Desire and clear intention


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Desire and energy are the raw materia of creation/Creation. There is nothing wrong with desire. It is simply part of our birthright as a creative being. Desires become intentions when we choose to get what we desire. The issue with desire is that it often does not give rise to a clear intention and we need to understand why do we desire what we do.

When we have a way of being in the world, including a way of thinking and believing that appears to be giving us what we need to feel fulfilled, we desire nothing. Only when we are living in a way that a need somewhere within our being is not satisfied do we desire. If we are trying to create something, we have a desire to be meet and that desire arises from a real or perceived need to be fulfilled. The question we need to ask is, ďWhy do I desire what I do - what need within my being is not being fulfilled such that I desire something?Ē

In looking at this question, it is important to realize that what we desire is mindís interpretation of the need that is not being met. We cannot assume that mindís interpretation is necessarily correct. In the same way mind can be expected to improperly characterize the energy behind intuitive guidance, mind may or may not adequately understand what need is not being fulfilled. We assume our mind understands what we need but that may not be the case. Often we go after what we think we desire only to find what we were seeking and obtain does not fully satisfy our need.

What needs to be understood is the feeling, which goes with what we need, will not change and can only be met when adequately fulfilled or addressed. Hunger, what gives rise to the desire for something to eat, feels different from fatigue which gives rise for the desire to rest. Eating does not fulfill the need for rest nor does rest fulfill the need for hunger. Often in very young children these two get confused until the child gains sufficient experience to realize how food and rest satisfy or donít satisfy the particular feeling they have.

The same is true for deeper level needs within our being. We cannot assume mind adequately understands what we feel. Each need has a unique feeling but until mind gains sufficient experience, that minimum set of experience to properly characterize what it is experiencing, it may not be able to adequate distinguish the difference between the feelings of our needs. Only when mind gets what it desired and finds itself unfulfilled does mind realize it did not properly characterize the feeling. Often mind is puzzled by the fact it gets what it desires yet remains unfulfilled. However, if we can learn to focus our awareness to become aware of what we feel and what is giving rise to the desire, that is, to look behind the desire, we can learn to sense the subtly between the needs we have. In doing so, we will have fewer false starts in creating what we need to feel fulfilled and meeting the true need.

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