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The view from the heart allows us to access our optimum creative power. It is to learn to view our life from what is symbolized in the heart and what we incarnated to experience in life. It is to experience life focused on what makes life worth living and provides us with the feeling of the fulness within one’s being. It is to be in, and do, what gives life, provides life, or provides a passion for life and for living.

It is to actively seek to be in the optimum alignment with the flow of energy that sustains our being. It is to align with what we feel and to be out of mind surrendering to the flow of the creative life energy. Focusing on the fulness of being and what gives life provides a natural alignment with the flow of creative life energy within our being. It allows us to be at the source of our creative power and ability. It provides access to our optimum creative power in this life and the possibility of expanding that power. It is a natural flow path that pulls us toward what we incarnated to experience. The flow of energy that gives that fulness of being and passion for life is the “heart” of our being and is what give us the life we live. To live our heart and what we feel is both a symbolically and literally a correct way to understand this view.

What we feel and the sensations we experience in the body flows from the unseen aspects of Creation. The fact thy are unseen does not make them unreal. It is just that we cannot perceive the energy with the senses as they are normally used. The normal view of heart is more related to the question, “What do I need to feel or what do I feel I need to do?” The deeper, more mature view and understanding of the heart addresses the question “Why am I here and what is it I need to do with this life that I have?”

When we learn to view from the heart and sense the energy of the situation, we can begin to see and become aware of the deeper conditions giving rise to what we experience. In doing so we can see where flows of energy have been and from where they come and we can see where they go. There is nothing magical about this. It is no different than a tracker can look at a footprint in the dirt and tell you roughly how long ago it was made or an engineer can look at the rust on the top of a rail track and tell you how long since a train went over it. What is different we are just using our ability to sense the unseen energy of the universe that is giving rise to the experiences we have. To learn to dance within the heart, we needs to step out of mind and surrender to the intention for our life allowing it to lead wherever it leads.

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