A Creative Life Energy

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Creative life energy
A creative life energy
A creative energy
Symbolism of the heart
What exactly is a creative life energy?
What about other life?
Analogies for our creative life energy
Release of bound creative life energy

The flow of energy of energy consciousness is life itself. It is a creative life energy in the sense that it is capable of becoming conscious and become the cause of what it experience. We can experience this energy as feeling and as a flow of energy or consciously as an experience of creation/Creation. Or we can experience it as a consciousness, as our creative spirit, with a life, wisdom, knowledge and desires of is own. From observations in the physical world, we can say that the flow of this creative life energy is what we experience as life.

Energy consciousness will mold itself to how the consciousness of energy consciousness focuses its awareness and attention. It is life itself for it is this energy that nurtures and sustains the created form as it is. When it stops flowing within our being, we then cease to live and we die. To have an observation of anything, we need change, a discontinuity or a contrast to make an observation. In this regard, the observation is a focus of our attention and awareness and where there is movement or change there a flow of energy and we have the possibility of experiencing life. Without the movement, there is no life.

As we align with the creative life energy that flows within our being and is sustaining our being in its current created form, namely our body and mind as we know it, we will find all the energy that we need to do what we wish. If we can step out of mind, we will find a passion for life and for living and a desire to propagate the life that we are. We will find a wisdom that can best be described as a body wisdom and an intuitive wisdom. The wisdom within our body arises since so much of our creative life energy is going into and sustaining our body.

A creative life energy (Top)

It needs to be understood that this energy of energy consciousness is no different than the energy that appears physically and give animation to our life in the food we eat and the energy that fuels our cars, heats our homes and give us light to light up our nights. As such, energy can be seen to exist in three primary forms. In physics there is kinetic energy, or the energy of motion, and potential energy, or energy that is stored and energy converted to mass. Then there are descriptions given to different forms of these basic descriptions.

There is the energy of motion or energy that is in flow from one form or arrangement to another. Heat, light, the energy in a moving object, the emotions we feel flowing through our bodies are characteristic of the energy that is in flow. For example rotational energy is the kinetic energy within rotational motion

The second form of energy is that which is stored and can readily be made accessible. This is the energy stored in chemical fuels, an electrical storage battery, the arrangement of objects in a gravitation field like a ball on a hill but it is also the energy stored in our memories and judgements about the people, circumstances and events in our lives. For example, nuclear energy and atomic energy refer to the energy stored in the arrangement of the neutrons and protons in a nucleus and the atomic arrangement of electrons around a nucleus respectively. Electromagnetic energy is only energy in motion carried by the changing electric and magnetic fields.

The third type of energy that is more difficult to access and utilize is that stored in the mass of an object. As we now know, mass and energy are equivalent and under the correct conditions one can be converted to the other. In the sense that mass and energy are equivalent, our body, its physical mass is a concentrated and very specific and particular expression of energy and hence, energy consciousness.

A creative energy (Top)

In realizing nothing which has been created by humanity could not exist unless one or more individual humans decided to act and make something happen, it should be relatively easy to see there is a life energy - in particular, a creative life energy. This creative life energy is not effectively or adequately described by any of the physics definitions of energy. Life energy is either a different form of energy or it is the expression of a different aspect of energy. Yet, energy is energy. It is only the capacity to produce an effect. Energy is easily converted from one form into another. It is just that one form of energy expresses itself differently than another form of energy.

If you doubt the existence of life energy as a different form of energy, remember the follow. Many ancient civilizations were built on the creative life energy carried within the individual. Rome, Egypt and many others did not have the benefit of the energy available in fuel oil, as in the internal combustion engine, and electricity. They did have some forms of energy available in water power, fire and gravity. Yet, much was dependent on the energy from humans or animals. In essence the individual creative life energy was harness to do work much the way one would harness a draft horse.

The movement of this creative life energy within your being is not unlike the electricity which you use ever day and you can feed into it as long as you are actively attempting to manifest the creation into physical form. Electricity is electricity no matter where it is and what form it takes and is only the apparent movement of electrons from one point to another. We can use that electricity as an alternating current, like that provided by your utility company, or as a direct current as found in your flashlight or car battery. Or, we can choose to use it as alternating current but utilize a different alternating frequency and voltage such as that reflected in the different use in Europe and the United States such that you need an adaptor to run appliances made to run on one system but you wish to use the other. The electricity is the same, only the choice of use is different and each choice has advantages and disadvantages by the way we have chosen to use it.

