Importance of desire in creation


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The dissatisfaction with what is and a longing and desire to close that separation is what fuels Creation/creation. It is the raw material of creation/Creation. Desire at any and all levels of our being is important. The longing, the desire to close the separation within the longing, is the creative tension that will supply the energy for the new creation. It is for this reason that we cannot outright dismiss our desires. Nor can we see our desires as something that needs to be given up such as becoming desire less. Rather we need to understand the desire and the source of the desire we have.

All desire is ultimately the longing to return to the Source of Creation to the wholeness and oneness of being however it is perceived. Since we each are unique creations, the desire that pulls me back to the Source will not be necessarily what returns you to the Source. However it is the desire of what is symbolized in the heart, the desire for the beloved whatever it is, that lies deep with our heart, which lies at the source of our being is what returns us to the Source.

Desires of the mind will create just as powerfully as the desire of the heart. But they will not return us to the Source of our being in the way the desire which is symbolized in our heart and felt in our heart is capable of doing. The reason for this is what we feel and desire in our heart is always closer to the flow of our creative life energy. The flow of energy that sustains us lie deeper within our being and flows directly from the Source of Creation and is fully aligned with the intention for our life.

There is nothing wrong with desire We only need to understand where our desire comes from and what purpose it is actually serving. Each level of our being has needs. Each level of our being can participate in the creation process.

The problem we have however is two fold. One is that if you donít act on the desire in some way, we are denying the return to the Source of our own being. When we live from the mind as opposed from what is symbolized in the heart we will never get back to the Source with all our being. We judge the desires of the heart and never allow ourselves to flow freely with that desire. This second issue is we may not recognize the Source when we experience it because our mind holds us in an illusion of thinking and/or expecting other than it is. Every time we free energy we have an experience of the Source and what it feels like for a part of our being experiences the cauldron of Creation. However, we never see it or experience it for what it is. We are too busy thinking it is something different.

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