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Creation is about the expression and unfoldment of a flow of energy as it is directed by consciousness within a given environment. The essence of the creative process to create an experience is seen as entangling, entwining or otherwise binding the free flow of our creative spirit or our creative life energy, our ability to create, in a way that allows us to experience what we do the way we do.

A simple example of the overall process can be seen in creating the experience of watching a movie. First we focus our attention and awareness on the idea. From where the particular idea we get comes from is another separate aspect of the creative process. In any case, once we have the idea, we then have to act to go and somehow access a movie - such a going to a movie theater, renting or buying a movie. After obtaining the movie, we sit and watch it. In essence, we focus directs, entangles or binds our attention and awareness, and the energy we possess to do something, to watching the movie. We cannot create another experience until we release that focus of our attention and awareness. In essence by focusing our attention and awareness on the movie, we bind, entangle or others entwine our creative ability and power to watching the movie. In doing so, we cannot access that creative power and ability until we release that focus. The difference in creating our life as opposed to a particular experience in our life is that we are multidimensional. Whether we realize it or not, we can hold a focus of our attention and awareness both consciously and subconsciously in a infinite number of ways simultaneously.

We create life by binding  and releasing our creative energy is a variety of conscious and subconscious ways simultaneously. For example, we can be driving a car, talking to a passenger and scratching ourselves simultaneously. To create something new, whether it be an object or an experience, requires us to release a sufficient portion of the existing entanglements of our creative life energy to free the energy necessary to create what we desire. Most often this can be done quite readily and usually subconsciously. We do it all the time for this ability to transform and shift our energy is inherent within our being. In this regard, there is nothing to learn as to how to do it for we already do it. We are just unaware of exactly what we do and how we do it.

However, often, because our creative life energy has become so entangled or is so strongly bound, we need to become consciously aware of the entanglement to break them and/or allow the energy that is bound to be expressed in a physical experience to dissolve the attachment. This latter point is like pushing a big round rock down a hill. It takes, relatively, little effort to push the rock and get it rolling. However, once it starts to roll down the hill because of the conditions of the hill, the rock cannot be readily stopped. It must follow its path until the energy is fully dissipated. So too many of the choices we make and the effect they create. The choice is simply and easy but they can start a movement and flow of energy that cannot be stopped and the energy must dissipate in an experience.

In essence our creative spirit has consciously or subconsciously chosen to bind our creative energy in such a way that we have a physical experience. In this regard, a significant portion of our creative energy goes into sustaining our life and the way we currently experience it. The question here is what do we think it means to be human and have a physical experience as a human for those beliefs are determining much of what we experience. To change what we experience may require us to change what it means to be human, or rather, how humans think about themselves.

On this point is a potential conflict with any creative activity. Part of being human is to expect continuity with the past. We expect the sun to rise in the morning and we expect to get up and get out of bed tomorrow morning. Although our world and/or our lives can change in a moment as represented in any disaster or accident, we expect the future to be very much like the past. To be human is to expect tomorrow, the future, to be much like the past, yesterday and today. We donít not expect radical shifts each moment. However, any creative endeavor is to bring into existence something that has not been experience or is significantly different than what has been experience. Hence somewhere at some point there needs to be a break with the past and what it means to be human to create. The question is exactly what aspect of oneís thinking and how we expect the world to unfold needs to change so we can create something different.

In studying the creative process you can come to find more often than not, these entanglements and how we bind our creative energy and/or direct our creative energy is determined by our belief structure. That is, how and what we think and believe about ourselves and the world, and how we connect ourselves to the external world and environment in which we find ourselves. Often we only need to change how we think to redirect the flow of energy to create something new. Other times we need to let the energy dissipate in an experience before we can redirect it. Sill other times we can minimize or reduce the energy that needs to be dissipated in an experience by the choices we make. 

If we struggle against the flow we ourselves created, often we will create conditions similar to accidents and illnesses to dissipate the energy mismatch. Of course, it needs to be realized that sometimes we create conditions of accident and illness because they are the way we obtain a particular experience we desire. In any case, we often become so immersed in how and what we think and believe and how we have focused our attention and awareness that we cannot stand outside ourselves to see how we have put our creative spirit in a cage of our own making. Often we need the eyes of another to see exactly how and where we have so entangles ourselves that we cannot get our creative spirit free to create what we desire. So for any creative endeavor the first step in internal creation process will be directed at refocusing oneís attention and awareness. It is to break any subconscious focuses that can interfere with what we desire to create.

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