The same is true for our creative life energy and how we choose to use it in the physical world and whether or not we chose it to manifest dreams. We cab “step up” or “step down” the energy by the passion we place into what we desire to create. We control that passion by how and what we think and believe.

In many ways you can say the human body is a machine. It is a creativity machine. An internal combustion energy converts the energy of fuel oil into mechanical work. A spinning turbine converts the energy of water into electricity. In the same analogous way the human body converts the energy in certain organic materials, which we call food, into a creative life energy. The difference between the energy that comes out of a turbine and/or an internal combustion engine is that the creative life energy of a human can create. It is capable of creating something from nothing. It is capable of creating something that did not previously exist.

As consciousness, our body has inherent in it a wisdom that is unique to its size, shape and structure. It provides to you a unique view and experience of creation that no one else has and in that regard, you body represents the physical manifestation of who and what you are at every level of your being as it can be currently represented in a physical manifestation. Similarly the earth, the solar system and the physical universe as we know it and experience it is the consciousness of the universe as it currently is and can be expressed in physical form.

What needs to be understood is that energy has a dualistic nature and can be experienced as a nonlocalized and infinite wave the permeates all of reality or as localized in one of an infinite number of finite particles where the particle nature depends on how you choose to observe the energy. If you can imagine a sphere being sliced by a plane creating a circle, the circle is the best representation of that sphere in the plane that has cut the sphere in only one of an infinite number of ways to slice the sphere. If the sphere is uniform, each circle will be uniform. However, if the sphere is non uniforms and has different densities of material in it, every slice will be different than every other slice. So too with physical realty. The physical reality we currently experience is only one plane of existence. When this physical plane cuts the infinite sphere of all that is, the universe as we know it is that equivalent circle of what all that is looks like as expressed physically. Physical reality as we currently know it and experience it will shift and change as the energy of all that is shifts and changes among the various parts contained within all that is.

In this regard, how you relate to all that exists at every other level of being is reflected in what you are seeing and experiencing in the physical plane. Your physical existence and non physical existence are interconnected and not separate from each other. The one is a reflection of the other to the best it can be expressed physically. As your awareness shifts you will find that there a physical aspects to your being that expands or contracts. If you wish you can create a being that never has and never will have a physical incarnation and similarly, you can create a being that has almost all of its energy totally in the physical plane. Energy consciousness will mold itself to whatever you intent and there are no judgements on what you intend. We only need to be willing to live with the consequences and have the experiences that the intention we hold creates.

Symbolism of the heart (Top)

Viewed from the perspective that life is a flow of energy, the heart is traditionally seen as the source of this creative life energy within our being. The heart is what pumps and circulates our life blood that sustains our physical being. The heart, which pumps the nutrients and oxygen that we need to every part of our body and removes the waste products from the cells is the organ that best represent is creative life energy that flows within our being for it is the organ which sustains our created form.

Symbolically the heart represents both our life, our passion, and the essence of our being since it is this spirit within the heart what has traditionally be seen as what give life to our bodies. When our heart stops beating we die physically. When we loose the passion of our heart we die emotionally and we severely limit our creative potential for life is needed to give life and both creativity and life are integrally linked. When we look at the creation process, emotion is what fuels our creative ability and the more we can live passionately with a an intense focus of our attention and awareness, the greater about ability to impact creation and the greater our ability to manifest our creations. Although we have come to look at the heart as the symbolic organ of this life energy, the creative life energy that sustains our being permeates all our being. The way this creative life energy can be seen to permeate all of our being may become a little clearer when we discuss the wave particle duality of energy.

As we focus on our heart, our attention and awareness will move toward alignment with the flow of the creative life energy within our being. In that alignment we can tap into the infinite wisdom of the universe and where that wisdom is currently directing both our created form (our body and our being) and Creation itself.

