here we watch the energy flow into the designated flow path and we see the indicator lights all aligned that the energy is flowing in the proper direction required. In doing so we know the energy is flowing to manifest what we desire. We just need to continue to hold our intention as a single point focus honoring and following our intuitive guidance as it lead us.

Some thoughts on energizing and creating passion for our intention (Top)

There are several things that can be done to secure both the focus and the energy needed to manifest the desired intention. Some have already been alluded to in the previous discussion and are provided as short checklist/summary.

Use a clearly written intention

Use a devil’s advocate - yourself or someone whom you trust.

Create a ritual to create a memory that instills passion

Create and establish a daily practice or daily reminder to keep focused and to review and reinforce what is desired

Work in a way that fits our uniqueness, become mindful and aware as our path is presented to us as to what we need to face. If faced with difficulties ask our intuitive guidance as to how to address the issue in the fastest, easiest and gentlest way.

Act on the insights and information provided. If the direction seems to take us into something bizarre, create a ritual or metatheater to honor the information in a safe way.

Part of the focus of these action is to take the conscious intention and turn it into a subconscious intention. The rituals and meta-theatrics that we do will creating memories that become subconsciously implanted. The daily practice creates habits and can literally rewire the brain into particular thought patterns There is a neuroplasticity to the brain. This is why changing habits is often difficult because some of then are “hardwired” and there needs to be a continual focus to dissolve the existing “hardwired” patterns into the new patterns we desire for our stated intention.

After we perform these exercises, we can expect to experience one of two things. One is that insights will surface on their own and we will know how that insight is an answer to our question or leads us to the next step to get our answer. That other thing we can expect is that no insights occur. If none occur, we simply need to directly ask our intuitive guidance with questions such as, “what does this answer/manifestation look like?” or “what is the next thing which I need to do look like to obtain this answer or manifest this intention?”

The recommendation provided here is to not ask our intuitive guidance “why?” questions. They will only take is into our analytical mind. That in turn greater increases the probability of moving us away from what we can obtain from our intuitive guidance. It is recommended “Why?” questions are not used until we have learn to discern our intuition for our normal thinking processes. Rather it is recommended we build on asking “What?” and “How?” questions. These types of questions build around looking for images or feelings can better provide us what we seek

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