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Our natural view or perspective of Creation


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The normal or natural view or perspective of a human being in Creation is to view Creation from within Creation. It is, in essence, to view Creation at least seven levels down from our starting point as that aspect of the consciousness within, or behind, Creation as discussed in the Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective.

If we believe in, or at least willing to work with, the equivalency of energy and consciousness and consciousness creates by how it focuses its attention and awareness by how and what it thinks and believes, there are at least seven levels of beliefs which we have needed to adopt in some way to create the human physical experience. Adopting each of these beliefs can be seen a limiting, bounding or giving a way our creative ability and creative power in order to have the human physical experience. There is nothing wrong this for it is just the way we create our experiences within the creative process.

Belief layersAs seen in the Figure entitled "Belief Layers," our conscious awareness normally resides in our ego identity. It is created by and represents what we think about ourselves, our environment and Creation. For our awareness to get to this identity and have the perspective it does, we had to adopt a variety of beliefs. In some ways accepting beliefs in the layered fashion as described here is "stepping down our creative power" analogous to the way electricity is "stepped" down from the transmission yard at the electrical generating station from a extremely high voltage to a level that is safe to use in our house.

There is the generating station which produces the electricity which steps up the electricity for transmission. Transmission voltages can vary and can range between 765kv (765,000v) and 138kv (138,000v). Transmission customers who access power from transmission lines will use voltages in the range of 230kv to 128kv. The Transmission line then goes to a substation where the voltage is stepped down from the transmission voltages between 765kv and 138kv to maybe 26kv or 69kv. There are substation customers who will use voltage directly from the substation at 26kv or 69kv. However, for most primary customers the voltage is stepped down to 13kv (13,000v)or 4kv (4,000v). Secondary customers, such a residential customer or small business the voltage is stepped down to 240v or 120v. Then in our house we may step the voltage down further to may 10v or 12v to run a train transformer or convert the AC current to a DC current of a few volts to run a hand held battery backup device. To use the electricity in our house the energy is stepped down by a factor of approximately 10,000 times. Alternatively said, the electricity we use is 10,000 times less that what starts out in initial transmission.

Each step in the transmission process can be seen as limited or reducing the power of the electricity. However, there is no judgment as to what voltage is good or bad. However, if one plugs a 120 volt device into a greater electrical voltage it would be destroyed and if one plugs a device requiring greater than 120 volts into 120 volts it will not run. The same is analogously true about the beliefs and perspective we adopt to have certain types and kinds of experiences. We need to limit our creative power to have certain types and kinds of experiences and similarly we need to call back our creative power and remove the limits on our creative power to have other experiences. It is all a matter of what we desire to experience.

As indicated or implied in the Figure "Belief Layers" There are the beliefs about Creation (off the diagram), beliefs about the unseen realms (Collective Non Earth Plane Beliefs), beliefs about Physical Creation (Collective Earth Plane Beliefs), beliefs about what it means to be a human being in Physical Creation (Collective Human Experience on the Earth Plane), beliefs about our society with the human community (Collective Society and Culture Beliefs), our beliefs about being a male or female within our society (Individual Subconscious/Unconscious Beliefs), and what we believe about who and what we are as a individual human being (Conscious Ego Identity and Beliefs). It is to be noticed that many of the label use the world "collective." It needs to be understood that we are participating in a shared created. It is the collectively held beliefs which allow us to share our experience with any other or have them in our life to give us the experience of shared creation.

The first level of beliefs lie in what we believe about Creation. These beliefs are what allow our awareness to be able see itself separate from the consciousness within, or behind, Creation to have an experience of Creation. In some ways it is the corollary to the Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective. The consciousness within, or behind, Creation causes itself to seemingly shatter into an infinite number of unique aspects of its own being in its desire to find a playmate. Then each of these independent unique aspects must awaken to itself and it existence and find it way back from the awareness it its exists to the awareness of that it is the whole. In doing so, it will begin to experience the Creation as it exist from the perspective of an awake fragment of the consciousness within, or behind, Creation. This puts us in the realm of Creation but not necessarily in any specific aspect of Creation. Or, at least it put our awareness in the realm of the unseen Creation. Stepping down from the awareness of All That Is into a fragment of the consciousness within, or behind, Creation is the greatest stepping down of creative power we will experience. Yet, without it, there will be no Creation to experience. So, in this regard, it is the greatest demonstration of creative power for it gives rise to all of Creation. The first level of beliefs are reflective of the Creation Story we embrace and where creative power lies within Creation.

The second level is about what we believe about the unseen realms. Is there a heaven or are there parallel universes or both? Do we exist after life and there are unseen spirits or do we die and that is the end of life? Are there realms of good spirits and evil spirits? If we believe in unseen spirits, are unseen spirits wiser than us and more enlightened or is it possible that we are wiser than they? Can we communicate with the unseen or is it forever separated from us? Or, more importantly, is the unseen realms actively influencing us such as in  undercurrents or does it have no influence on our lives and what we experience.

The third level is to adopt beliefs which allow us to enter the realm of Physical Creation and have a physical experience. Here we must surrender part of our creative ability and creative power for the purposes of having an experience of Physical Creation. We do this in part by agreeing to play by the rules of Physical Creation and adopting certain beliefs and ways of thinking about Creation. Probably the easiest way to understand these beliefs and rule of Physical Creation are what we would call the "laws" of Physics. It does not matter what life form exists in Physical Creation, all life must follow the physical laws of Physical Creation and the physical laws are independent of the life form that is experiencing them. In many ways this is why medical research works. The human body and mouse, rat or any other lab animals follows the same rules of Physical Creation.

The fourth level of beliefs are those of what it means to be a human being within Physical Creation. The beliefs of the human collective reflect those beliefs which cut across all human exists. They are just as applicable to a human in Asia as one American, Europe or Africa. In this regard, the human collective can be seen to have to subgroups - what it means to be male and what it means to be a female. The topic "Female collective " provides some insights as to the types and kinds of beliefs which lie in this area.

The fifth level of beliefs are those of our society and how we think we need to live and be in the world. Probably the best example of what to understand about these beliefs is not to compare say, living in United States as compared to living in Russia or France today. Rather it is about living in a given industrialized location today as compared to living in that exact same location two hundred or three hundred years ago. Or it could be about comparing living in a truly free republic or democracy as opposed to an oppressive dictatorship or oppressive monarchy or religious controlled state.

The six level of beliefs are essentially the nonconscious beliefs we have that are reflective of our programming, enculturation, personal experiences and the like of which we are not really aware we carry. For example, being abused as a child may give us the belief all certain types and kinds of individuals are unsafe. Or, it could be simply that life is hard or unsatisfying no matter what one does in life.

The seventh level of beliefs are simply who and what we think and believe about ourselves as an individual. The identity we believe about ourselves is, of course, a composite of all of our beliefs. However, this level refers to those of which we are aware and are reflective in the story we tell about our life.

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