What exactly is a creative life energy? (Top)

From a creativity perspective, creative life energy is only a flow of energy that has become aware of its own existence such that it can be self directed. It is aware in a way such that it can choose how and what effect it will create. It does so by how the awaken awareness directs its energy, or directs and manipulates any energy outside itself, through the use of the vehicle it has chosen to use.

As a human, we use a human body as the our creation vehicle. This creative life energy is accessed by how and what the individual believes. What we feel and sense accompanied by think and believe about what we feel create the flow of energy. We create a passion to do something because of what we wish to feel. Or, we act out of avoiding displeasure, if not fear, when there is something we do not wish to feel when we believe we will be harmed, injured or simply made uncomfortable in some way. In any case, what motivates us to act is based on what we think and believe about what we feel and sense.

Within this understanding, consciousness can be seen as energy viewed or experienced from within the flow of energy. That is, the flow of energy that animates and sustains our life. Similarly, energy as described and traditionally used in physics is energy as viewed or experienced outside the flow of energy. Within this context, a spirit is only segment, packet, quantum or defined amount of energy that has become aware of itself and expresses itself based on who and what it perceives itself to be. A human being is only a segment, packet, quantum or defined amount of energy that has localized itself into human form to experience or have a human physical experience. Of course, these last few paragraphs have probably cause a lot of questions to arise. Many of them are discussed elsewhere. A few of the more relevant questions are address in the links below.

Our creative life energy flows in response to the composite intention we hold. The creative life energy that sustains your being flows where you place and hold the focus of your awareness and attention. At one level, the focus of our attention and awareness simply redirects a portion of the flow of our creative life energy form what it is currently directed to create to what we desire to create. This is the way most people create something in their life. If we rob too much of this energy, we may in fact create conditions of accident, illness or disease that forces us to withdraw from life and how we are directing our creative spirit. This way of creating often results in addictive behavior patterns to numb the pain that results when diverts too much energy away from what our creative spirit desires to create.

Knowing that mass and energy can be converted from one to the other, everything that is material or can be made material, for example the energy of the photon creating the electron-positron pair, in the pair production phenomenon is a manifestation of the energy consciousness as energy.

The most important aspect that we need to understand about energy is that our energy goes where we focus our awareness and attention and that focus can actually manifest as physical experiences. This statement makes complete sense when we focus our awareness and attention on lifting up a grocery bag and carrying it out of the store. What is not as obvious is how our thought and beliefs are directing our energy just as effectively as if we pick up that grocery bag and move it to a new location. This only makes sense in the energy conscious duality. Since awareness and attention is the consciousness aspects of our energy consciousness, any where we place it means that we also put our energy there. Every thought we have is a focusing and directing of our attention and awareness and, as such, hold or binds some of our energy to create the particular form of the thought. If we embody that thought and live the implications of that though, our energy is being made manifest in the physical forms and the experiences that result from that thought.

This also means that if we hold a belief in consciousness, consciousness, consciously, subconsciously or unconsciously, we are also binding or holding our energy to that belief or rather that belief is directing our energy into manifesting that belief. In looking at the energy aspect of this energy consciousness this energy is best described and explained by the wave properties of radiant energy and the way electromagnetic radiation functions in the physical world. In essence our focused creative life energy can be seen as forming a standing wave pattern formed by our beliefs and then that patter slowly solidifying into a physical manifestation analogous to the way ice gradually forms on the surface of a pond thinking as the temperature gets colder.

Once the energy begins to take physical form either within our being or in our external world, it being to create a cause effect relationship based on the causal laws of the physical plane and the energy will flow in the path of least resistance and will flow in a given direction based on the initial movement of the energy. Hence Newton’s Law of Motion and it consciousness equivalent the law of Karma. Any object, which would include a thought or a belief, in motion will continue in motion unless acted upon by an unbalanced force. This unbalanced force in the realm of consciousness is our intention to change the direction of the energy flow in our life.

It is at this point and this recognition that you can begin to better consciously manage our energy if we are aware and paying attention for we can begin to follow the flow of the energy and causal effect that the energy is creating. As was said above the feelings we have tell us the flow of this energy as viewed from inside our body. The experiences in our life and the material world we see is how this energy is manifesting externally to us. One is the reflection of the other.

However, how the energy flows within our being will be different than how it is seen flowing external to us. The principles that govern managing the internal energy involves a very detailed and close observation of our internal feelings, emotions and state of being and become aware of what we are projecting out into the world.

The principles that govern managing the external energy involves a similarly very detailed close observation but requires and awareness of learning to determine what illusion we are creating as to whether we are perceiving and experiencing an energy that we are projecting out and is only being reflected back to us, or whether we are experiencing an energy that is being projected towards us from some other being or object. In the end, both are one and the same, and is only a result of the illusion that our mind has created. However, by being aware of how we are perceiving this energy, we become aware of the beliefs and intentions that our mind is holding to create the reality that we are experiencing.

What about other life?  (Top)

Now what maybe of interest to note it is said the energy of energy consciousness is life itself. Or maybe better said, a flow of energy creates the possibility of the consciousness within the energy awakening and becoming aware. That then would bring up the question if whether all the other forms of energy that we do not associate with life are alive. Is the energy of the wind life? Is the energy within the atoms themselves representing a form of life? Or, maybe the fire that is created in our fire place is alive as the fire roars and consumes the logs releasing energy?

Withing the energy consciousness perspective, all is energy consciousness. The energy we do not associate with life or life forms does have consciousness but obviously not a consciousness expressed as we know as life but it will have a consciousness none the less. In may ways we have just not focused our attention and awareness to perceive these other life forms. Selected individuals through human history have done so. Some we have considered crazy. Some have been called shamans or medicine men. Some have been called witch doctors. Some have been called mystics.

The creative life energy of the universe is unconditional and what a human thinks or feels is irrelevant to the energy itself. The creative life energy of the universe sustains the good and bad alike. It is like the sunshine and the rain. It falls equally and unselectively upon all who lie within its path. We know the power of our consciousness and our creative imagination. We are extremely foolish to put limits and boundaries on what the consciousness within Creation is capable of imagining and creating.

In looking what happens in nature whether or not it is conscious and intentionally impacting us we need to consider there is cause effect relationship in all that occurs. In any situation, there is a natural flow to the energy that is manifesting. The energy will flow in a way that allows itself to dissipate. It does not need to be managed or controlled. Although we may see the energy build up to explosive proportions the energy itself is only responding to the conditions at hand moving within its natural path and a path of least resistance for the given conditions. Within this understanding, we can’t judge the energy of a hurricane, a tornado, a volcano or earthquake as bad no matter how much death and destruction may result. The energy is just being consistent with its nature and the nature of the physical plane and the forces at work in the give situation.

In look at other consciousness and life within Creation the same parallel statements can be made as said about energy. Within a given creation, all the energy that ever was, is, and always will be. The energy within a given creation can neither be created or destroyed only transformed or altered in form. As such, all of it already is in a particular arrangement or moving to a new arrangement. There is no “uncommitted” energy in the universe. If we wish to create something or get something new, some current form of energy will need to be give up or sacrificed to be recast into the new form that we desire pr we need to become the cause to change the creation. Similarly, we will need to tithe or give some energy to whatever it is we wish to create and that energy may be in the form of time, the flow of our creative life energy, work in the senses of our rearranging the material conditions of our environment, or we give matter in the form of mass and material or something symbolic like money.

Analogies for our creative life energy (Top)

Water in many respects is a good analogy for our creative life energy and the way we use it to create or experiences in two way. One analogy is way is in the way water freezes and the second analogy is the way water is transformed to make rain and flow back to the sea as a river. In the first analogy, water is normally free to flow and will take the shape of its container. When water freezes, it is no longer free to move and holds its form until it melts. If the water is in a flowing stream of some type, as the water freezes, less and less water is free to flow and eventually the flow can be completely stopped. In the second analogy, energy is put into water to form a cloud which then condenses as rain to create a river which flows through the country side into dissipation in the sea. Analogously, our desires create an energy that causes us to create experiences of that desire until the energy in that desire is dissipated much the energy in the Rain - River Analogy.

Release of bound creative life energy (Top)

When bound creative life energy is released and made available we feel its rush through our body and our being. When large amounts are release or the energy was tightly bound, that is we address deep seated long suppressed pain, we may feel the energy flow as the kundalini rising often accompanied by sexual excitement and the released energy enthuses our entire being and all of our organs.

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